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IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 14

Recap: Viplav returns home drunk.
Dhaani places him on bed and caresses his hair. She has tears in her eyes.
Dhaani: Why are you doing this Viplav?? She cries and goes back to her room.

Next morning,
All gather for breakfast,
Viplav remembers the previous night. He sees Dhaani but Dhaani ignores him. Viplav thinks:
What is happening to me? And why? I’m unable to understand? It’s Pankaj right? Do I really love her? No no this can’t be possible!
Everyone have breakfast and get back to work. Everyone was busy in decorations. Karan and Dhaani were doing everything together. To put the flowers on the wall Dhaani stood on the stool but she lost her balance. She was about to fall when Viplav runs to hold her but till then Karan had already held her. Viplav fumes in anger. Kardha were lost in each other. Viplav says: Dhaani…
They come back to their senses. Karan puts her down, Dhaani sees Viplav and goes from there. Viplav goes behind her.
Viplav: why are you ignoring me Dhaani!
Dhaani ignores him,
Viplav holds her hand and pulls her back forcefully. She has tears in her eyes. She falls in Viplav’s arms. Viplav stares her lovingly and so does Dhaani. Viplav tucks her hair behind her ears. Dhaani sheds a tear. Viplav is hurt seeing her in tears. He wipes her tears and nods saying her not to cry. He makes her stand and she runs away.


In the evening,
All the couple’s are practicing their dance. Viplav sees Dhaani dancing with Karan. He fumes, goes towards them and holds Dhaani and dances with her. He goes close to her and says I will dance with you.
Dhaani: No need! Leave me. I point want any drama tomorrow. (Tomorrow is sangeet and mehandi)
Viplav holds her tightly: there will be no drama! And we will dance and that’s final!
Dhaani: No.. She leaves his hand and goes.
Karan smiles seeing them. My plan is working.
Viplav: Karan…I want to say that..
Karan: it’s OK yaar, you can dance with her.. I don’t mind. ?
Viplav: Thanks year and he gives him a friendly hug. Karan smiles.

Next day,
Everyone is getting ready for the sangeet. Everyone comes down, Viplav is mesmerized seeing Dhaani.
Viplav keeps on staring… Pankaj comes: shalu is my bride, I’m mesmerized seeing her but you?
Viplav: Dhaani…
Pankaj: Hmmm.. Acha bachu… bada pyar araha hai uspe aj…
Viplav comes back to his senses, : kuch bhi.. And he moves away.
Pankaj: Kitna bhagega pyaar SE!
The sangeet ceremony starts.. Everyone dance on their respective songs.

After everyone’s dance,
Dhaani: Karan? Our dance?
Karan: Look there.
Viplav comes towards Dhaani holds her hand and takes her to the stage,
Dhaani: What are you doing Viplav?
Viplav doesn’tsay anything.. After reaching the stage,
Viplav: Many a times Pankaj asked me to accept my feelings for you but I always refused! I thought I can’t fall in love but the fact is I’m in love! In love with you Dhaani! I love you Dhaani..
Dhaani is surprised!
Viplav: Will you marry me?
Dhaani is super happy and nods in yes! They both share a tight hug and dance on the song Sab tera…
Everyone clap for them! Kanak, Shambu, Mohan, Dulaari are very happy they hug each other!
The episode ends..

Precap: Mehandi ceremony continued…

Thank you to all those who read my ff! Please comment if you liked this episode!

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