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I hate you swara ff story episode 6

Swara and ardash quickly get into the car and runs off the hospital
Swara:nurse have you seen this woman
Ardash:doctor doctor have you seen this nurse
Doctor:yes she a woman came to see her she should be at the back of the hospital
Ardash:let’s go Swara
Swara:thank  you doctor
They run off quickly

Ragini is trying to escape
Ragini:I have to go
she sees a piece of glass on the floor she move towards it and she falls on her side and grabs the glass and begins to cut the rope and it comes off
She runs away
Swara:nurse please nurse get up Ardash get someone to help us
Ardash: okay
Nurse:I need to tell u something
Swara:tell me Is this about my sister what happened to her quickly you will be about to take revenge for whoever did this
Nurse:ragini i-i-ssss Alive
Swara:who did this to you
Nurse:it was the person which kidnapped ragini
Swara:tell me who was it
Nurse:someone you know K-k-kav-
She dies

Swara:wake up open your eyes you were our last hope
Ardash comes there with doctor
Swara:she’s dead
MM mansion
Swara:Ardash what are we going to about this who’s name begins with a k and we know
Ardash:the only person i know is
Swara and ardash together:KAVYA
Ardash:that must have explained why she told us about  parineeta had tummy pains
Sujata:swara it is your first day you need to cook
Swara:Ardash see u later

In the kitchen
Swara:Uttara get me some sugar I want to make rasgulla you favorite 
Uttara: okay Swara
Uttara goes to the store room
Uttara:where is it ah there it is
Some documents fall
Uttara: oh my God
She begins to pick everything up and she sees a picture
Uttara:how can they hide this from me she runs off with tears
Kavya watchs from behind a pillar
Kavya in head:my plan is working slowly but surely

Precap:ragini comes back to the house and works with kavya to get revenge from swara

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