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I cant live without u (part 9)


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@oberoi mansion
Om and ishaana continues searching again rudra gave a chit to ishaana…om curiously read the chit and goes towards shivaaay room but no one is there so they fooled om saw a big paper lying on the bed om take and it’s from his sweet bhabhi hi om how are u i hope u will very excited because u got your soul right u didn’t even think about us and u know your bhaiyya always had work today also a big deal came he leaves i stopped him but he didn’t so i also accompany him. Sorry om its a important work so we have to leave see you soon and take care ur honevali beevi om gets sad after reading this and ishaana consoles him but he goes his room. suddenly he gets shocked because there is big teddy bear in front om room.ishaana also came there and she touched the teddy and look om, how cute is this.om said with a beautiful smile i know bhaiyya and bhabhi very well. U guyz here only ishaana; no om anika dii gone out with bhaiyya so they won’t be here, no ishaana. When om and ishaana entered to the room its like raining with the rose everywhere om saw shivaay and mera sweet shivaay come out I saw u so cute boy and your sweet wife also bahar aaja. they both came out and hugs om.. later shivaay hugs ishaana and thanks her everyone get scared because shivaay never say sorry to anyone except his own family. ishaana bhaiyya i didn’t understand ishaana u know u bring my old artist like before so i have to thankful because last three years he is suffering from something like he smiles but he cries a lot when i find out u and om relationship. I searched for u because I want my om full of happiness.

Scene 2
Dadi preparing all rasam and pinky arranged a party for om and ishaana janvi also supports everyone.in om room everyone were happy and hugs each other. shivaay, haa om when u arranged all this surprise i mean u don’t have much time to do all these things hare om this is not my work everything is done by your sweet bhabhi so ask her, wow bhabhi your amazing if really like everything especially our wedding dress…

Ishaana goes and hugs her. can i say something, ha ishaana bolo u r really awesome d ii dont have words for u i know that ishi but idhar hamare saath hee boy he na he thinks i am a cunning girl i cant do anything. Why anika di who is that person because if he like the arrangement he will appreciate me but he didn’t do that. There is no need of telling his name (in her mind ohh bagad billa never appreciate me) shivaay gets a call and he leaves from there without saying anything to anika…anika became sad for that and she goes to her room where she searches shivaay he is not there she thinks may be he had work so that he left urgently.

After anika leaves the job shivaay wants to see her because he feels restless without seeing her one day he goes anika’s house. Shivaay saw some other people staying there. When he tried to call her but didn’t get the phone and he searches for her address but again he failed. Shivaay came back to oberoi mansion where om is waiting for shivaay because today kapoor daughters marriage oberoi’s family friend everyone left but om remain in oberoi mansion. Om you go my mood is not okay why shivaay what happened to u?? u looks worried and restless. nothing om am perfectly all right. Then fine come with me u know kapoor uncle very well. everyone reached kapoor mansion. rudra see so many girls around him and goes towards them and talk.kapoor welcomed oberoi’s his wife also came there and greet them later kapoor eldest daughter came and take blessings from everyone bcz she is the wedding girl .but everyone is waiting for kap0ors second daughter. that time shivaay and omkara reached there. They hugs each other with a pleasant smile. A girl in full of pinkish lahega came out from the house and everyone looks at her because she is very beautiful like shivaay.oberoi family also stunned looking at her. When she came towards them and take blessings from dadii when shivaay saw her, he get shocked. When kapoor introduce his second daughter to oberoi’s.

Guys who is that girl? If u have any idea about the girl just comment below

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