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I Hate You (Love is Blind Season 2) (Episode 4)

Sorry guys. I think there was some sort of miscommunication. I didn’t want to say that I am going to end this ff so soon. Its only been 4 episodes ?I just thought that you didn’t like the track. But after seeing ur comments I feel so stupid. Sorry. Now without any further ado, let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: Twinkle disguises herself as Kunj’s dadi and enters his hostel room to get her phone back. The next day the professor declares that the class is taking a trip to the Galapagos Islands. Kunj tells the professor he can’t go because he can’t afford it.



Kunj walks out of the classroom and sees Twinkle waiting outside. He looks at Twinkle.
Twinkle- What Mr. Kunj Sarna? Couldn’t afford the trip? Actually it’s a good thing. Now I won’t have to tolerate u the whole trip.
Kunj, without replying, walks away. Twinkle walks into the class and talks with the teacher.

The Next Day….

The professor calls Kunj to the front of the class and talks with him privately.
Professor- Kunj, all ur expenses has been payed for.
Kunj- What? But how can that be? I didn’t pay anything.
Professor- Don’t worry. U are an excellent student so the school decided to pay for ur plane ticket and hotel room.
Kunj- Really ma’am? Thank you so much.
Kunj becomes happy and goes back to his seat. On his way, he gives a glare to Twinkle and smirks at her. Twinkle glares back at Kunj. (Tashan e Ishq plays).

The whole class packs and by next week, they board the plane to leave for the Galapagos Islands. The class arrives to the hotel they are staying at.
Professor- Ok guys. U all can now go to ur rooms and freshen up. Then we will all meet on the beach in two hours.
Everyone goes to their rooms to freshen up.

(Twinkle, Chinki, and Priya’s Room…)

Twinkle- Wow guys, look how cool this room is. There are two beds.
Chinki- Priya, u will sleep with me on one bed. Twinkle can have the other one to herself.
Twinkle (pouts)- Wait why? No one wants to stay with me?
Priya- Are you crazy? Anyone who sleeps with u will surely not go to sleep. U are like a black belt in karate when u sleep. I don’t want to get kicked off the bed!
Twinkle, Chinki, and Priya all laugh.
Chinki- Twinkle, I wonder what u will do when u get married.
Twinkle- What will I do?
Priya- U won’t kick ur husband off the bed right?
They laugh again.

Next scene…
Kunj comes to the beach and sees his class. Everyone is in their summer outfits. A few people is playing volleyball over a net. Kunj is wearing a white v-neck t-shirt with summer shorts and black shades, looking extremely hot and dashing. He looks around the beach and smiles.
Suddenly he sees Twinkle coming and his jaw drops upon seeing her. She is wearing a white shirt with a floral cardigan and summer shorts, looking beautiful yet bold.

Kunj’s gaze is interrupted as the professor calls everyone to gather.
Professor- Ok everyone, gather around!
The class gathers around the professor.
Professor- Today is our lucky day. The officials on this beach has given us the authority to go scuba diving and see all the life forms under the sea. We are also permitted to take boats and travel out to the sea.
The class cheers. Then they go to the part of the beach where the instructors were teaching everyone how to scuba dive.
Professor- Twinkle and Kunj, since u two are the leaders, u don’t have to go scuba diving. U can take a jet ski and be on patrol.
Twinkle thinks- Yes! I won’t have to go diving! I’d rather ride the jet ski.
Kunj thinks- Wow a jet ski! I never would have thought I would be riding one of these. Hai Vaiguru, thank you for everything.
Twinkle and Kunj put on their life jackets and take their own jet skis out to the water. The rest of the class gets into gear and goes scuba diving. Kunj is having the time of his life. Suddenly he sees Twinkle going really fast across the water.
Kunj- Twinkle! Slow down!
Panic shows on Twinkle’s face as she looks at Kunj.
Twinkle- I can’t stop it!
Kunj is shocked. Twinkle rides further away form the beach and into the depths of the water.
Kunj- Twinkle! Wait!
Twinkle- Help! Some one help me!
Kunj rides after Twinkle. He catches up to her and rides along side her jet ski.
Kunj- Twinkle, give me ur hand.
Twinkle looks at Kunj confused.
Kunj- Damn it Twinkle, just give me ur hand!
Twinkle forwards her hand and Kunj pulls her onto his jet ski. Twinkle’s jet ski rides away quickly. Kunj looks at the ski in shock. Then he looks at Twinkle who was sitting in front of Kunj, hugging him in fear.
Kunj- Twinkle…it’s ok now.
Twinkle lifts her face and looks at Kunj. She puts her hair behind her ear in awkwardness. There was this awkward tension between them as they were very close to each other, feeling each other’s breaths.
Twinkle- Was this the only way for me to sit?
Kunj- Kamal hai. For once, I saved u and instead of thanking me u are complaining?
Twinkle- Yea yea whatever. Now bring me back to shore.
Kunj- I’m doing that. Mujhe koi shock nahi hai to stay like this with u. So don’t move, I don’t want u any closer to me.
Twinkle rolls her eyes. Kunj starts the jet ski and starts riding. Suddenly the ski starts jolting and comes to a sudden stop. Twinkle bumps into Kunj, her forehead, bumping his nose.
Kunj- Ahhhh my beautiful nose!!
Twinkle- What happened? Why did u stop?
Kunj- Oh no!
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- No fuel…..
Twinkle- WHAT!
Kunj covers his ears.
Kunj- U can’t hear? I said no fuel.
Twinkle- Now what are we going to do?
Kunj- U can swim right?
Twinkle- Yes.
Kunj- The beach is not that far. We can swim back.
Twinkle looks around. She then taps Kunj’s shoulder.
Kunj- What?
Twinkle- But…where is the beach?
Kunj looks around and sees they are in the middle of the ocean, with land nowhere in sight. Kunj slaps his forehead,
Kunj- It’s all because of you.
Twinkle- Me?!
Kunj- Yea! If u don’t know how to ride a jet ski, why did u ride one? I followed u and now look we are in the middle of nowhere.
Twinkle (embarrassed)- Yea well…there’s a first time for everything.
Kunj (dramatic crying)- First for everything? Ye ladki pagal hai. There isn’t a first for everything. Like I don’t have a first for jumping off a bridge or a first for dying. But yea…this will be my first for going crazy because u are here to eat my brain.

Precap: Twinj lost at sea…and when Twinkle and Kunj are together in one place, fun is bound to happen…

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