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How can an angel like you fall for a devil like me? (EDKV) Shraman Five Shots part 5 of 5 LAST PART


Hey all. Fatarajo here. I know most of you enjoyed the 4th part and I hope I no need to tell the reason. And yes most of you got it that this story is inspired from Ek Villain especially Shravan’s character. Actually Namik reminds me of Siddhart and Nikita well she doesn’t really reminds me of Shraddha so that’s why Suman’s Character is slightly different from Shraddha’s in the movie. But Nimik’s chemistry do remind me of Siddhart-Shraddha chemistry in the movie. That’s why most of you felt this is Ek Villain type story and you are right but not 100% same. And here is the last part of the five shots.

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Here is the last but not least part.
He realised what he was doing. He was so engrossed into kissing her that he didn’t realise what he was doing. And as soon as he did he immediately separated himself from her. Suman was stunned. She couldn’t understand what just happened and what Shravan did. He kissed her? She didn’t expect him to do so. Is this how he took advantage of their friendship? Really someone said right one should never be friends with a devil.

She didn’t know he will take advantage of her like this. It was the matter of her dignity. She couldn’t tolerate that and she ended up slapping him. How could he have done like that? And that too without asking her? Shravan had a sorry look on his face because he really didn’t know what happened to him a while ago? He really didn’t want to do so it just happened?

Suman was in no mood to listen to him and she broke down. She trusted him so much. When no one was there for him, she was always there for him and he? Is this how he carried out friendship?

Now Shravan lost his cool. He couldn’t tolerate the fact his angel was crying. He couldn’t see her in pain. It hurt him so much. He knew that the reason for the tears in her eyes was him only. He couldn’t bear it and he pinned Suman to the wall.

Did she have any idea how much it hurt him? How can she say like this? Her pain is his pain. And her sorrow is his sorrow, her happiness is his happiness. She is everything to him. Does she have any idea why? Because he loves her.
“Yes, I love you Suman.” Shravan finally concluded his statement with his love confession.

Shravan knew that Suman will never accept his love. This was the thing he feared the most. But he had to face it one day. The bitter fact. The bitter fact that his love was one sided. She can forget him if she wants to , but he will admit the fact he can never forget her. He will still love her. A devil will always love his angel.

Suman was outspoken with what Shravan just said. He was a devil but his thinking regarding love didn’t make him a devil. He is not a devil. If he was one, he could have killed her by now or take advantage and do something worse. But what he did was just a kiss. And that too by chance. He maybe a devil, but he was one not anymore. If a devil can love an angel why can’t an angel love her devil. He called her angel so let it be.

As Shravan was about to go, Suman holds his hand and Shravan looks at Suman his angel. The angel hugged his devil tightly and didn’t want to let him go at all.
“I love you too, Shravan.” Suman confessed her love to Shravan too.

They both shared a passionate hug and they stared at each other lovingly and shared some cosy and intimate moments. How they wished it never got over!

After a few days, everyone was there. Shravan and Suman’s engagement were going on. Shravan put the ring on Suman’s finger and so did. And they got engaged. Finally two true lovers were united by heart. As now Shravan’s fiancé was his angel and Suman’s fiancé was her devil. Everyone clapped for Shravan and Suman’s engagement and all were happy. They were the most adored and loved couple.

Days passed by. On one hand Shravan and Suman’s marriage preparations were going on. All were excited. But Shravan and Suman were the ones who were most excited. After all they both were gonna be one very soon. Shravan considered himself the most lucky person. He never expected that he will ever get his true love and he did. He didn’t want anything else just that he wanted to keep her happy. For that he needed a job. But he still couldn’t get one. He really wanted to get a job first and then get married so that he can keep his angel happy forever and give her what she wants.

But Suman didn’t mind. For her she just wanted Shravan and nothing else. She was already happy and satisfied with what she had. She encouraged Shravan to take up a job so that he can be responsible and also live a life like normal people. At one point of time Shravan was so fed up that he felt like giving up. But his angel didn’t let him do so. She hold his hand and encouraged him to be more patient and hard-working and he did.

One fine day, Shravan’s hard work finally paid off and he got a job. He was excited. He wanted to share the news to Suman but he decided to give her surprise. He can’t wait to see the happiness in her face. And he started his way home.

On the other hand, Suman was feeling uneasy. She had this awkward feeling that something wrong will happen. Something very wrong. Her heart was beating. She was Super worried and also Shravan is not picking her phone calls up. She hope everything is fine. Maybe she was thinking too much.

And just then someone knocked the door.
Maybe it was Shravan. Finally he came! Suman ran to the door and she was shocked. It was not Shravan! It was someone else. And he was Aditya. Why have he came here?

But she won’t let him do so. She won’t let him do anything wrong. After Shravan and Babu Ramnath retired from their wrong doings, there was another group who did all this and the leader of that group was Aditya. He even had an eye on the orphanage. But this time Shravan saved the orphanage. Yes the guy who wanted to harm the orphanage months ago saved it instead. And no one dared to look at it. Due to this Aditya and his gang got arrested. He couldn’t tolerate that and once he got bailed he decided to take revenge on Shravan.

“Where is Shravan?” Aditya in anger questioned Suman.
Suman didn’t answer him and she won’t. Because it was none of Aditya’s business to know where he was. And she won’t let him hurt her love. Aditya tried to barge in the house but he couldn’t. Suman wanted Shravan to come soon she was getting more scared.

Finally Shravan came. Suman opened the door. She seems weak but that smile was always on her face.
“Hey, I have finally got a job, my love.” Shravan said to Suman and he tightly hugged her.

Suman was feeling so much more comfortable as Shravan hugged her. Shravan hugged her and as he was smiling, suddenly he became shocked. He realised that suddenly bloods were smeared on his hands. But where did the blood came from? Suman? Shravan looked behind and he was stunned as he realised that Suman was stabbed from the back and he felt the knife. Yes Suman was stabbed from the back with a knife.

Shravan became shocked and Suman fell into the ground. Shravan hold Suman in his arms and laps and suddenly there were full of tears in his eyes. He couldn’t tolerate to see his angel in this state.

It was revealed that the person who stabbed Suman was none other than Aditya. Aditya didn’t want to force to barge into the house but Suman wasn’t letting him do so. He wanted her to tell him quietly where Shravan was but she clearly refused. Aditya lost his cool over his loss and he got so angry he took the knife and stabbed Suman from the back and quietly left from there. Suman was struggling and just then Shravan came. She got up with very much difficulty and that was when she opened the door.

Shravan couldn’t believe his angel suffered this much. Suman knew it was now time. That’s why her heart was fearing today. Because it was time for her to leave the world. But she is happy that before dying she did something good that was to make her devil a good human being. But yes she will be disappointed with the fact she never got a chance to get married with him. So what happened? At least they got united by heart.

Suman made Shravan promise to take care of himself. And also the orphanage and all her dear friends and before going Suman made Shravan promise another thing. Shravan wanted all this to stop because he didn’t want to let his angel go away from him forever. Suman made Shravan one last promise that he will never change as a human again and will remain a good human. Shravan cried and he promised and Suman breathe her last in Shravan’s lap.

“Suman!” Shravan shouted out and cried
over Suman’s dead body. He couldn’t believe that she was no more. His angel was no more. She left him forever and went to a place far far away from where one never returns. And suddenly the grief in Shravan’s face changed into anger. He couldn’t tolerate this injustice with his angel. And now he got determined to take revenge from Aditya for doing this. Now the old Shravan Malhotra was back.

After a few days, Shravan is found sleeping with a white blanket and muttering Suman’s name none stop. And a girl appeared.
“Wake up! It must have been a nightmare!” She whispered into his ear. Shravan woke up and found Suman. His angel. His angel was alive?

Suman kissed Shravan on his cheek and the same smile was on her face. Shravan woke up and stared at her. As he wanted to embrace her tightly she disappeared. He realised that it was his imagination. How he wished his angel was alive for real and his imagination would have been real and he could forget all that and if it was not real but a mere nightmare? But no. It was the bitter truth. The bitter truth of his life that his angel Suman Tiwari was no more.

Shravan got up from the bed and he looked at Suman’s picture framed. He got ready and was in his usual expressionless avatar. He kept all his pain hidden in his heart. He was walking, walking, and walking. And he finally reached there. He took out his gun and looked on.

He went into the house and that guy was Aditya.
“So after many days, you are finally here.” Aditya smirked as he said so.
Shravan got angry and they both got into a war. Shravan and Aditya hit each other as much as they could and they were equally powerful.

It seems they both were same. No! Both were different. Aditya hit Shravan for the sake of his own safety, self protection and to show how strong and brave he was. And Shravan hit Aditya for Suman. His angel. He still couldn’t forget the day how she struggled with life and breathe her last. That scene of her breathing her last made Shravan hit Aditya as much as he could. He conveyed his tears into his power in his hands and hit Aditya so much for killing his angel. Why did he kill her? Why!

Finally Aditya was defeated. With very much difficulty he got up, and as Aditya was about to harm him, Shravan looked behind and shot him. Bang! And Aditya was knocked down by the bullets and lied down in a pool of blood and breathed his last. (Same as part 1 paragraph 1, yes that guy who died is Aditya)

And as Shravan was about to go, he heard a cry. That was of a little girl. She was hiding under the bed and seeing all the scene. Who was that girl? She? She was the Niece of Aditya, the Daughter of Aditya’s Sister who lived with her Uncle after the demise of her parents. She was crying over the demise of her Uncle as he is the only one she had in this world.

Shravan was about to go back, but the sorrow and tears of the little girl melted in him. Her crying, he couldn’t tolerate it. What was her fault in that? He went to her and she was hiding in fear. She didn’t want to come out of the couch. She was really scared. And as Shravan came back, she got more scared. But she became surprised when Shravan forwarded his hand to her. She was confused over what is happening. Later, she took Shravan’s hand and Shravan took her out of the bed.

Shravan hold her hand and took her home. Now Shravan adopted the girl. He knew his life was meaningless after Suman’s death, but he decided to take care of this girl. He took care of her like his own Daughter. He never got married because he knew he won’t be able to love anyone else after Suman. Shravan fulfilled Suman’s last wishes and stayed in touch with the orphanage people. He also lived his life like a normal people. And now his only aim in life was made sure that little girl had a secure future. And he took good care of her. She also started liking her Shravan Uncle and lived happily ever after with him.

Suman always lived in Shravan’s heart and Shravan still loved his angel as much as he used to do. He never gave her place to anyone else. She used to come in his dreams sometimes whenever he didn’t know what to do just to guide him. And she came in the same avatar, he used to refer her. His angel. Shravan knew whenever she is , she must be very happy and smiling and looking at him. And she must have the same cute smile appearing on her face.
The end

Message: Everyone regardless of good or bad have the right to fall in love. And love can change one’s life. Sometimes you don’t know what is going on in one’s heart. He/she may seem to be a common human being but one may have no idea how much he/she suffered. If one works hard they can change, it can be love or anything. You maybe good or bad but you will always have this one well-wisher. If you have not done wrong things wrong things won’t happen to you. After all there is a balance in life.

Sorry for the sad ending like Ek Villain. But this story was for sad ending. I know there have been cases of plagiarism but this is not a case of plagiarism is just an inspiration and I am really sorry if you find this plagiarism. And there have been some difference from the movie ek villain if you read carefully. Like Aisha was suffering from illness and wanted to fulfill her last wishes but in Sumo’s case this was not the case. That’s one example. I enjoyed reading all of ur comments.

And as this is the last part so it’s a request to silent readers that if you all really liked this 5 shots ek comment Toh banta hain. (I deserve a comment?) And whoever commented really means a lot to me and inspired me to write more of these kind of stories. Love u all. From FTRajo.

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