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Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Jassi says well done Parul,nikita says yes she is so smart thanku darling,Parul says Kunal has planned a surprise for Tushar n I have for Anokhi n today just see what I do. Anokhi asks Tushar where is he going.tushar says temple with mataji can I leave now n walks away,Anokhi says no decoration nothing what kind of party it is,Jassi asks what party,Anokhi says Tushar,Jassi starts laughing n says nothing of such will happen,Tushar gets salary so don’t u understand anything,how stupid of u n leaves.


Anokhi thinks no party n celebration that to for junior Malik let me talk to dadi. Dadi says yes no one celebrates bday bcoz ur Dadu doesn’t like it,Anokhi says but bday is to enjoy, I use to enjoy a lot with my family, all pampering n my fav dishes n party, n dance

it is fun, n thinks I thought big party he but these people,Anokhi gets call from Vrinda n says we will come in party in time,Anokhi says here there is no party,they don’t celebrate here, I will call u later bye. Anokhi sees dadi upset n in tears,dadi say Tushar never got the love n affection he deserves,ur Dadu never remembers tushars bday n don’t even wish him,Anokhi hugs dadi n says this time things will change Dadu will wish n take part in party n we will enjoy I will arrange for party,before Tushar comes I will arrange everything just I need ur help.

Anokhi shares plan with dadi,Kunal n Kalpana,dadi says Tushar like chocolate cake n keep it eggless he is allergic to eggs,Anokhi orders for cake.jassi tells nikita abt anokhis plan,nikita says are u serious,Jassi says I was keeping an eye on her,Parul says aunty don’t worry I have lot of ides to throw Anokhi out if this house,n win everyone’s heart here n this will begin with cake n Jassi bhabhi is Kunal coming to party,Jassi says yes but why Kunal,Parul says today Anokhi will face her worst dream,on one side Anokhi is busy impressing Tushar n I will picture whole things like she loves Kunal n not Tushar n did it for his sake.

Anokhis parents join party,everyone waiting for Tushar,Anokhi opens the door n says surprise n today n ritual will change, it’s ur bday party,mataji says what all is this did u do this Anokhi,anokhis ays yes why,mataji says good I’m impressed, Tushar smiles,anokhi says Tushar sir come lets cut the cake,Anokhi wispers plz talk to me did u like my surprise,Tushar smiles. Mataji asks where is Parul,nikita say she is busy. Vrinda says Parul here. Tushar cuts cake n everyone wishes him,Anokhi prays plz do something that Tushar sir gets normal n talks to me.

Tushar abt to give dadi cake,smells it, Kunal asks why did u stop,Tushar looks at Anokhi n says this has egg,Jassi n nikita smile, Tushar says u know I’m allergic to egg,another khi says I do n I specially ordered eggless cake,nikita says guess the party is over n all abt to leave,Parul says aunty stop n walks in with a cake n all dressed n says Anokhi I hope u don’t mind I was baking cake in kitchen n when I heard abt party n didn’t want to disturb her n so made myself busy cooking. Vrinda asks what is Parul doing here Anokhi,Anokhi says Dadu brought her here,nikiat says wow Parul u saved the party,I hope it’s eggless,Parul says no I know Tushar is allergic to egg unlike Anokhi,Anokhi says I did know,nikita say stop it Anokhi,Tushar come lets cut the cake,Kalpana throw this egg come out.

Tushar cuts the cake n all wish him,Anokhi is upset,Tushar gives her a cold look,Parul Gives Tushar cake,Tushar eats it n says thanku , Parul says I hope u liked it n Anokhi I’m so sorry I took ur place,nikita says it’s ok Parul n please serve this cake to everyone,Parul walks to Kunal no ays plz give this to Anokhi, she won’t accept it from me n plz explain her I didn’t do it on purpose look she is so sad,Kunal says ok n walks to Anokhi. Nikita asks did u bake it Parul,Parul says I ordered it n now look at the fun there,Kunal says bhabhi plz eat this cake , n gives her, Jassi n nikita smile. Nikiat says Parul what’s the big deal in it,Parul says what n watch.

Vrinda praises tushars new style,Tushar says thanku, Sashi says yes u looking cool dude,Vrinda asks I hope ur happy, I mean u n Anu are happy together, Parul comes n says come lets try chat n pulls him n takes him away. Priyanka says Anokhi u organised party Right,Anokhi say yes but this Parul taking my credit,mataji says u stand in a corner n expect people to give u credit,u need to take steps to showcase ur responsibilities.

Precap: Jassi asks Parul when will anokhis insult begin,Parul says bhabhi my biggest weapon is yet to launch. Tushar n Anokhi competing on pani puri,Parul says to Jassi the pani will go in n real Anokhi out.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. The way they r going,it will ruin whatever is left to watch in the show.we liked old tushar.anokhi too loves him but is unaware of it.he needs to make her realise that rather he is pushing her away.and what is this stupid attitude problem.he keeps mum in front of those who insult him and vents out all frustration on anokhi.show is becoming more illogical day by day.

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