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Her dance made me fall for her (Promo)

Hey guys,
I am back with a promo of my ff Her dance made me fall for her. Since my exams are going on I am not able to post, but I got time so posting a promo! My exams will end on 27th September so you can expect one episode on that day.
Its been a long time so here is the recap,
Sona thinks who was that guy who saved her life from those goons! Sona comes to Ishwari mansion to take her fees and Nikki returns her payal to her. Dev again clashes with Sona but without saying anything leaves! Sona feels strange. Ishwari makes Dev realise that he loves Sonakshi!
So this is the promo,
Bijoy and Asha ask Sona to meet a boy for marriage. But she refuses to be ready. However Ishwari and Asha meet but Sona was not present. Asha liked Dev’s family.
Dev arranges a romantic date for Sonakshi to confess his love!

Dev: I love you Sona!
Sona is shocked and runs away… A truck was coming and hush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sona was knocked down by the truck!
Dev is shocked, tears come out from his eyes, he takes her to the hospital.
Doctor: she has broken her bone of right leg!
Dev is shocked!!!!
So this was the promo! Will Sona ever be able to dance again? Will she blame Dev for it???
To know that keep reading ?
So did you like the promo? If yes then please write it in the comments box..


Love you all! 

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