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I Hate You (Love Is Blind Season 2) INTRO

INTRO (Love is Blind Season 2)

Thank you so much for all ur love and support for my first ff, Love Is Blind. I never would have thought that so many silent readers were actually there. I got over 80 comments and that is seriously mind-blowing. So, look who is back. Now that TEI has ended ??why not start a new journey with Twinj and Love Is Blind Season 2? And my dear friend Ria and my lil sis Thanmy requested me so I had to fulfill there wishes right? Like my last ff, this one will also be written to relive all the old Tei memories. So without further ado, let’s get onto the intro…

Sab kehte hai na, love at first sight….
A girl is walking into college with books in her hand. A guy is walking the opposite way. They bump into each other and the guy catches the girl before she can fall. They share a cute eye-lock….
Kunj drops her and she falls on the floor.
Kunj- How dare me? How dare you Twinkle Taneja! How dare you bump into me?
Kunj and Twinkle walk opposite ways.
But yeh toh hua, hate at first sight….

But when the sun and moon is bound by one string, a major phenomenon is bound to happen…

“I Hate You” (Love Is Blind Season 2) coming soon to TU….only if u guys want…

Please comment if u guys are willing to read it and should I continue?

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