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i will make u my old sanskar its ur swara promise (episode 6)

Hi guys i m back today i will give u two episode my ff n plz read my new ff love story of devil n angle (qubool hai asya ss) under qubool hai i update two episode n 1 promo i can’t give u link bcoz i don’t know how give through the mobile so plz read my new ff

precap- rajat sanskar face of n ragini sahil argument

episode 6

ragini n sanskar sees them n shock

“ur honor these girls (that persons r girls) r girlfriends of sanskar. These girls r that who loves sanskar very much but for sanskar they r just satisfaction for him sanskar frist trap all these girls n than sleep with them until he wants then he leaved them like a tissue paper,sahil said n give jaudje some photos of saskar n that girls n calls all girls witness box

“so plz tell us that what sanskar done with u,sahil said n all girls says same whatever sahil said n ragini n sanskar fumes in anger

“n story is not ended yet sanskar always goes to bar where he drunk,smokes n also taking drugs,sahil said n called bar’s waiter that waiter tell them everything

“so its clear that sanskar is not good father for swada,sahil said

“wait a minute sahil whateve u said it was sanskar’s past not present yes my lord sanskar used to smoking,drinking n taking drugs even he use girls for satisfaction but 5 month ago he left everything he taking goes to psychotrist n take some medicine he went to best doctors for his treatment he succseded he left everything n that girls r used to work with sanskar 1 year before thats y they didn’t know about sanskar’s treatment n that baar he used to go there 5 month ago not now n i have a strong proove that u give us a final desion for this case,ragini said n smirks

a big house is shown that house name is gododiya mainson where a boy shouting

‘mom dad plz come fast we r late they r waiting for us n today r shoona r also coming i will have to pickup her if i will not reach airport on time she will beat me front of everyone n u also wanna go court of swada costudy,boy shout n a man n woman r coming from room

“laksh(ye he is lucky) y r u always scared from ur younger sister n she is our princeses even i don’t understand frist time in my life an older bro scared from his younger sister q shekhar,that lady said

“somi u know na our shona how she is very strick panchual she always do all on time she hates latelateef people n i like her habbits,shekhar said

“if u guys finished ur talk than shall we leave,laksh said n they all leaves n reach court

in court room

“my lord i want to call mrs. Karvita rajat singh (i don’t know rajat full name),ragini said n sanskar,rajat n sahil r shocked n a fb shown out of courtroom

“y u came here n y r u call me bcoz of u my brother’s life destroy,i lost my sister,ragini said

“plz just listen to me once i know i did very big mistake but now i realise my mistake i want to do all things right plz give me one chance,kavita said

“ok so tell me what will u do,ragini said

“i will give statment against rajat but i instead of this i want sanskar back,kavita said

“ok,ragini said n thinks something n kavita give all prove to ragini

fb ends

kavita comes to witness box n told everything whatever he did with uttara,sanskar and with her

“now its clear rajat is not good,ragini said n sahil thinks something

“but my lord i know that rajat is not good but sanskar is not married n a child wants father n mother both love,sahil said n sanskar fumes in anger

“don’t worry mr. Sahil i have a salution for this problem my lord mr. Sanskar is going to marry very soon n after 2 weeks his engajment will be happens,ragini says every1 shock while ap,dp,somi n shekhar r smile n kavita also

“yes my lord n we know her very well she will love swada like her own child n her name is swara gadodiya mr. N mr.s shekhar sharmishta’s daughter swara she coming back from mumbai after completing her study,ragini said all shock n ap,dp,somi n shekhar r happy n kavita bcome numbe

“after knowing all this its clear that rajat is not good father for his daughter so i give custody of swada to mr. Sanskar maheshwari but after her marrige her wife will come when swada happy live with his wife than i give the full custody,JAUDJE said n goes n everyone also gone

out of court

“ragini,kavita shouts ragini turn

“y did u do this u betray me,kavita shouts

“bcoz u btrey us u remember bcoz of i lost my sis my bro lost his happiness my mom dad cry whole night after that sanky didn’t get peacefull sleep thats y i did,ragini said n cry n goes

“u will have to pay for this ragini just wait n watch,kavita thinks n goes

in mm

sanrkar enter in her roon n he slips he bumped on a girl the girl in bathrobe n see eo

sanky n girl (shout toughter)-:aahhhh…….

Recap-only swasan n their cute fight

i m so bad i know u guys angry bcoz swara entry its late sorry for that

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