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I WAS ABOUT TO FALL IN LOVE……..an OS (PART 1) And promo for my ffs…

hi guys kaise ho sab itne dino baad ayi mai srry mere exams hain aur day after tomorrow it’s last one so it is ezee and i decided to write a new os wid parts maybe 5 or 6 parts as its very long and cooked up on my heart and mind but guys believe me in this each and every single word and even the ritle of os poem further is my creation as i m food at making my own wordings and i have a booklet of my ownself created by me wid plenty of wordings and dis story will be a very emotional and understanding one wid lot of feeling so pls do read and comment as its fonna be long so read patiently but pls do read pls commnt varna mera dil tut jayega. pls commnt ……………….

i am silly to say i never felt u to my mind but i know , my heart knows i was abt to fall in love……


a girl is shown of probably 26 years lying on the bed her back facing her back towards roof and she is looking very cute and innocent and of course it’s our siyappa queen (in my ff she is innocence queen) .
she us writing something in a beautiful and antique diary

she is crying making the lovestruck diary wet and reminscing her life’s unforgettable memories and noting them in her diary.
again at end of each and every page we can read….
i did told my heart i did not love him but silly heart told me that i was about to fall in love. .

l st page ! ! i. !
l was walking lonely in the street during a cold e midnight at around l o’ clock with teary eyes anda heavy heart as i was shocked when my step mother threw me out of my house on my bday after my property got transferred to her on my 24th bday ss soon as as click struck 12 i was thrown out rven without a single penny or even my clothes .in this chilling night of january iwas just wearing my night gown which wasn’t a lil bit enough also to protect me from cold i was just crying and was walking on a road in a fear that i was very small in age but this world is full of negative eyes.i was walking when a drunkard approached towards me and held my wrist and was about to force him upon me when a pair of soft hands pushed me back and we ran away.
standing at a place after runni g i felt the persons warm hands giving warmth to my chilled icy hands as he was holding them.

i looked at the person.
omg he was a cute handsome dashing boy
he left my hand and asked me if i was ok and i was still sobbing and in that sobbing i answered yes.
he forwarded his hands towards me and said his name wuth a voice capable to melt any person’s heart an extra sweet voice mixed with all the sweet elements of the world suiting his extra sweet cute and handsome face.

boy:hi i m kunj ….
i was just crying and nodded my head and said my name.
he asked me why i was crying but i remained quiet.i was sobbing but but now my sobs changed into loud cries and i fell down broken on the road and cried ny heart and i could see a pair of eyes accompaning my tears with their tears.

i asked him the reason fir his crying but he didn’t i was also not unsisting but he said it’s love and further he didn’t said.he said to leave his topic
he cleared my eyes and tooj off his jacket and gently put on my shoulders with his mesmerizing hands.i was just not getting what was happening to me when he did these and i was bit hurt when said that his cring reason was love i asked nyself whoselove but i preferred to leave the topic and was about ro go in the othwr direction when he did came in front of me and asked where i was going as i didn’t have any place to accommodate myself but having tears in my eyes and lowering my head i said that i will stay where i will find resort (an accomodation either a road or anything and not a resorts i usual).

he grabbed my hand and took me to his car and made me sit on the sit beside to driver seat i was just asking him to leave me as i dont wanna be a burden fir him but he took a tape on my mouth and car stopped ib front of a lavish bungalow outside written love dwell villa i was aweatruck ti see auch a lavish bungalow he took me out of his car by grabbing my hand i came and left his hand opened my tape and told him that i dont wanna be a burden on u as i m not worth it so i m going but he brought me inside his home and it was very beautiful .i resisted but he tooj me ro a room and told me to sit here and if i will move he will tie her up i was sitting and just crying when he came wid clothes warm one and told me to change i resisted but he didn’t listened me and pushed me to the bathroom

i went in and a war b/w my mind and heart says that i was about to fall in love
i changed and came out he gave me a mug of hot coffee and made me sit on bed and…
kunj:so pls first of lemme complete pls.pls don’t think that you will be burden for me as now i m ur frnd whether u consider me or not..
to his this statement i said that yes u are a true and new frnd actually an angel by god
he smiled a bit and continued by taking a sip of coffee

ku:hey look u r alo e in this world and i also and now i got u as a frnd si i wont lose her and as far as if u think u are a burden than no u r not and if u take it on ur self respect than u can tell me than u can join my iffice so u ll be my frnd cum employee ok.but pls dont force to leave as this world is very wicked to snatch ur love felrom u sooorrry i was thinking sth else i mean this world is a vry wicked eyed place so u cant survive and in this big bungalow what i ll do alone so u can live here my frnd pls ok so now i m going to my room u pls sleep ok bye
he wnt switching off the lights and as soon as he wnt out i also went to sleep he looked at me and wnt away.

it was 2 o clock in midnt when i woke up due to a bad dream and wanted weter and also i didn’t know where kitchen was in such a big house so i went towards hi la room and what i saw was unacceptable he was awake and his room was messed up and he was crying i knocked his room the photo he was holding he hid under his blanket i fwlt smthng suspicious as what was his love and went toward him and cleared his ears and asked u cleared my tears so i ll clear urs as u r my only frnd and we were now melting in each other’s eyes
i was about to fall in love
was the only word

i sat on the bed and asked him was he crying for loss of his loved one he nodded yes but i didn’t asked whi but felt bad but why i couldn’t understand.
i then told him that what’s the cond of his room he didn’t said anything i hold his hand he looked at me and melted me in his hug omg i couldn’t resist i felt like heaven was nothing bfore that hug.

song plays….
ae humnava nujhe apna bana le sukhi padi dil ki is jameen ko bhiga de aaaa
hun akela zara hath badha de sukhi padi dil ki is zameen ko bhiga de

kab se main dar dar phir raha musafir dil ko oanah de tu awaargi ko meri aj thehra de (he was hust crying on my shoulder and i was carressing his hair)

ho sake toh thoda pyaar jata de sukhi padi dil ki iss zameen ki bheega de…..song ends

he notices the situation and compose ourselve an awkwardness felt in the cold room.
ku:hey.. what are u doing in night are u not getting sleep

twi:woh i was not getting sleep as i got bad dream and was scare and i was going to kitchen to drink water but i could not find it so i was coming to ask u
he nodded and offered me glass of water from his room and i was going to drink it but made him sit and made him drink it and then i took another glass and drank…….
guys main thak gayi yaar badi mehnat se kikha hai pura 1 and half hour dedicate karke and pls guys read karna and day after tomorrow my exams are getting over so i ll wtite my ff and 6 shots also but this story cooked up in my mind and believe its each and every word is drom my heart and my creation even the poem of title in story is min so i decided to write as my nxt exam is ezee one so pls do read pls pls pls guys commnt karna varna mera dil tut jayega b ye

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