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Humsafar- SWASAN (chapter 9)

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Swara and sanskar both got up at early morning too have food as they would not be eating whole day till the till night….

In raizada’s mansion

All women were seated to have food along with swara and men (aadarsh and ram)were serving them food ….
Then suddenly laksh came there…
“Beta you’re up at this time “ asked sujhatha
“maa, I am hungry soo got up”he said
“Hungry or your also keeping vrath ?” asked parineeta with a teasing look while he was drinking water…
He just spit the water he was drinking and started coughing loudly…
Swara patted laksh
“You can tell us laksh..every year you get early morning on the teej and karwachauth only ..” swara said in a teasing tone
He knew he had to say the truth know from past few year..all already knew the reason but kept quite such that he himself will tell about it…
“Actually ,yes like girls do I want to keep fast for my would be wife to” laksh said calmy
“See learn something from laksh aadarsh “ parineeta said
To which ram chuckled
“you too learn something from laksh “ said sujhatha poking her finger to his shoulder…
One person was laughing loudly seeing the scene infront of her that was swara…
All were amused too see her happy as she was always sad on this day and she never opened up herself soo much…they knew she was deeply hurt that is the reason they never asked her about her past and were waiting for time that swara hersef tells them about her worries…
“You know what even mom used to say dad the same , cause sanskar used to fast with me….hahaha…and even candy was jealous of me that I got husband like sanskar” swara said laughing without realizing what she was speaking
As soon as she realized she knew she had to blurt out and she has to tell them the truth
“Is it sanskar kapoor your talking about”laksh asked
“Yes I was talking about sanskar kapoor …h..e ..he is my husband” swara said stammering
“I was very happy with him when we got married donno what happened but he just throwed me out of his life for no reason” swara said and got up and ran towards her room without glancing others…

As soon as she reached her room she closed it force fully and leaned down near the door and started crying her heart out….
Why did you betray me sanskar…why did you just throw me out of your life ..why .whhyyy …. my love for you was eternity but you left me with no reason..
Though I hate you sanskar ….but I love you the same she thought to herself then she composed herself and slept

On the other side all were shocked with the little revealation…

“if he had loved her soo much then why did he throw her ou of the house” as laksh said all came out the trance…
“O god, I invited kapoor’s for teej celebration tonight…how will my bacha will face them” sujhatha said concernedly..
“We can tell them not to come” laksh said
“It will not look good laksh and we have press conference
Moreover she will think we are sympathizing her” said ram
While aadarsh an parineeta nodded and all left the place…..


In kapoor mansion

Sanskar went to dining area where his mom and his sister were seated..he siently went near them and started having food…though he throw swara out of his house..he could not stop loving her soo he every year keeps the fast for her well being…
Though he denies but ragini and Annapurna new about sanskar they were happy and sad as well..they didn’t knew the real reason behind the separation ….
Ragini always blamed her self for the split but sanskar never agreed……
Suddenly Annapurna asked sanskar…
“Like always you’re here too eat sargi sanskar , you tell you don’t love swara and then y do you keep fast for her every year?” ap said
“Nope mom I am not fasting for her…I was hungry soo got up to eat some food that’s it” said sanskar
Ragini knew sanskar better and she knew he was lieing to himself and he has to stop this….
“Please bhai , don’t lie at least to your self “ said ragini concernedly…
But sanskar being sanskar kept mum and ate his food seeing his reaction both ap and ragini gave up knowing sanskar stubbornity
Soon after finishing he left to his room and went straight to his cupboard and removed swara mangalsutra
I still love you swara…how much I try to hate you but I couldn’t he thought and slept catching her mangalsutra….


Mid evng….

In a dark room….

A lady is seated on the swing chair and thinking something deeply…
Today is teej swara and today you will be out of sanskar’s life …
She laughed evilly saying this…
Suddenly she gets a call…
“mam ,work is done” said the person
“Good, you will get your amount” said the lady
“The xyz channel is teicasting the news” said the person
She turned on the tv when she saw the news she smirked…now you have no value swara by this sanskar will me mine forever
She thought..
“good job and don’t call me ..i’ll send you money” lady said
And cut the phone
She started laughing …



At the teej celebrations….

All were in hurry and burry and whole guest arrived at venue…
UNKNOWN to whats going on around both the families were busy in celebrations ..and none knew about the news…..
As soon as sankar entered venue he was bumped in to little creature when he saw that was none other than his little devil and he took her in his arms….
“soo my little friend is here too” said sanskar
“yess, bad uncle friend” aadya daid
“I can do masthi here with you , yippee she clapped and she chipred happily” aadya said again
Seeing her happy he didn’t want to hurt her by saying he can’t play with her but he had to say this cause he known for his rudeness…
He pecked her cheeks and then said
“I can’t beta as I am here to talk with elder uncles we will play tomorrow in park what say” sanskar said
Aadya was sad hearing this but her trance broke when aarav called her to pay that easily diverted her mind
And then
“okiee, bad uncle friend meet you tomorrow “ aadya said while kissing his cheeks when sanskar dropped her down and they both smiled at each other…..
All were present in hall for their teej cebrations..there was joyous everywhere
Swara was getting read in her room she has mentally prepared to face sanskar bravely …she left the room in hurry as the guest arrived and the whole mansion was in chous…
As soon as she reached the hall which is connected to the backyard where the pooja is done…
Swara bumped into someone …she was about to fall when she closed her eyes…she felt someone arms wrapping around her waist and she recognized the touch and hoping that she is not dreaming she just opened her eyes and saw sanskar eyes directly…

They had an eye lock where their moist eyes spoke lot about their loneliness and their missing each other’s warmth…
Whereas sanskar was mesmerized to see swara beautifully looking beautiful in lehenga ..he was lost in her…
His revive broke when his eyes travelled her neck and her foreheard where she keeps her sindoor but it no sign of that..
Both trances broke as they got their flashback running in their mind
They both detached themselves with each other ..and went to hall in awkwardness and stealing glances on each other…
Swara saw tha sanskar observing her and she has to prove him that she had moved on soo she takes a water glass from waiter and she acts to drink in front of him…
She spilts it immediately moving aside seeing sanskar lost in his thoughts and composes herself
Whereas sanskar was shocked to see swara drinking water

“Here I keep fast for you every teej and karvachauth you moved on soo easily and forgot our promises to eachother…. Swara how did you forget those easily still I follow though I hate you but I love you” sanskar thought to himself….
On the otherside raizada and kapoors interacted with each other and were busy with other guest…..
Swara was pacing attending the guest when some one pulled her by her arms and slapped swara hardly…
Before swara could retort back that women slapped her again tightly and
Whereas swara was shocked and numb to react and was catching her cheeks where the woman had slapped…
“maa…” swara said in shocked tone….
Raizada’s where shocked to hear that and were angry too
Whereas Kapoor ‘s were shocked
Sankar was angry and ragini went numb
Swara was numb and bit emotional seeing her parents there as she glanced at her father ,her mother and her brother


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