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i cant live without u (part 18)

Hello IB fans am really sorry the past epi bcz u all r very upset with my track but sry my imagination is like that only…sry once again

Om; yes shivaay but i dont have enough time so u know situations and all
Shi; its okay where is ur princess
Om calls ishaana
Ishana just stares at shivaay with a sad face dont worry ishaana am alright ur looking so beautiful so dont make ur face like this be happy always after all u r mrs omkara singh oberoi na
ishi; smiles and hugs him and said bhaiyya get well soon
shi; ha dear
anika regains her consciousness and came towards to shivaay. She entered into his room. While she saw shivaay she gets happy and walks towards him but when she move towards him shivaay asked with his angry tone hey girl who are u why u coming towards me, anika gets sad and said no sir am mrs anika whoa sry am anika kapoor
tej; shivaay i know her she is wedding planner
shi; ohh then okay i thought someone else
ani; gave the thread to dadi and tell her to tie the thread
shi; hey i dont believe all these matters
dadi; shut up shivaay


dadi; beta u go and tie
anika go towards him and ties while tying her tears falls down into shivaay’s hand hence shivaay notice this but he didn’t ask the reason
shivaay leaves the hospital and reaches oberoi mansion
om; shivaay u take rest i will give ur food
dadi; ha billu u have take rest otherwise u will become weak
shi; okay dadi as per ur wish
rud; go and take shivaay’s food
om; shivaay r u okay
shi; yes om why u soo worried about me u know nw
om; bcz i cant loose u
shi; ha i know om but nothing happen to me
rudr’ bring food and gave to om
om; feeds shivaay and they off the light and start moving
shi; why u guyz are going plz stay here
om; no shivaay..mera matlab i have some work, after 1hour we will be here so sleep well
shi; okay guys carry on
while they start moving they saw anika was standing in front of the door and tears were rolling down from eyes
om; anika what happened
rud; ha dii why r u crying
ani; i cant see shivaay in this condition
om; anika dekho we got our shivaay back but his memories is not there
ani; am also happy that shivaay came in his life but
om; but..what anika…doctor said na some miracle will happen
ani; but om when
om; plz believe that anika and plz stay srong
ru; ha dii we got our bhaiyya back but our bhabhi is not like before i cant c u like this
ishana and soumya reached there and take anika into dadii’s room
Were everyone family members is gathered. Anika sat beside dadi and pinky she starts crying
Pi; anika dont cry dear our shivaay is back
Ani; mom how can i
Janvi; anika u r strong girl na
Ani; but bade ma i can’t see him pain
Tej, interrupts them and sat beside anika
Tej; u’r not my daughter in law but u like my prinku dear i know ur a brave, understanding girl then u have gone through all the situation otherwise we will lose u also

Tej gets a call from London
Tej; hi Charles how are u is everything fine there
Char; how can u ask these tej
Te; what happened
Ch; u know this meeting very very important for shivaay then he didint reached here
Tej; Charles the matter is….tej explains everything to him and Charles get shocked and feels sad for shivaay
Ch; tej how is shivaay now
Tej; he is fine but he lost his memory
Ch; what the hell
Ch; then how can he attend the meeting i thought we can postpone this meeting for some other day
Te; i know Charles but the situation is like that
Ch; no tej we can’t lose this offer bcz this is shivaay’s dream also
Te; yea Charles but how can we
There is no other person like shivay
Ch; but tej there is only one person only can help
Tej; who
Cha; mrs shivaay singh oberoi
Te; what u mean
Ch; tej u know something shivaay’s wife prepared all the projects and the ideas also
Tej; but she is not okay now, how can i speak to her
Ch; tej we dont have much time take some decision after 2 hour i will call u
Jan; what happened tej
Sha; ha bahiyya is the deal cancelled
Dadi; bolo tej
Tej; no maa but
Dadi; but kya hua
Tej; we can’t postponed this meeting now we have only one option
Jan; okay then move on
Tej; lekin there is a problem
Tej walk towards anika..anika was lost in her thought but she heard everything
Tej; anika u know the situation very well and this meeting is important to him i know ur an intelligent girl u can handle every situation but now u r weak am also helpless beta i dont know what to do

Om; papa what anika can do
Tej; instead of shivaay, anika will attend the meeting
Everyone shocked bcz anika never attend like this meeting its very big deal for oberoi’s
Pi; how can anika do these
Dadi; ha tej she didn’t even attend the meeting but i trust u beta
Om; i also trust u anika i know u can do this
Tej; anika dear u want shivaay’s happiness right so u can attend the meeting
Ani; no bade papa how can i…moreover shivaay is not recovered he is still in a bad condition
Om; anika we all are here
Ru; ha bhabhi nothing happened to bhaiyya
So; dont worry didi
Anika; but i cant leave shivaay alone
Pinky; anika u have to go
Everyone wants anika to attend the meeting finaaly she remembers shivaay and this deal is very precious to him how can i avoid this i will go sure
“this is shivaay’s biggest dream i will fulfil it i won’t let shivaay down never bcz i want my shivaay back in my whole life babe papa call them and say am ready for the meeting today itself i will go to London she said this with a teary eye”

Later everyone gone and makes all arrangements for anika, pinky makes anika’s dress and jaanvi take all her things while tej prepares all the files om and rudra was in shivaay’s room later anika entered to the room and walks towards shivaay
Anika; slowly kept her hand on his forehead and kissed then she said with a beautiful smile

Om and rudra and smiled with anika’s behaviour. Everyone arranged anika’s things.
Anika; came down witha teary eyed
Janvi noticed this and said; anika if u have any problem to face first think ur handsome husband shivaay then u will get rid of all ur problems and get ur happiness and come back soon she hugged her. While she takes blessing and start leaving..while leaving pinky called her thn they show a big board with some sweet words
Anika leaves oberoi mansion

Scene changed
@next day morning
Anika reached London and she started her work with Charles later she calls oberoi mansion everyone is waiting for her call in the hall
Om gets his i pad and anika called
Ani; dadii i started my work with fresh thoughts
Om; how are u anika, u know some people are missing u
Ani; ohh om dont tease them
Om; they dont want me
Ani; ha now i understood whom and all
Ishi; ha dii u had ur food plz take care ur health na
Ani; am perfect om where is others
Ru; ha bhabhi i started missing u
Ani; ohh rudy only matter of ione weak after we will enjoy
Pink’ oh my mataa mera aniak dear thum kaise hey puttan
Ani; mei bilkul teek hui maam aap kaise hei
Pi; am also fine..bahu take care ur self
Jan; ha pinky she knows everything
Ani; bade maa i missed u somuch ur morning wish and all
Jan; acha dont worry dear
Tej came and swa anika on the line
Tej; anika how ur day how was the meeting is everything okay
Ani; ha bade papa Charles uncle is here naa so i wont worry about anything uncle will manage and meeting is not started
Shivaay wakes up and he straightly came down while everyone is busy talking with anika so they didn’t saw shivaay….later came infront of them and asked why u all very happy who is in the line can i see the person everyone gets worried but tej handle the situation
Tej; u here how is u beta
Shi; am good bade papa
Sha; achaa puttan
Anika wants to c shivaay but she cant later shivaay came and sits beside dadi.. anika was still on the line om cannot do anything bcz shivaay is near to him anika make the camera to other side of room…dadi and om get relaxed
Shi; oh no om where is the person i also want to see them
Om; i dont know may be some network problem
But anika sees shivaay and get happy bcz he is recovering at the same time she feels sad about him
Later everyone is busy with their work shivaay leave to the office, om is in his art room, ishaana and soumya is in kitchen.
Anika attends her first meeting it was so cool for her she gets happy also she leaves into her room for some rest but she remembers something in her mind how can i re enter into oberoi mansion she doesn’t remember his past now what all will happened god plz protect me


Sry guyz for making u all upset if this track also u didn’t happy then i will stop from here bcz last epi i was too sad and tulasii dii encourages me thanks a lot dii

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