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Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyaar 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Dadu gives Anokhis cheque to Tushar, tushar sees Anokhi n returns cheque n says Dadu no need of This cheque, use this amount as for loses Anokhi has made to Malik n sons n remaining Amt for Jassi bhabhi n her medical expenses,dadi say Tushar why return money u are newly married u Amy need this extra money,mataji says gaumti don’t question his decision he is big enough to take his own decisions,n Anokhi if u want ur salary cheque start taking ur responsibilities seriously.


Jassi n dadi in kitchen,dadi says Jassi lets cook rajma tomorrow, Jassi says dadi what if tushars taste is changed to like his style. Anokhi walks in n says dadi may I help u,Jassi says yes go prepare some sugar syrup, dadi leaves to get flour,Anokhi asks why so many sweets are cooked what’s

tomorrow’s occasion,Jassi thinks of she doesn’t know it’s tushars bday tomorrow let me take advantage of this n calls mataji n says see I made all fav sweets of Tushar n Anokhi what is tushars fav colour,Anokhi asks why are u asking abt Tushar sir,Jassi says u dont even know it’s tushars bday tomorrow, so bad of u, u know nothing abt ur husband , mataji say Jassi if u know so much abt Tushar n his choices u will cook tomorrow’s dinner n it takes time to know each other but Anokhi u atleast need to take steps for it.

Vrinda says this outfit doesn’t suit Tushars standards atleast for sake of Anokhi we need to give him something rich,this Sashi has no brains,Tilak says why blame Sashi, don’t worry we will manage something tomorrow,Vrinda sees Tilak upset n says why will I worry will try some on sale items tomorrow or will ask Sashi to design something.

Dadu says I knew that marriage won’t stay long but this quick they have huge differences between them,nikita says even I have seen it,Dadu says now we will have to take advantage of their differences n create distance between them to that extent that this marriage ends.nikiat nods yes n smiles.

Anokhi decides to wish Tushar first n walks in room noses Tushar on laptop n says good ur returned cheque n I know u did this bcoz I’m a part of family so no need to work,Tushar says really I did this bcoz u didn’t work this month n need no salary n plz check this mail,anokhi says wow conversing to mails how romantic n checks mail n reads it which says Anokhi get back to work form tomorrow itself at post of accountant, anokhi says why work when I’m daughter in law now,Tushar says bcoz u need to earn ur living but people like u don’t understand this concept n so go steal things like u did with Basuri instead u shd have concentrated on making good pots n plz be there in office by sharp 9,Anokhi controls her anger n the clock strikes 12 n Anokhi wishes Tushar n very happy bday,Tushar says u don’t need to do it.

Dadi n Kunal walk in with cake n wishing Tushar a very happy bday,Kunal asks him to cut cake n make a wish n says oh no need of wish u have bhabhi with u now,Tushar cuts cake n gives dadi n Kunal cake,dadi says Anokhi come her. Tushar give her cake,Kaunas ays yes n I will click pictures afterall first bday after wedding, Anokhi smiles n walks to Tushar,Tushar forces cake in her mouth,Anokhi feels bad.dadi says what’s wrong with u is this a way,Anokhi says no dadi it’s fine no issues.

Anokhi n Tushar in their bed,Anokhi turns to Tushar but he ignores her,anokhis tarts crying n closes her eyes, Tushar turns to her n wipes her tears n holds her hand n goes to close to her, Anokhi opens her eyes n realises it was just a dream. Anokhi gets off her bed walk to Tushars side n seeing him sleep peacefully smiles n kisses his forehead, Tushar opens his eyes n realises it was a dream.

Anokhi wakes up next morning n sees she is late n says God I’m late avian n plz tell me why is Tushar sir so upset n I promise I will never fight with him again.

Precap: Anokhi hears Dadu say Tushar will love to see u,Anokhi tries see who it is Dadu talking to.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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