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How can an angel like you fall for a devil like me? (EDKV) Shraman Five Shots part 3 of 5


Hi all. I am back. I know you all must have got a shock after reading the precap. Well when you will read the third part you will get it. So here is the third part.


By any chance if you didn’t read the first and second part, here is the link.
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Here is part 3.
It was night time. He was sitting down and thinking over his failure. Why couldn’t he kill her so easily? He knew how much his gang suffered due to that. He felt they were merciful enough to spare him and forgive him as it was his first time failure and also the orphanage was no big deal. But he knew that the next time he must be really cautious and careful and do his work. He just can’t every time think about his angel and let his work suffer! As much as he is thinking about her, is she thinking about him? What did he think? She will just think about him and that too a devil like him. Impossible. To made him feel better and fit for the next day, without thinking much he went to the bed.

On the other, she was looking at the window. She remembered how he spared her life so easily. How can a ruthless person like him just let her go so easily? What have she done? She never helped him, infact she halve proved to be a hinderance in their so called work. He just spared her like that and walked off even without taking the papers? What’s wrong? Well she should be happy that at least the orphanage got saved from such a big destruction. She was happy but at the same time she was really confused. She thought it was the last day of her life, but she got spared. Maybe he is not as bad as she thought but still he is a devil. He is a goon. Why is she even thinking about the devil so much? No changes will happen. She should be grateful she is spared and what the devil does doesn’t matter to her. She climbed to her bed and slept.

Next day morning, Shravan continued his usual work to forget everything. His boss, his guru Babu Ramnath spoke with him regarding what was the matter? What actually happened yesterday due to which he let such an easy go opportunity let go so easily. Shravan stayed mum. Babu Ramnath knew Shravan really well and treated him like his own son. And later, Shravan and co. got it that thinking over yesterday’s matter won’t bring them the opportunity to captivate the land of the orphanage again easily and that they should think about it later on.

And then, suddenly some people comes and barge in their godown. Now who can be stronger than those gang of the goons? There was. It was the force of the police. Finally there was someone who can really defeat these gang of goons and just throw them behind bars. Now many innocent people lives will be spared. That’s why those gang of goons were so worried over their sudden defeat. Now even the orphanage authority had the rights to call the police at least. They were doomed. All were cursing each other, they could have cursed Shravan even more but he did so much for them at the same time. As the police were about to arrest the entire gang suddenly the entire scenario changed. Suddenly in all those bad people some emotion awaken. But how is that possible? What exactly happened?

As the police were about to arrest Babu Ramnath, Shravan came infront of Babu Ramnath and protected him. He made sure that the police didn’t arrest his Father-figure guru. Shravan was deprived of parents love in a very young age, until he met Babu Ramnath one day due to which he owns him everything and is like that. He killed all the emotions in him at a tender age for the sake of his guru and to help him carry on with his business. Until one day his angel , Suman awaked his emotions for a while . But what Shravan did showed that he still had emotions like that of normal human being. He put the entire blame on himself and created situations to make the police believe that he was the only one responsible for this. The police had no other option but to arrest only Shravan and no one else. All the others involved in the gang became emotional. This showed that even though they did merciless and inhuman acts they still proved they were humans due to the emotion. All were from thankful and also guilty as Shravan took the entire blame on himself only. This proved that Shravan was a good human being in actual but due to situations he became the devil.

Shravan knew that now he will spend quite a lot of day in the jail, and he was always mentally prepared for it. He was even prepared for death. It showed that what Shravan’s life was never a life, no one ever tried to find out including Shravan himself how he felt while doing all those ruthless deeds. There was really a need of someone to show Shravan the true himself. But the chances seemed very low . Shravan didn’t mind being arrested as he could do anything for his guru for whom he owns a lot.

Suddenly the police came, took the keys and opened the lock. And told Shravan that he was bailed. That didn’t effect Shravan as he being in the jail and outside jail didn’t matter. Maybe now he can go back and help his Guru after all he is the one who bailed him out. When Shravan reached to this godown, he felt so different. It was like he was back home. But only for others for him it was still the same not different just that it is his usual place but it was totally different as all gathered to welcome back him home. Others were all surprised but happier as their leader was back. Shravan didn’t think much about his arrest and bail until he met his guru. His guru was so happy to see him, he hugged him and didn’t want to leave him at all. What came to surprise to Shravan was when his Guru revealed that he didn’t bail out Shravan. He tried but he couldn’t. Which implied that someone else bailed the devil out.

Who was it? Who bailed him out? Already a lot of questions started to raise in Shravan’s mind. Already his focus was shifted due to his yesterday’s failure and now this brain teaser. Who was it? Again this questions are haunting him now. He suddenly become full of emotions. He was frustrated than grateful because he wanted to see the face of the person who bailed him out. He was really desperate to see and speak with that person.

Shravan was walking in the streets and with every step he was brainstorming over who could it be? But he still couldn’t get the answer. Until. He saw her. His angel. Suman Tiwari. She walked past him. Could it be her? That strike his brain. Maybe she could help him. He followed her. But before he could begin doing that, Suman saw him and she tried to ignore him. As Shravan walked behind her just to speak a few words with her, but she wasn’t ready. He knew he was freaking her out. Suddenly he was aware of all his misdeeds and he knew he was wrong. How did he become so normal? He followed her while pleading to speak with her for a while and apologise to what he did yesterday.

He couldn’t tolerate it anymore. No one ever had the guts to take him for granted. How can she do that so easily? Shravan lost his temper and hold his angel’s hand as tightly as he could. And Suman was struggling in pain, and tears were trying out to flow from her eyes but she managed to control it. Shravan could clearly see the pain in Suman’s eyes and even his own eyes showed that he was equally feeling the pain as if it was his hand. Suman looked into his eyes, and she was probably the first human who could realise all the struggles and pain which his eyes conveyed.

“So, you are the one who bailed me out?” Shravan finally got his answer.

Suman denied and Shravan angrily took out his gun to shoot her. As he pulled the trigger, she closed her eyes and then the gun went Bang! Suman knew she was dead but she was shocked to find herself unaffected and she realized that Shravan shot the gun upwards and again he failed and dropped the gun.

Shravan said that he isn’t so bad that he will kill her off so easily. Well that sounded so weird from his mouth. He just wanted her answer for his question and that’s all. If it was anyone else he would have killed him or her but he couldn’t kill his angel because he loved her. But he still wanted the answer.

Suman ignored and denied the fact she didn’t do so, and they both got into battle of words and adjectives until Suman lost and it was revealed that it was the angel who bailed the devil out. Shravan couldn’t understand why she did so, despite the fact he tried to hurt her and her friends and even tried to kill her. Suman reasoned that he tried to hurt , but he didn’t succeed in that. She could have allowed him to let him suffer in the jail for his rest of the life but she didn’t. As soon as she got to know that he was arrested due to the case filed by the orphanage authorities she immediately withdraw it and made sure the devil was bailed. But why? Shravan wanted to know it desperately why she did so? He wanted an explanation.

“Can we be friends?” Suman like a happy go person forwarded her hand for friendship.

Shravan was shocked as besides his gang members he didn’t know the meaning of friendship. And also she is so opposite to him. How can she forward her hand for friendship to him like this so easily? And friendship? He carries out friendship in an unusual way more of a formal way. Suman grew up like normal people. So it is really shocking that she offered a devil to join hands with her.

He stared at her. But not only lovingly. More of surprisingly. He never got into this kind of situation. Forget about him, no personality like his ever got into this situation where a sweet girl will ask for friendship so easily. The opposite happened. Shravan couldn’t deny his angel. He accepted her friendship by just simply nodding and walked away. This brought a broad smile in his angel’s face.

He was feeling so uneasy to accept the friendship his angel just offered. But the smile on her face just melted him. He wanted to deny the friendship because he knew he was not capable enough to carry out this friendship. But she had confidence in him. He wanted to walk to her and say sorry that he won’t be able to do so. But again! Her smile. Her million dollar smile. He just walked back and also magically a smile appeared on his face too. From inside he was the happiest person on earth. Not because he got bailed but because his angel whom he fall in love with, herself offered friendship. He knew that she and loving him will be impossible and he didn’t mind. It was impossible for an angel and devil to see each other forget about love. Friendship was more than enough for him. At least now he can see his angel’s face without thinking much. But at the same time for the sake of his angel, he must make sure he shouldn’t get too attached to her.

But why did she bail him and offered him friendship? Not a total clear answer was still given to him. The actual answer was kind of different. Not because she wanted to help the devil because she knew something else.

The point of view Suman had on the devil was unlike and unusual like others. Suman knew that Shravan was a totally different human. And he have the angel in him but there is no chance of awaking it up leading to the devil dominating the avatar of Shravan Malhotra. She knew that no one will understand what she is thinking as they will think it otherwise which was very normal. She also had the same thinking about Shravan like others did until that day she saw the humanity and innocence in Shravan’s eyes. She didn’t know why she felt so different about him, but she knew she had to help the devil. But she wanted to help him not only for the sake of friendship, but added along with the sake of something else? But what was that something else? Even she didn’t had the answer but maybe from the deepest in her heart there was the answer. She just had to dig it out but she haven’t even think about it. She went to the bed and slept and smiled.
End of part 3.

Precap for part 4:- Shravan is looking around and just then Suman comes in a beautiful dress. Shravan lovingly stares at her. Music plays. Shravan says he have to go as he was about to go Suman holds his hand.

The next part will be published tomorrow.

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