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i hurt her…. i am sorry swara 4

swara; i am worried… i never talk with any boys rather than my bhai and jiju…if i aoir with..
uttara; tention matt ley… just concentrate on your work..thats it..
kittu; concentration hi tho nahi milthi…
swara and utara role their eyes..

at parking area…swara is waiting for karan to pick her up… uttra sees her.. arrey swara didnt you gone…come i will drop you…sanskar cames there..
uttara ; he is bhai sanskar…come
swara ; no bhai will come.. he will come at sharp 4
uttara ; now yts 4 madam..where is he
swara ; he is there… she points to a car black BMW car.. bye…
sanskar ; so sharp..
uttara ; not like you… she makes faces and went
sanskar gave what did i do look….


in car
karan ; how is your class
swara; its good.. he said about kush how she met her… and interaction class..
karan ; relax doll…boys will not eat you…
swara ; but…
karan ; no but n all… just concentrate on your work…thats it…
swara ; you know uttara too says the same…
karan knows about uttara and kiitu..
karan ; who is that boy near to her…
swara ; her brother sanskar…
karan ; ( in mind) why did i feel i seen him some where…. should i say swara about badepaps talk… i think i should keep quiet…she will take stress and willl not concenttrate on her studies.. i know her well…

at night

karan : swara do you beleive in love…
swara looks him shocked… i think you forget what i said you before…
karan ; still you have same feeling
swara; yes.. woh sab bakwaas hain… and i hate it to the core…she said in anger and broke the glass she had in her hand . it hurt in her hand…and start to bleed..
karan ; tum hamesha yeh naam sun ke khud ko kyun hurt kar rahi hoon… aise kar ne se tumhe kushi milega..
swara; the pain that word gives me nothing infront of this bhai…u know papa loves ragini dee a lot… now where goes all those love haan… she too loves papa hain na… to phir woh papa ke baath kyun nahi maani… you know when they got married the bond between jiju and dee got strong..but at the same time the bond between papa and a daughter got weak…you know naa every week they came to our house for a stay… kahne keliye sab happy happy hain.. but the fact is abhi bhi they are behaving like stranger….


what you think after seeing this everyweek drama in my house i should beleive in love…3 years it had been 3 years for their mrriage then too they cant accept the fact… dee abb maa banne wali hain then too… a tear escape from her eyes… i think i should sleep now bye

karan ; but its 12 30 now…we speak till 2 naa
swara ; bye she said in a low tone
karan ; ok
( in mind) i am soory swara.. i know you will be crying now,,, but you should acept the fact that kuch cheez aise hi acchi laghthi hain.. kithna usse force karoo uthna hi woh aur weak ho jayega.. shayad ragini aur badepapa ke beechi ki woh bond pehli he mitt gayi… abb use shayad kabhi teek nahi kar payenge… agar teek hona hain tho kuch bada hona hoga… its not that they dont love each other it had hidden somewhere…

some relation are like that… pyaar tho hoga,,, par ek doosre ko digayenge nahi… karan looks at the moon… i wish i could i explain u all this,,, but in this three years i could only see hatred for this words in your eyes… what will happen when your heart fall foRr someone… i really dont know… i hope ypu wont do any stupidity………

swara stll crying……
nahi swara bass kar… you have to be strong..you should show the world that ladki aaage padne se hamesha galath nahi hothi…

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