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Her dance made me fall for her Episode 8

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The episode starts,
Sona thinks: Why is he doing this to me? Shy? She cries saying this. Elena consoles her.
Elena: Why are you crying yaar! I’m not getting you! It’s your friends wedding you should be happy!
Sona: Actually you are right. Why am I crying? I should be happy. I’ll not cry now.

Ishwari Mansion,


A dresser has come.
Tanya: Dev you select dress for me for sangeet.
Dev: OK.
Dev looks at all the dresses and likes one pink lehenga. He picks it up and imagines Sona wearing it and she looks gorgeous in it. He smiles.
Tanya: This one! Wow dev your choice is nice!
Dev: He throws the lehenga in anger and says NO! You choose whatever you want!
Tanya is shocked: What happened Dev?!
Dev: Nothing!! And he leaves.

Tanya thinks what happened to Dev!
Dev leaves for office, but he just thinks about Sona. How he fell in love with her, how he took care of her after accident. How he made fun of her and left her alone! And how she always insulted him.) He had tears in his eyes which had turned into anger.
Tina: Sir, one client has come to meet you.

Dev wipes his tears and says yes call him in. They have a meeting.
Bose house,
Sona practices dance for performing in Dev’s sangeet. She was about to fall because her leg had just recovered.But she is held by two arms. She sees Dev saving her, a broad smile comes on her face. Dev tucks her hair behind, Sona blushes
Elena: Why are you smiling and blushing?
Sona comes out of her dream.: nahi vo..
Elena: Dance carefully otherwise you will fall again! This time I held you next time who will hold you?

Sona: Dev
Elena: What? Dev?
Sona: Are no yaar nothing you go I’ll practice! Sona thinks that: Why am I dreaming about him? Ughh!!
Next day,
It’s the sangeet function now, everyone clap for our first performers Niki, Riya, Elena
Everyone claps, they dance on bole chudiya…
All the adults also perform and now it’s time for Sona! She dances on Kaun tujhe from Ms.Dhoni
Everyone claps, Dev is just lost in her. He stares her lovingly! Tanya smiles seeing him
Dev where are you lost?

Dev: Nowhere.. Nothing
Tanya: It’s our dance now!
Dev: I’m in no mood to dance.
Tanya: What yaar! It’s our sangeet and you don’t want to dance! Not fair you will have to dance.
She pulls him on the stage, Sona completed her performance and got down from stage when she clashes with Dev.
Dev holds her by her waist. They both were lost in deep eye lock.
Elena: Sona was right! Dev will save her, always he will save her.
Tanya: Dev come on!!
Devakshi come back to their senses.

Dev: Hmm…
They go on the stage, everyone cheer them up!
They dance on the song dilli walli girlfriend! And then they dance on romantic song! Tere sang yaara! Sona fumes seeing them together! How can he dance with her when I’m here!
Niki: Why Sona di? Why will he dance with you?
Sona: No..no.. nothing…
Niki smiles. Ok di so if you also want to dance with him then come on I’ll ask Bhaiyya to dance with you also!
Sona: What are you saying! Are you mad?
Niki doesn’t listen and after Dev and Tanya’s performance she goes to stage and says,

Now the last performance is of Dev Bhaiyya and Sona di!! The best friends for life! Sona: Niki what are you saying?
Dev: Why not he drags Sona to the stage,
They perform on Ae dil hae mushkil! Everyone clap for them! Sona and Dev look at each other with lots of pain, love, hatred, anger! All emotions in two small eyes! The pain of being separated!

Dev lifts her up and holds her tightly Sona could feel his touch, she was withering in pain and so she dropped a precious tear from her eye! Dev was very hurt seeing her in pain but that was all be wanted! To give her pain! As the song ends Dev gently places her down. She runs away from there and cries in a corner!
Elena goes behind Sona, and Dev gets down from the stage with tears in his eyes!
Elena: Sona..
Sona hugs her tightly.
Elena: You love him right?
Sona: She nods her head in yes! I have realized it today that I love him so much! His each touch gives me goosebumps! I love him a lot and she cries louder. But now nothing can happen! I lost my soulmate.
Elena smiles: No you haven’t! Go and tell him. There is still time.
Sona: No saying so she wipes her tears.. I cannot tell him now. It’s all over.
Elena: But..
Sona: No but vat and she leaves from there.
Elena stands there will a smiling face and says: Now it’s time for you two love birds to unite!

Precap: Mehandi function, Sona hides D in her mehandi.

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