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I hate you swara ff story episode 11

Morning Baddi
Ragini:morning swara
Swara:morning ragini
Ragini:Come on let’s do arti
They do arti together  and ragini calls Laksh
Ragini:morning Laksh should we tell swara it could cheer her up
Laksh:okay I will meet you near the bridge
Ragini:bye jalebi

Laksh:bye wait wha-
Ragini:SWARA get up we are going to the temple
Swara:now leave me alone
Ragini:no get up now I am elder so listen to me
Swara:fine let’s go
They go
Swara:what is Laksh doing here
Ragini:we wanted to cheer you up soo we have good news me and Laksh are in
Laksh and ragini:love


Swara:wow I am soo happy for you we need to tell everyone
Ragini:we don’t want to tell anyone yet until Uttara comes back
Laksh now we have to reunite u with Sanskaar
Swara:okay I know that we will be reunited
Kavya;when is ragini going to bail me
Kavya:mere tummy it HURTS
Inspector:don’t try and fool me I am not that dumb
Kavya pretends s to faint

Inspector: oh no
He opens the gate and kavya runs out
Police:hey stop HEY STOP

Precap:kavya overhears that ragini has no intentions with her plan she threatens to kill her family

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