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I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-3)

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Episode -3
All the four were off to their work today.
Sam and radika were busy in cooking on the other hand arjun and Neil were busy in arranging their things
Arjun and Neils place :
Neil only had few stuffs he somehow arranged that and moved to Arjuns room to see Wat he is doing
Arjun was arranging some books in the rack there he picked one book from that box that was not a book but a book shaped box on holding the box arjun went through a ocean of feelings inside him he opened the box the box contains one family photo and a chain arjun took the photo in his hands and softly touched each and every person in that photo there were two men two women and three kids ??in that photo the eldest kid was a girl of 10 yrs next a boy of 7 yrs and next a girl of 3 yrs Arjuns eyes filled with tears…? He closed his eyes some flashes comes in front of his eyes….
Some one calling arjun… Some sounds of talking.. arjun calling some one, sounds of laughing, some kids playing etc etc
Neil went near Arjuns room
Arjuns back was visible to him he is holding something in his hand but Neil could not see Wat was it
Neil called arjun and went near him asking Wat was he holding?
As soon as arjun heared Neils voice he wiped his tears placed the photo in the box and closed it and placed it in the shelf
Arjun : nothing Neil iam just arranging this books
Neil : let me also help you
Both started arranging the books
Radika and Sams place:


Both finished their cooking and started arranging the food in the table
Sam:( in serious tone) radu don’t think of doing any mischief with arjun and food during lunch ?
Radika keeps her finger in her chin and stands as if thinking of something
Radika : actually Sam till now I didn’t think about it but after u r saying iam getting some nice idea saying this she winked? and started running around the hall
Sam ran after her to catch her…
Both were running around the sofa Sam trying to catch radu and radika trying to escape from Sam
Arjun and Neil finished their work and headed towards Sams place for lunch
Sam and radikas were still running around
Radika was facing the door and Sam was facing radika
Radika took the cushion on the sofa and acted as if she will throw it over Sam
Atlast radika throwed the cushion over Sam at the right time Sam bends down the cushion hits arjun hardly on his face who opened the door at the nick of the time ??
All the four were shocked for a sec
Sam rushed towards arjun apologised for Wat had happened and asked did he got hurt
Arjun was still staring at radika and radika was standing still seeing the ground and laughed inwardly ??
Neil : no need to apologise Sam as if she has thrown a stone it’s just a cushion leave it won’t hurt that much by saying this he smiled
Arjun throwed a glare to neil
Sam asked them to come inside and moved to wards radika
Neil to arjun : y r u standing like this come inside
Arjun throwed I will kill you look to neil
Neil : y r u looking at me like this ?are you going to say that radika tried to kill you by throwing cushions over you ? Mr ACP is becoming like a kiddo nowadays
Saying this Neil pulled arjuns cheek and run his fingers inside Arjuns hair and went inside
Arjun was annoyed ?
Sam : come on every one lunch is ready ?
All sit in dining table and started eating
Arjun and radika were silent throughout the lunch
To make the situation normal as always Neil started the conversation with radika
Neil : Radika y are you so sad, u just throwed a cushion over arjun that too un knowing ly no mistake on ur side pls chear up
Arjun is a gentleman he will not take it to heart dont worry iam I right arjun ☺
Arjun : no no I will not take it seriously even if you throw a big stone over Me he glared ?
Radika:Smiled So nice of u ACP sir ,but iam a good girl I will not do anything which hurt others(with cute face)
Sam and neil smiled inwardly seeing Ardika s conversation
Arjun and Neil finished their lunch and headed towards their place

Precap:Morning jogging..
Rasams and Arneils office

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