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Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Jassi tells Anokhi even u need to change for Tushar now,he changed for u,drunk Anokhi asks what. Nikita tells Kunal to keep gifts in Tushar room. Jassi says Anokhi now go near dome n I will send Tushar there n u can patch up,anokhi says I’m confused,Jassi says he is ur husband wish him like a husband,Anokhi says means, Jassi says go near dome Tushar will come there,Anokhi says n wish like a wife n starts laughing,Jassi says go now I will send Tushar,Anokhi shooks head n leaves. Jassi signs nikita n Parul work done.


Parul puts off the lights, dadi says oh no,paulkit says electricity problem. Anokhi walks to dome n says where is Tushar sir,Kunal walks to dome to collect gift. Nikita says Pulkit lets see downstairs n says oh no look down Anokhi is with Kunal down inside

dome,everyone looks downstairs,Parul says yes it’s Anokhi but that isn’t Tushar I saw him in his room,nikita says then it’s Kunal.parul goes n puts on lights, everyone see n get shocked to see Tushar kissing Anokhi.

Parul comes n says I knew this Anokhi is cheap with Kunal oh no,Kunal walks to them n asks what happened,Parul looks down n sees Tushar with Anokhi,Kunal sees that n says oh no,mataji says this n walks down n everyone follows,mataji says don’t u have shame, dadi says these two are drunk. Mataji says Tushar ur a shame,Anokhi says mataji he isn’t at fault punish me if u want to,n hugs Tushar. Tushar says one minute Anokhi. Mataji separates them no ays quite u two,I can’t take over all this nonsense,u can’t start anywhere in the house n upon that u two are drunk,Parul says Kunal where were u,nikita says if u would reach in time u could have stopped Tushar,Kunal says I was abt to go n met Tushar in my way n he asked where is Anokhi n walked to her n I left.

Tushar walks to Anokhi n pulls her close to him n both look into each other,Anokhi says sshhh don’t say anything,Tushar says no I want to talk,Anokhi says first me,I want to wish u like a wife,Tushar says I want to talk to u seriously,anokhis ays even I want to wish u seriously n today how come u aren’t angry on me,Tushar says I’m angry,Anokhi says shhh tell me what is it u want to talk abt,Tushar holds Anokhi n pulls her close n kisses her.

Nikita says to Parul plan failed,Parul says don’t loose hope just watch me,n says mataji anokhi went to kitchen before I was baking n now I went why n shows alcohol water n says pani puri Water she added this alcohol in it,mataji says Parul even u were in kitchen n u arranged whole competition,nikita says mataji she didn’t bcoz when she was in kitchen even I n Jassi where with her. Mataji walks to Tushar n Anokhi,Anokhi stops her n says no don’t walk near me,u will start giving me lecture without listening to my point n will say u don’t like alcohol n Tushar starts smiling n makes joke with Anokhi n says lets give it to mataji too even let her have fun,mataji says it’s useless talking to u two go now,Tushar n Anokhi leave.

Anokhi comes out of bathroom drunk,Tushar walks to her n both see mataji in their room,mataji says this is ur punishment since u two displayed ur affection in front of everyone n u two have to sleep with me today, dadi walks in,mataji asks what are u doing here,dadi says u aren’t doing this right with Tushar, Anokhi asks what happened to my Tushar.tushar in washroom washes his face, he looks at himself n says u are Tushar Malik n now all is changed , new look new style new attitude everything new , from stupid to smart,from dangar to dude but what is the use bcoz u still can’t stand aright in front of Anokhi n still stammer,so now enough for the sake of new attitude u will not think of Anokhi n shout n tell Anokhi everything,Anokhi walks in n asks what will u tell.

Pre cap : mataji dadi Parul Tushar n Anokhi in kitchen,Anokhi says Tushar here is ur fav ice cream ur fav flavour, ur bday gift, Parul snatches it n says God knows what are u giving Tushar,I will taste it n abt to taste,Anokhi pushes her n slaps her,mataji gets impressed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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