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i hurt her…. i am sorry swara 3

hlo mehreen here….


sanskar sees the bond between swara and kush… a smile curve from his lips…
kush : chachu
swara turns and her smile fades… she immediately gets up and lokks down
sanskar cames near them…
sanskar : kush where were you? i said you na dont go here and there….
kush ; look she is my new girl friend swara didi..
sanskar; girl friend or didi all together…
kush ; she is my friend hain naa ( swara nods) and she is a girl so my girlfriend…and she is big so i should call didi naa … i cant call her chachi

swara and sanskar widens their eyes and looks at each other… as their eyes met swara looks down for which sanskar smiles….

swara ; i think i should leave now… bye with that she leaves …
sanskar ; aaja abb tubi chal….


sanskar pov

for the first time a person does not say anything about kush…… she has a pure heart…he smiles and went…

at class
students tomorrow is an interaction class… so you will be paired with a senior student… you can look your pair at notice board…
kittu ; wow pairing… i wish i could get a boy who is handsome dasing and smart too
uttara chuckles where as swara is seen in tention…
uttara; swara wat happens..
swara ; what if my pair is a boy… i never speak to anyone other than my bhai and jiju…so she is in a tensed filled voice…

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