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I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode 4)

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Episode 3


ragini was trying to talk with family but no one can talk to her,she says i will help in cooking but sujatha says no need…ragini felt bad

sanskar comes frm office nd sees ragini was lost in her thoughts….sanskar asks her what r u thinking….ragini says i was thinking how can i kill u…sanskar says im ready to die in ur hands…ragini gives a disgusting look to him..sanskar went to get fresh…after sometime he comes out frm d washroom wearing towel…ragini shouts nd closed her eyes with her hands…sanskar says what happend..y r u always shouting like this…..ragini says dont u have same…sanskar says no y would i have ,im infront of my wife only na…ragini says stop ur drama ,wear dress fastly….sanskar says no i want to be like this for sometime…ragini opens her eyes nd says without turns at him says k i will go out ,she was about leave sanskar holds her hand….ragini asks him to leave her hand…sanskar says no i wont…she gets angry nd turns at him nd sees sanskar already got dressedup…

(while ragini argued with sanskar,he wears dress)..ragini looks at him angrily…sanskar smiles…jst then uttara comes nd calls them for dinner…sanskar leaves ragini hand..they both went down nd had dinner nd returns to their room…

Ragini takes bedsheet nd went to sleep on sofa….sanskar asks y is she sleeping on sofa…ragini says i dont want to share a bed with cheater…sanskar again asks her to sleep on bed ..ragini ignores him nd covers herself with blanket…sanskar goes towards ragini nd lifts her un his arms…while ragini shouts,sanskar makes her lie on bed,ragini was scared nd says dont dare to come near me…sanskar moves close to her,ragini closes her eyes tightly…sanskar smiles seeing her nd he took pillow nd he went to sleep on sofa…ragini slowly opens her eyes nd sees sanskar was on sofa,she relieved…sanskar says dont worry im not that bad,i will give u time but remember one thing i will make u mine one day….ragini says in ur dreams…sanskar smiles nd says we will see…they dozzed off

sanskar wakes up nd sees ragini was getting ready…he says goodmorning mrs ragini sanskar maheswari….ragini says how many times i told u dont call me like that….sanskar says how many times i told u i will call u like that only..ragini says its waste of time to argue with u saying this she was about leave sanskar holds her hand ,ragini asks what..sanskar takes sindhur box (ragini forget to put sindhur)..he was about to put ragini stops him nd says i will do it myself..she takes sindhur box nd fills her msng nd left..sanskar got ready nd went to office..

sanskar calls ragini nd says he forget some file in room asks her to bring to office…ragini went to sanskar office…she comes to sanskar cabin nd sees sanskar was shouting at his employee(middle aged man)..he pleads dont fire me sir but sanskar says get out…..ragini says stop it sanskar..nd says to that man dont worry uncle u go ur cabin i will talk to him…he left..ragini says to sanskar how can u shout like that ,he is like ur father…sanskar says i told him that clearly correct d mistakes properly..but he did it wrongly…ragini says u should give a second chance na,what is d need to talk like that..plz behave like a human sanskar…saying this she kept file on table nd leaves….sanskar sits in chair nd thinking….ragini comes to that man nd says dont feel bad uncle he was like that only…he says i used to it….ragini makes him smile by cracking jokes on sanskar…nd they both laughs…sanskar sees this frm window an unknown smile appears on his lips…he moves towæds them…that man asks ragu what is d relation with sanskar..ragini became silent….a voice came frm back…wife of sanskarmaheswari…ragini looks at him he is sanskar only…sanskar asks her to come ,he will drop her at home.ragini bid bye to that man nd left with sanskar…

Epi ends……

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