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Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tushar says I will check this cupboard, Anokhi gets shocked n so do others,Tushar opens the cupboard n starts checking for the Basuri,Anokhi says sir even u think I’m the thief here,n I’m irresponsible,Tushar finds the ring adv paper n remembers how Anokhi had told him that she loved in n Their engagement,the paper flows on anokhis face,Tushar takes it,Anokhi in tears looks at Tushar,Tushar ignores her n starts checking again,Anokhi says u really checking my belongings,Tushar finds the thread through which Anokhi had given him the engagement ring n remembers the moment.tushar says there’s nothing in this cupboard.

Pulkit says Dadu Basuri isn’t in this room,mataji says dharam what will u say now,Dadu says this gal has hidden it,mataji says enough of

it,stop blaming Anokhi,she hasn’t done this on purpose,nikita says u are right,n it’s too late,kidnappers man says only 10 min for the bomb to blast,nikita says mataji we shd go for Arti now n later we will find the Basuri,mataji says u are right, let’s go for Pooja,everyone leaves.mataji stops Anokhi n says don’t think I have forgiven u,how irresponsible of u, how will u look after my family,after the Pooja I want the Basuri ,Anokhi says yes I will,mataji leaves.

Jassi says Pulkit,I saw mummy signing something to Anokhi,it’s very fishy, what is Anokhi for here, n what all is this. Anokhi stops Tushar n asks what’s wrong with u why did u,do u think,Tushar ignores her n leaves,Anokhi thinks he always supported me what’s wrong with him,may be mataji must have forced him, Tushar sir loves me. Sashi comes home n says Anokhi here is chunari for Pooja,mataji says u people always arrive late,ur sister made Pooja late n u with this chunari, where did u buy this from,Sashi says I made it,mataji says very talented,just be punctual,Anokhi n tushar go keep it in temple,Tushar says ok,mataji says even Basuri get it we will manage with fake one for the Pooja go,Tushar n Anokhi put the chunari on Lord Krishna.

Luv playing with Basuri,Anokhi asks Sashi how is everyone,Sashi says all miss u,I shall leave now,all are waiting for Arti,n are u happy here,Anokhi says yes I am, Tushar sir loves me a lot,mataji calls Tushar n Anokhi,Sashi says I will take ur leave. Dadi says parikshit n nikita u start with the Arti,luv gives Basuri to Dadu,Dadu gives him back,kidnapper says the Basuri will blast in wrong hands. Mataji stops parikshit n says take Basuri, nikita says luv give me the Basuri,mataji takes it n says today Arti will be initiated by Anokhi n Tushar n calls them ahead.mataji hands the Basuri to Anokhi,Anokhi take sit no ays Tushar sir, I forgive u,Tushar says u forgive me,Anokhi says u checked my cupboard on pressure I know u can’t doubt on me,u know I will never rob,tuhsar says u have talent to do anything, Anokhi says yes don’t worry abt Basuri I will manage now plz smile plz n tickles Tushar.

Kidnapper asks his man what’s the detail, he says Basuri is in wrong hands,Anokhi hears some sound n wonders where it is from,kidnapper says in 5 the bomb will blast n makes a call to Kalpana,but Kalpana doesn’t revive it.luv says even I want to do Arti,Tushar says ok come her n gives him Arti,luv sees Basuri n picks it up,kidnapper says oh no we have to do something,mataji says start with the Arti, luv leaves with Basuri, Anokhi sees light on Krishnas idol n wonders where it’s coming from n sees its from Basuri n luv playing with it.

Anokhi thinks how is this Basuri have light,mataji says come in begin ten Arti Anokhi takes Basuri n hears it beep, Anokhi says everyone step aside,Tushar says what’s wrong with u,Anokhi says I’m sorry n pushes him n runs with Basuri,with 15 sec left to blast,Anokhi throws it away n the Basuri blasts, everyone gets shocked.

Pre cap : Dadu asks police to check for the culprit behind the bomb blast.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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