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I Hate You (Love is Blind Season 2) (Episode 5)

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Recap: Kunj finds out that the school payed for his trip. The class then arrives to the Galapagos Islands. Everyone gathers on the beach and gets ready to scuba dive. Twinkle and Kunj get jet skis and ride on the water. Twinkle’s jet ski malfunctions and Kunj saves her and brings her onto his jet. His jet runs out of fuel and they are now stuck in the middle of the water.



Twinj are still lost at sea. Kunj is sitting bored, while Twinkle is looking at her nails. The current of the waves move them a little, still they are going no where. Suddenly Kunj’s eyes light up and he looks somewhere as he taps Twinkle’s face. (Funny tune).
Kunj- Twinkle….Twinkle….
Twinkle pushes Kunj’s hand off her face.

Kunj- Oh sorry. Look.
He points in to the distance. Twinkle follows his gaze and sees land.
Twinkle- Kunj! We can swim to it now. Let’s go!
Kunj- Wait. We can’t leave the jet ski. I’ll swim and push the ski. U stay on the ski.
Kunj takes off his shirt.

Kunj- Here hold this.
He passes his shirt to Twinkle. Twinkle stares at his abs. (Wouldn’t you stare too? ?).Kunj jumps into the water and starts swimming and pushing the jet ski. Twinkle looks at Kunj. (Sajna ve plays). They finally reach the shore of an island and Kunj lays on the ground breathing heavily.
Twinkle- Kunj….are you ok?

Kunj (in between breaths)- Yes Twinkle. I’m perfect. Next time u swim a mile with a jet ski then I’ll ask u how u are.
Twinkle throws Kunj’s shirt back to him.
Twinkle- Ok whatever. Now wear ur shirt.
Kunj gets up and wears his shirt. The sun starts going down and it starts getting dark. Twinj are stuck on an island. They are on the beach of the island, surrounded by trees and trees and forests. Twinkle starts rubbing her arms as it gets colder.
Kunj- U should have worn more clothes.

Twinkle- Matlab?
Kunj looks at Twinkle’s shorts. Twinkle also looks down.
Twinkle- WOW! When guys wear shorts its all good but when a girl wears it then theres a problem? Does anyone complain when guys walk around without a shirt?
Kunj- I didn’t mean it like that. I respect girls and their decision to wear whatever they want. Society needs to change their ways of thinking. People may have dirty minds.
Twinkle- Then I suppose you do too?
Kunj- If I had a dirty mind then….look around…you and me, alone on an island, with no one in sight…
Twinkle gasps and Kunj laughs.
Kunj- I’m just joking. Come it’s getting dark. Let’s go find shelter.
Twinkle- I’m going to find a way out tomorrow morning. I don’t need your help. I can find my own shelter.
Kunj shrugs his shoulders.

Kunj- Fine. Go ahead.

Next Scene…

Kunj watches as Twinkle struggles to reach a coconut from a tree. Kunj walks up to the tree. He climbs it and brings the coconut down. Twinkle forwards her hand to take the coconut but Kunj walks away with it. (Funny tune). Twinkle makes a haww face.
Kunj- Oh you wanted this? Here.
Twinkle- No thanks. I don’t need you help.
Kunj sat on the ground and used a rock to peel and break open the coconut. He was eating one half of the coconut and watching Twinkle still trying to reach the coconut from the tree. Twinkle eventually gave up and sat down and held her cheek. Suddenly she saw a coconut being held in front of her. She looks up to see Kunj handing her the coconut.
Kunj- Here eat this.
Twinkle- I don’t want it.
Kunj- Twinkle stop with ur attitude. Look around, u are in the middle of nowhere. U won’t find your continental dishes or ur Italian pasta here. U will have to survive on this so eat it. I know it will be hard because spoiled sports like you won’t be able to eat a raw coconut.
Twinkle- Don’t challenge me Kunj Sarna!
Kunj- I challenge you!

Twinkle takes the coconut and starts eating it. Kunj watches her and smiles. Twinkle finishes eating and throws the shell away.
Twinkle- I told you. Don’t challenge me.
Kunj- Vah! I’m surprised. Miss Twinkle Taneja just ate a coconut out of it’s shell. What happened to you status?
Twinkle- Twinkle Taneja can do anything.
Kunj- Oh really? Can she build a fire?
Twinkle- Of course she can. U jus wait and watch.
Kunj sits on a rock and watches Twinkle gather sticks and twigs. She picks up two sticks and looks at them confused. She starts rubbing them together. Kunj starts laughing.
Twinkle- What’s so funny?
Kunj- Do u actually believe everything u see in movies? If u rub the two sticks together like that u will not get a fire in three years, as a matter of fact, u won’t get one in three lifetimes!
Kunj walks over to Twinkle and takes her hands and holds the stocks together near the ground and rubs them.
Kunj- It’s like this.
Twinkle looks at Kunj while he takes the sticks out of her hands and starts making a fire. She looks at her hands and remembers Kunj touching her. Kunj starts the fire and looks at Twinkle proudly. He does his one eyebrow raise.
Twinkle- Yea well….I can do that too.
Twinj sit near the fire and rub their palms together. Kunj stares at Twinkle. Twinkle notices this.

Twinkle- What?
Kunj- Y did u pay for me?
Twinkle- What are you talking about?
Kunj- Y did u pay for my trip here?
Twinkle- I don’t know what ur talking about. I didn’t pay for you.
Kunj- Twinkle, I heard everything.


Kunj is going to buy water at the airport when he overhears Twinkle talking with the professor.
Twinkle- Thank you so much maam for not telling Kunj the truth.
Professor- On ur insistence, I told him that the school payed for him. I didn’t tell him that u were the one that actually payed for him.
Twinkle- Thank you.
Kunj is shocked.


Kunj- So that means u heard my talk with the professor that day. And after I left, u went and talked to her. Tell me was it you? Answer me!
Twinkle- Yes! I payed for you!
Kunj- But why?
Twinkle- No matter how much of an evil and cruel person u think I am Kunj, I still have a heart. My mom did not raise me to see someone helpless situation and walk away. Don’t take this the wrong way. I only paid for you out of pity. Take this as a token from Twinkle Taneja. And also, u had to come on the trip. Otherwise how would Twinkle Taneja show u how great she is. U were bound to come.
Kunj- Yea u definitely showed me how great u are….so great that u managed to get us both lost on this island. No u will also find a way out. I’m going to sleep.
Kunj lays down facing up towards the night sky and closes his eyes.
Twinkle thinks- Hmm! Sadu Sarna!

Precap: Twinkle gets lost….

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