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I hate you swara ff story episode 10

We have finally reach episode 10 thank you  so much for everything let’s get started

MM mansion
Parineeta Ardash
Parineeta:you don’t spend time with me Ardash you only have time for swara
Ardash:That’s not true I always spend time with you
Parineeta:name one thing you have done with me over the past week
Parineeta:I am pregnant with your child you should at least spend time when you don’t have work but no
Ardash:I am sorry
Parineeta:leave it the damage has been done
Arash:(kid voice)i am sorry pari
He bends down
Ardash: please forgive your papa
Parineeta:fine we both forgive you (laugh) you will take me to the park
Ardash:okay I will take you now
They leave


Swara:Ardash I need to speak to you
Ardash:don’t worry  will be back
Swasan room
Ardash:what is it
Swara:thank you soo much for helping me and ragini reuniting
Ardash:no problem
He just about leaves
Swara:wait I have to give you some thing
Swara gets a box
Swara:here for you and parineeta a chain to show eternal love .
Ardash:thank you 
Swara trips and ardash falls on her
Parineeta:arda- OH MY GOD

Annapurana:what happened
Swara: parineeta it is not what it seems
Parineeta slaps Ardash
Parineeta:I was a fool a fool to think that you would love me and my baby just wait till Sanskaar finds out about it
She calls Sanskaar
 Parineeta:Come home now
Parineeta calls dadi dida Sharmista Shekhar and Laksh Dp rp
They all come
Dida:kya hua parineeta why did you call us
Dp:yes explain

everyone is shocked
Dida and dadi:swara
Laksh:how can she
Shekhar:your lying
Sharmista:Ardash and swara
ragini:how could you break parineeta heart
Rp:Ardash you disappointed us
Annapurana:your own sister in law
Sanskaar:swara you cheated me
Swara:this not true belive us I will tell you what happened (she explains)
Parineeta:I will belive you Ardash BUT only for our child
Sanskaar: I can’t trust you swara  not now you  need to go away and give some space to me for at bit
Swara:no Sanskaar please
(He packs her suitcase and brings it to the hall)
Sanskaar:leave NOW
He drags her by his hands up the stairs and throws her out she hits her head and cries
Swara:Sanskaar the pain I am feeling here (pointing to heart)is worse that the one on my head
She picks her bags and leaves

Ragini room
Ragini:don’t worry swara all will be fine
Swara:no it will not (crying)
Swara:is am going to ma she said she is not well
Ragini: okay bye
Ragini hears a tap on her window it is Laksh
Ragini:Laksh what are you doing
Laksh:i am here to see you my beautiful rasgulla
Ragini:so I am fat now (laugh)
Laksh:no your rasgulla and I’m the jalebi 
Ragini: I love you jalebi
Laksh:I love you rasgulla
Ragini:go before dadi really does turn you into jalebi
Ragini:bye ……..jalebi
(Laksh throws the pillow at ragini They have a small pillow fight)
Footsteps approach the door
Ragini:go go
Swara and ragini go to bed but this time ragini goes to bed with a smile

Precap:lakshya and ragini tell everyone they love each other and Uttara comes back

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