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Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Mataji says nikita ur necklace looks very nice n heavy, nikita gives her necklace, mataji says now the gift is in its correct sense,gaumti ur gift,Dadu removes his wallet n gives 200 , mataji says this man n his cheap tricks,n takes his whole wallet,dadi abt to give her necklace,mataji says gaumti wait, Jassi give ur other kadha too,dadi gives Jassis kadha,jassi says Anokhi u are so heavy look the balance machine hasn’t yet,mataji says Jassi keep ur mouth shut,Tushar says mataji even I have a gift for Anokhi can I, mataji says yes go ahead,Tushar gifts anokhis childhood photo with her parents,anokhi says wow this was mine, Tushar says I made another copy, u can keep it near our bed now n never miss ur family, the with machine balances with tushars gift,mataji says now we


are done with the ceremony.

Dadi says to Kalpana this nikitas gift looks so light let’s check n both giggle,mataji says gaumti,Jassi says Anokhi the head of the family didn’t give u a gift yet,mataji says why are u going around,directly say u were talking abt me n dare u I know how to deal with people,Jassi says mataji says I was to say u got Anokhi home n that’s the biggest gift,mataji says gaumti n Anokhi come with me,Jassi now look what I am to gift Anokhi.

Mataji gifts Anokhi silver plate with her name inscribed,n says Jassi how’s the gift,mataji says Anokhi now u n Tushar are one but u can have ur own plate,Anokhi sees her name on plate n gets happy n says thanku mataji n abt to hug her, mataji stops her n says enough,Tushar n Kunal keep all gifts in their room,Kunal says I will get remaining one,Jassi sees nikitas gift n says no name on it n abt to open it, Kunal comes n says Jassi bhabhi it’s Tushar let me give it to him n takes it away.

Kunal drops the gifts, Tushar says no issues u go do ur other work I will manage it,Tushar gets the mobile,he picks it up n wonders who must have given it. Mataji says Anokhi this isn’t just a gift it’s a blessing if this family always keep it with u,Anokhi takes the gift n opens it, it’s Lord Krishnas idol,mataji says keep this in mandir n pray to lord for ur happy future. Tushar checks the mobile n hears the recording,anokhi saying yes I don’t love Tushar sir. Anokhi says God thanku bcoz of ur blessings I have Tushar sir in my life,I’m happy to be married in This house n keep ur blessings on me n Tushar sir.

Tushar hears recording say,yes I’m ready for contract marriage n will divorce Tushar sir after 6 months,Tushar is confused n hurt. Mataji says Anokhi ur a part of this family now n so u have to keep up with ur responsibilities n if u play with anyone’s feelings here keep in mind u will have to deal with me n I don’t spare anyone, so always be loyal n honest, Anokhi says ok n takes matajis blessings.

Tushar is broken after hearing the recording. Mataji says to all ladies,tomorrow is Janmashtami n so I want u all to do something, Kalpana come in,mataji says nikita Jassi n Anokhi, u three will have to make pots by today evening,n the pots u make will be broken by ur husbands tomorrow n the winner will be Those whose husbands can’t break the pots, it will sign the strength of their relationship.

Jassi asks mataji what will winners get, mataji says I knew Jassi u will ask me this,n shows a Basuri n says winner will get this gold Basuri,now go get working,Anokhi thinks I have to get working now n make such string pot n win this gold gift, where is Tushar sir.

Tushar in his bedroom with his n anokhis moment going all around in his mind n holding the recorder,Tushar hearing the recording again n again.tushar walks to living, Anokhi calls him but Tushar walks away.

Pre cap : Tushar in rains sitting alone, Anokhi calls him n says Tushar sir where are u I’m waiting for u,Tushar gets angry n throws his phone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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