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How can an angel like you fall for a devil like me? (EDKV) Shraman Five Shots part 1 of 5


Hi all. Fatarajo here. I hope you all still remember me. I am the writer of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje Ke Vaaste. And now I got some time so I am going to write a 5 shots on Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and one and only Shraman. I hope you all will like the story.


Here is part 1.
Anger. That is what his eye conveyed. As if he won’t spare them. But? That is wrong. That thing didn’t click his mind at all. Without any thought he just took out the gun and it went Bang! In a moment with that sound the person alternate to him was knocked down with the bullet that came out by the trigger of the gun and pool of blood drenched that guy and he breathes his last in that pool of blood which was now his dead bed .
Without any guilt, regard or fear he just walked away from there. And then suddenly he heard a cute, innocent, pitched sound of a cry. He looked back and found an innocent cute little girl who was crying over the dead body. He wanted to do something? But. He just walked away in anger and didn’t have another look again. Not even that innocent girl could have clicked his mind.

He walked on the roads, like a normal human being. As if nothing happened. No one knew that he just came and shoot a guy dead. How would they? He made it look so simple. And while walking, just then someone called him out.
“Shravan!” The voice chased him.
Yes the bad guy was none other than Shravan Malhotra. It’s unbelievable but it’s true he was the bad guy. He was the same one who killed that guy ruthlessly and also ignored that innocent little girl.

Shravan Malhotra joined his gang and that guy was his gang member. They came to their gang leader and celebrated over their ruthless deeds via evil laughter. For Shravan he was just expressionless. Forget about evil laughter he doesn’t even smile or cry. Even Hitler would be surprised to see a guy like Shravan Malhotra. Shravan was as if someone who didn’t know what is happiness or what is sadness. He just did his so called job to kill people ruthlessly. And he didn’t even have regret over it? How can someone be so evil like this. From his face it’s impossible he looks innocent but it’s also true that it seems that he never did anything wrong. Shravan Malhotra was just a human by name he was just like a robot. Completely zero expression.

It was like you just open the spring, and then this robot will come and shoot you. Shravan Malhotra was just this type.
“If you need me again, give me a call I will be present.” Shravan said so and just walked away.
He can even speak? Surprising.

Shravan walked on the roads again like that expressionless robot and with zero guilt and insecurity. There was not a single trace of feelings in him. How is that possible?

And then, suddenly a cycle came towards him and just went away. Shravan moved his neck and he looked. And then suddenly, he became full of expression. Suddenly the humanity inside him awaked. You all must be thinking what he saw such that suddenly changed Shravan Malhotra?
It was a beautiful girl. A very beautiful girl. And she had a sweet smile on her face. And by her outfit, looks, actions anyone would say that yes this girl is full of life and knows how to enjoy life. But who was she?

Never in life Shravan saw such a beautiful and innocent face. His heart start beating to show that he had one and he was actually normal human being. There it was the proof.

Shravan looked behind and her cycle had this unusual tag which you won’t see in any other vehicle and with a smiley face.
And the cycle engraved her name.
Shravan read the words.
“Suman Tiwari’s cycle.” Shravan read out the three words.

Yes that beautiful girl was none other than Suman Tiwari. Finally Shravan knew her name. And it was shocking that someone like him ever would study someone with so much curiosity. He just stared at her lovingly and Suman just passed through him and didn’t even had a single glance of Shravan. Now Suman’s face started to flow in Shravan’s eyes and that was what he can see now. His heart beat was still going fast. Yes Shravan Malhotra was in love! That was love in first sight!
But then something came in his mind and finally his mind clicked.
“How can an angel like her fall in love with a devil like me?” Shravan regarded Suman as an angel. That’s what came in Shravan’s mind which showed that he was fully aware of his misdeeds, crimes and all that.

Shravan knew that he was not the old Shravan now. Shravan decided to forget about the girl and he carried his way like an emotionless robot. But still that didn’t work. The angel’s face was still in his mind and heart.
End of part 1.

Precap for part 2:- Shravan was now in his goon spree and as usual he continued to treat people mercilessly, and he even didn’t spare the kids and pushed him out of the way. Just then a girl comes and steps forward and stops him from doing this. Shravan couldn’t tolerate this and he pinned her to the wall to kill her. As he took out the gun, he was about to shoot her and as he looks he was shocked as it it is Suman, his angel. He stared at her.

The next part I will publish tomorrow as I already wrote the 5 shots. Sorry for less Shraman scenes in this part, but I assure you there will be more Shraman scenes in part 2-5.
This story is more of Shravan’s life than Suman’s life that’s why. But next parts there will be Shraman scenes.

I hope you all liked the first part of the 5 shots. The next part I will publish tomorrow. Till then feel free to express your opinions ?

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