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Her gangster, His journalist-Twinj (few shots) intro

Hi guys kavya here with a twinj few shots..!!! ??? hope u guys will love it…!!!! It will not be actually a ff it will be few shots..!!!



Twinkle taneja: a love interest of kunj the gangster…!!!! Hates him to the infinity…!!!! A beautiful self respected girl works as a journalist…!!!!

Kunj Sarna: he is a well known gangster who loves twinkle madly wants to marry her…!!!!


Manohar sarna: dad of kunj is a big famous gangster itself…!!! Loves his son a lot and has many enemies..!!!

Leela taneja: mother of twinkle loves her a lot and is scared for her as kunj is behind her..!!!!

Raminder taneja: father of twinkle loves her a lotttt and is a well known famous businessman….!!!!


So guys how was the intro? So it’s a bye from kavya..!!!! Love u all muahhh ?????❤️❤️??….!!!!

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