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I Hate You (Episode 6)

Sorry Laddoo couldn’t fulfill ur wish. But I hoped u like the OS instead. And also sorry Ria…well not sorry because u hate the word sorry ?So I will say I apologize for not responding to you because I have a hectic schedule going on now. I hope you understand. Now let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: Twinj end up at a lost island. Even there, they argue and have some funny moments as Twinkle tries to survive without Kunj’s help. Kunj teases Twinkle and they finally drift off to sleep.



Kunj wakes up and stretches his arms and rubs his eyes.
Kunj- Twinkle wake up.
Kunj looks around and sees Twinkle nowhere in sight.
Kunj- Twinkle? Twinkle?
He stands up and looks around the empty beach. Kunj starts to panic after not seeing Twinkle anywhere. He runs on the beach shouting her name as he goes.
Kunj- Yaar where am I going to find this girl now? Hai Vaiguru please help me.
Suddenly he hears some rustling noise coming from the forest. He picks up a stick and guards himself with it. And what he saw next probably scared him the most. Twinkle walked out of the forest holding a huge tree branch and a huge leaf. Kunj’s jaw dropped as he say Twinkle’s avatar. Twigs and leaves were stuck to her hair and she had dirt all over herself. Twinkle struggles and manages to bring the tree branch and places it in front of Kunj. She closes Kunj’s mouth.
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- Where were you?

Twinkle- Ur the one who said that I had to figure out a way out of here. So I was managing that.
Kunj- U had to go into the jungle for that? What if you got lost? What if an animal hurt you? Oh wait, they probably were scared after seeing that face of yours.
Kunj takes a piece of dirt off of Twinkle’s cheek.
Kunj- By the way, yeh kon si make up brand hai? U should wear it more often.
He laughs and Twinkle glares at him.
Twinkle- Ha ha very funny Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle goes near the water and washes her face. She then takes some abandoned rope and ties the giant leaf to the end of the tree branch. Kunj looks at her confused.
Kunj- What is that?
Twinkle- A paddle. Now we can use this to row as we are on the jet ski.
Kunj- Wow I’m impressed. Maybe there is actually a brain up there.
Twinkle- Excuse me! I am the topper of the college.
Kunj- Well so am I!
Twinkle goes to the Jet ski which was sitting on the beach and tries to push it back on the water. She struggles but is not able to move it. Kunj goes there and helps her. They get the jet ski onto the water. Kunj sits in front while Twinkle sits behind him. Kunj starts rowing and using the jet ski as a boat, they start moving on the water. They row farther away from the island and into the middle of the sea. Awkward silence fills the air as only the waves of the water are able to be heard. Kunj continues rowing.
Twinkle- Kunj…

Kunj- Yes.
Twinkle- How do you know how to ride a jet ski? As far as I know, u can’t even afford to ride one.
Kunj- Oh I owned one.
Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle- What?
Kunj stops rowing.
Kunj- I mean….I had a friend who owned one. I used to ride his and that’s how I learned.
Kunj continues rowing while Twinkle stares at him in silence.

Next Scene…

Chinki and Priya come to the beach agin to search for Twinkle.
Chinki- Twinkle didn’t come to the hotel room last night. Priya, where is she?
Priya- I don’t know. Where can she be?
They walking round the beach asking people for help and calling out Twinkle’s name.


Kunj is still rowing. Beads of sweat roll down his forehead.
Twinkle- Kunj tum….
Kunj- Twinkle, take my handkerchief out from my pocket please.
Twinkle hesitantly reaches for Kunj’s pocket. Her hand shakes as she reaches inside the front pocket of Kunj’s shorts. She takes out a white handkerchief and holds it out in front of Kunj. Kunj struggles to hold the row and take the handkerchief. Seeing Kunj’s struggle, Twinkle wipes off Kunj’s beads of sweat. Kunj is shocked. She leans closer towards Kunj. For support, her hand holds his shoulder while her other hand reaches around Kunj as she wipes his forehead gently.
Kunj- Thank you.

Chinki and Priya are still calling out Twinkle’s name. Suddenly they see Rishi and Mohit on the same shore. They were calling out Kunj’s name. They walk up to Chinki and Priya.
Rishi- Have you seen Kunj?
Chinki- He’s missing also?
Rishi- Also? Who else is missing?
Priya- Twinkle didn’t come to the hotel room last night.
Mohit- Neither did Kunj. Where did they go?
The professor and the rest of the students arrive at the beach.
Professor- Did you guys find Twinkle and Kunj?
Rishi- No ma’am.
Student- Hey look! There they are!
The class looks to where the student points. Far out in the sea, they sea Twinkle and Kunj approaching the beach. They all run to the water as Kunj and Twinkle get off the jet ski.
Chinki- You two were together? Do u know how worried we were? U didn’t even bother to tell any of us?
Rishi- Kya yaar Kunj? U could have at least told me that Twinkle was with you. Then we wouldn’t have worried this much.
Professor- This is highly unacceptable Twinkle and Kunj. I know u are now grown adults, but I am responsible for you all on this trip. If you two wanted to spend time together alone then u should have informed someone first.
Twinj are stunned. The professor walks away.
Priya- Twinkle? Tu aur Kunj? Chinki, pinch me…I’m not dreaming am I?
Chinki- Priya, I think I’ dreaming also. In what other world would Twinkle and Kunj go to spend time together?
Rishi- Kunj? U didn’t tell me that u had a thing with Twinkle? I mean, u guys are like enemies.
Mohit- Ha Kunj. U should have told us that u and Twinkle love each other.
Twinj- KYA?! Love?
Kunj- Love? Woh bhi iss Siyappa Queen se?
Twinkle- Pyar? Woh bhi Sadu Sarna se?
Twinj- NEVER!
Kunj- I just hate you!
Twinkle- I hate you too!
They walks away in opposite directions, leaving Chinki, Priya, RIshi, and Mohit speechless. Their jaw drops as they watch Twinkle and Kunj walk away.

Precap: Girl: Kunj, my darling! I’m back!
Twinkle looks at the girl and fumes….

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