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Her dance made me fall for her Episode 1

A mansion is shown fully decorated and still going on. A lady comes from behind
Ishwari: Are bhaiyaa!! Do it properly! The flowers are not fresh…and so on…
A boy comes
‘Are maa why are you doing so much work?
Ishwari: Are Dev, I have to do, it’s our Neha’s engagement Na! Don’t worry I’ll take my medicines on time! Now you go to office!
Dev takes her blessings and goes.
But suddenly he is stopped by Nikki.
Nikki: Bhaiyya did you call Sona di?
Dev: Who is she?
Nikki: you don’t know her? Seriously?! She is a famous dancer! She dances on functions like marriage, engagements and all! And I want her to dance for Neha di’s engagement please!
Dev: is it? Ok I’ll try to call her!
Nikki: thank you Bhaiyya and she hugs him!
Dev leaves,
Tina: this is Ms.Sonakshi Bose’s number, the famous dancer!
Dev calls her,
Sonakshi: Hello
Dev: I’m Dev Dixit, I have heard that you are a great dancer.
Sonakshi: yes I am.

Dev: I want you to dance in my sister’s engagement today! I’ll pay you any amount!
Sonakshi: sorry sir, I can’t come on such a short notice! I can’t prepare for it!
Dev: I’ll pay you twice you demand but please come!
Sonakshi: thinks Just showing off his wealth! Huh! Aloud: I don’t need extra money but I need time! Sorry.
She cuts the call.
Dev thinks she is so arrogant! I’m sorry Nikki!


In the evening,
All the guests have arrived! Neha is coming down fully dressed with Nikki and Ria. Ranveer, his fiance also arrives with his family. The engagement was going on full swing. Neha and Ranveer exchange rings. Nikki announces that there will be a dance time now! The first performance will be by.. SURPRISE!!!!
A girl is shown showing her back to everyone. She turns as the song plays.. And she moved her feet which showed payal. The voice of her payal grabbed everyone’s attention. Her lips are shown, soft pink lips and her eyes black with kajal and eye liner! She dances on bole chudiya bole kangana from Kabhi Khushi kabhi gam! She shows her bangles and starts dancing. Everyone claps for her and slowly join her.
Everyone is clapping but Dev is just staring at her! Taak raha tha! He was lost in her dance! When suddenly ishwari comes and asks him to talk to the guests coming!

Precap: Dev-Sona fight!!

I hope you liked the first episode! I know it was boring but please do comment! 

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