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I am mad for you (Episode 13)


Hi everyone how r u all .First of all thanks a lot. I m really obliged with ur love thnx guys . sorry to those whose names I forgot to write in the last part sorrryyyy.
Here is my next epi
Recap:u all giving sympathy to suman and bla bla bla


today’s epi
Shraman reaches college .they both see each other but not talk and go to their respectful classes
Rahul standing at back seeing this and looks happy.
shraman r in their classes .
Principal of the college is now aware about this incident and he calls both of them into their office
Shraman comes .
shraman:sir may I come in
both says
principal:yesss come in
principal: I don’t know whether this news is true or not but this news is spreading everywhere.See u both r nice stds so I m asking u is this news true
suman:no sir we both r just gud friends
principal: yes I know so only I call u both
Shravan:sir this news is not true at all
principal: ok I believe u but who can do this
sumo:sir I m finding it and I think shravan malhotra is also doing the same
shravo:yes I m finding suman tiwari
principal: ok so go now i will now find the one who is behind it
they both leave. they r outside the principal office .They both look at each other but again leave without saying any word

Khamoshiyan plays in the BG
Suman is going .rahul comes there
Rahul:hi suman r u upset I know u r right but what 2 do
suman:rahul thnx for believing me and I assure u I will definitely find the criminal
rahul:ok but what bout ur and shravo friendship
sumo:rahul I know it will take time but everything will be normal in both of us.
she says this and starts going
rahul:no suman this will never happen
he laughs evily

Shravan is doing basketball practice in the court.
He was not able to concentrate and was not able to put any ball in the basket yet
Shravo:who can do this sumo bhi Kaise baat kr rhi thi oh god help me .Kahi yeh shaira ka kaam toh nhi
shravo thinks a lot and finalise to go and meet shaira
suman is going back to home . Some bad brads of the college comes there
one of them says:suman hello tum toh sha gyi shravan malhotra ke sath gf . hme bhi chance do
sumn not able to control herself and slaps that boy
he SAS totally angry .
he come close to sumo and was to touch her that a hand comes between
The hand was of shravan
shravan:kuch toh sharam kr lo .
the boy:oh romeo aa gya Juliette ko bachane
shravan In anger beat that boy very badly
He runs from there
shraman looks at each other but was not able to say something again but their eyes was saying what they want to
Main tenu samjava ki plays
A person was clicking the snaps
she says this much and goes from there
shravo:sumo mujhse baat kro
He also goes
They both reaches their home

shravo house
push comes
push:bhai upset hai
push:sumo wrestler se bat krni hai
push:toh krta kyin nhi
shravo :I dont have that much strength
he walks and go

push:yaar preeti se baat krta hoon
same happens in. sumo home
and preeti was talking with sumo
sumo also goes from there
preeti:I have to do something push se bat krongi
The man who click the snap was rahul
rajul:abhi toh tum dono ek dusre se baat nhi kr rhe so abhi toh therk hai but if u start talking then I m sorry I have to display these photos.
epi endz

Precap:preekar to do something for shraman and shravo to go and talk with shaira

sbse pehle
pari di Congo
riyo,nandu where r u
come sooon

bye guys
comment kr diyo

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