this is specially dedicated to shivani who asked me to write on pair ,hope you all and she’ll like it and please do comment
this a story of pampered princess who fell for social activist .let’s see they will end up together or not

let’s start

jab radha se prem ka arth pocha hoga
tab uska jawab kanha raha hoga
jab mirza se kyon hai woh pocha hoga
uskne khud ko saiba ka diwana kaha hoga
jab heer ki ankho me kisi ne dekha hoga
tab usme sirf ranjhe ka chitr raha hoga
khuda ne kabhi mere dil ki darkhan ko suna hoga
toh usme “om” sirf tumhara ehsaas raha hoga

riya :wow ishana you write so fabulous .this shows how madly you are in love with that omkara .on one side he completely ignores you and other you are mad about him

these poetic lines were written by ishana singhania the only daughter of richest man of himachal .she with her cousin cum bestie riya was sharing the poem she had just written for her love of her life the omkara oberoi most courageous youth leader of state .he was nightmare for all other political parties and inspiration for all who wanted to serve nation .he was also the devilishly handsome and one of the best play writer of the state .he and his group used to go to every remote to posh area to spread their message of fight against evil society ,he and his group was famous for their heroic actions,he was so impactful on people that on his one signal protests and strikes were organised ,they trusted him that he could never be wrong .he was like a perfect dream boy .handsome ,aggressive,self made,writer, arrogant,just and most importantly youth leader .ishana and omkara’s love was from childhood their parents were neighbours and om also belonged to a rich family .but om’s father divorced his mom .then om left with his mother and after her death he devoted himself for cause of the society and after years they meet 6 years ago in ishana’s collage where he saved her from ragging as he was the gs .after that ishana always stalked him he tried hard to ignore him .thought he also loved her but he had his reasons

ishana :yes i love him more than anything and he also love me till infinity

riya;that’s why he insulted you tomorrow when you again went to him for taking you in his group

ishana went in the memories of that incident

omkara and his team were rehearsing for their next play to be staged in a remote village in order to burn the spark in villagers to rise and initiate a fight for their rights .actually they were trying to gain trust of the people so that when they rally their during elections they could get support of the mob

the moment om saw her his he got angry

om: miss ishana why the hell your are here

ishana:plz give me also a place in your group

om:it’s not a rock band that you will get a place by requesting .so get lost

ishan :plz for the sake of our l….l.
ishana was about to say love but bit her lip and was now regretting seeing om’s blood shot eyes

om harshly dragged her from there everybody was shocked seeing this side of om

in a lonely corner

om[in anger]:how many times i need to say i don’t love you

ishana :then why you saved me from ragging

om:i would have done that with any girl

ishana[in anger];what you would have comforted any girls in our arms ,[clutching his collar].would have have kissed any girl .would you let any girl rest her head in your lap .mr omkara oberoi get one thing straight in your head you are only and only mine

om[softened];ishu try and understand we can’t be one .i am a activist with thousands of enemies,i have travel in worst places for rallies ,i have sleep on floor for gaining people’s sympathy,there’s no time of my meals,always their is a threat to my live .then how can i bring you to this hell

ishana[in anger];do you really think my love is so weak


ishana;no do you really think my love is so weak

tere sath ke liye khanjro[knifes] ko gale laga jaogi
tere hasi ke liye khud anpni lakiro me asu likva laogi

om:nahi seh sakta akho se aso tumhare
par tumpe denge takleef sapne hamare
agar tumphe padhe ga sath hamare daed sena
toh munjhor hai hume sadda ke liye door rehna

ishana:no om i will come with you

om:i will never let you accompany me

precap; jese radda se krishn tha
wese hi om se ishana rahegi

hope you people liked it and please comment even glance at my ff bonds wrecked to be restored.that too is a very different story

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