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Humsafar-SWASAN ( Chapter 11)

Humsafar – SWASAN

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Chapter 10

Humsafar-SWASAN ( Chapter 10)


Soo here it goes

It’s been 1 hour since swara was unconscious…sanskar was restlessly waiting for swara to get consciousness he wanted to get his answers
Why did swara keep fasting…why did she pretended that she didn’t keep fasting but why?
Moreover she didn’t even inform him about her not staying with her parents and her parents too throwing her out of the house …why didn’t she tell me about it…why? …..
When swara fainted he got to know that she didn’t have food from past two days and then again she kept fasting was that necessary….
All were shocked to see sanskar’s restlessness ..he went and sat near swara and started caressing her hair and seeing her lovingly ….
As he was doing that he was interrupted by laksh he got furious when laksh hold the hand by which he was caressing swara’s forehead and then laksh dragged him out of swara room…
“Why the hell , did you drag me here” sanskar started furiously ….
“YOU , just stop your fake concern drama for swara and get lost from here , we are there for her” laksh said with stern yet in rage voice”
“who are you to tell me?” sanskar retorted back equally
Pointing his hand towards the exit of the mansion to both kapoor and Sharma family …. And dragging sanskar along with him where as all followed him….
“Stop it laksh , what are doing leave him “ said sujhtha..
Whereas it was unheard by laksh….

“Wait Mr. Laksh “a voice came from the entrance
There stood a police inspector….he entered the and introduced himself…
“Hi everyone , I am Sahil Mehtha ACP of Mumbai police I came here on the insistence of Aadarsh Raizada” as soon as he introduced himself ….
Ragini straight away went and hug him….
“Sahil thank god your back “ she said with a relief knowing that he would solve the case more fastly…
“Hey ragini…Glad to see you back “ he said in cheerfulltone…
He got diverted when he heard
“I am Aadarsh Raizada I called you here ..to file a case and find real culprit who ruined my sister’s life five years back” aadarsh said
“Ok sir , may I know the details about the case and name of the person” asked sahil
“Swara Sharma is the name”and aadarsh was about to say further when sahil cut him off in middle…
“Ragini.. Is it swara what happened to her is she fine” sahil asked ragini concerndly
“yes sahil it’s a long story but she is fine “ said ragini
“Can I meet her ,where is she?” asked sahil
“nope she is sleeping and fainted few minutes back soo “ ragini said…
“ok ok …soo can I get to know what happened” sahil asked
All were looking at sanskar too speak up
“say sanskar when and where did you get those pics” said aadarsh

Sanskar’s pov

“ACTUALLY five years back before throwing swara out of my house I got few mails which has swara’s intimate pictures with some men.” I said bankly
“You believed it ?” asked sahil composing his anger I can sense his anger..
“Not really but had to believe it when I swara with you hugging and laughing soo..” before I could say anything he just cut me off…
“What do you mean can you tell me in detail?” asked sahil
“Actually when ragini was thrown out from sharma house I got a call from private number, stating that to go there and see your wife enjoying with other men…” I took a pause then continued
“Then I didn’t believe it though I didn’t but seeing those pictures I wanted to prove my self wrong then I went there when I saw you with her soo same day I have thrown her out of my life “sanskar said
“ok sir …can I get those pics “ sahil asked me
I gave him those pic in that folder with included sahil photos with swara .. when he saw the pictures he was full in rage
“Ok sir .. I will find the real culprit soon soo Mr.sanskar kapoor send this mail photos to me “ he then took my phone forwarded all the messages…

End of pov…

“Do you have doubt on anyone” sahil asked me with calm yet sternly…
“Nope we don’t have any doubt on anyone” answered laksh
Sahil made few calls to someone and forwarded pictures to someone
“It will be done till tomorrow evening sir” sahil said composing himself to Aadarsh
Then he turned towards sanskar and gave him a tight slap on his cheeks
“This for hurting my sister and throwing her out of the house..i wish I could have put you behind the bars” he said with that….

Sanskar was about too retort when he heard some maid saying that swara woke up …

Everyone rushed to swara’s room…
As soon as sanskar entered swara’s room …he immediately went near her pulled her into bear hug….
He was worried as doctor stated…

“She can lose her life ..if she keeps on ignoring her food and her health” this were the doctors words ringing In his mind….

He hugged her tightly gave her a kiss on forehead…
For some moment swara forgot about their issues and hugged him back and started sobbing whereas sankar was consoling her…
But when reality hit swara..she tried to push him but his grip became tighter…then she applied all her force and pushed him aside….
“What the hell sanskar…how dare you touch me” she said in full rage and angry tone and gave him a tight slap…
“Just get lost from here MR. Sanskar kapoor “ she pointed her finger at him …


Precap : Revelation and Confrontration of swasan


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