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heart beat a show changed my life (epi 17) (back to fm)

Hi guys i am back with another part of heart beat. Thanks for ur lovely comments. It made my day so happy to see ur love.

Precap : sameer gave permission to dhani for continuing rj job.
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Fm station#

Ready to on-line 1,2,3. . Here u go

Good evening mumbai. this is rj payal here from ur favorite show heart beat.. time slot to show may change but not show. Welcome to new season of heart beat. As it is new season something new added to show.. yes it is people interaction. From now on people can call on show. If any question in life u wanna ask then call on this no. is 8911000567. So don’t think just make call on no.

Today quote is “To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.”

She said each word remembering her and viplav. She then sees him standing infront of her. She blink her eyes to clear doubt if he really there or not. Then when she open her eyes found place empty alas she is dreaming about viplav. She slightly hit her head by hand.

On otherhand viplav is sitting sitting on car. He listening keenly to show (don’t forgot he is die hard fan of show?) he murmurs himself “wow what a quote u making me fall on u more… there is something in u that attracts me towards u.” He brushed his hair on head while saying it. He remember their moment which they spend on clg before an hour.

@fm station

“Guys here is a first call to us.
She connects call to airline.

Rj : hi this is rj payal. May i know who is calling and ur from?

Caller : i am anushka from chandigarh. I just want to talk regarding my boyfriend. When we go together, he always do remember moments which he spent with his ex. He can’t move on from his past. First i took it as normal but later on it become common. On every our conversation he talks about his ex. Even he spends time with me he will only remember his and ex gf moments. Sometimes i feel i don’t exist to him.

Rj : ohh ur problem seem to be so tough. I understand how hard it may be for u.

Anushka : i feeling he took me as granted for his broken heart. I can’t take it anymore. I love him so much but i realize it was one sided love. I am emotionally depressed not able to concentrate on studies. I can’t bear it anymore. Should i let him go? or fight with my feelings ? Pls help me to take decision.

Rj : it finds so complicated. Anushka in life everything happens for a reason. It’s a battle with yourself. I know it is hard to accept reality but u have to make up ur mind strong to accept fact. In life, if it was meant to be happen; then it surely happen.

U urself said ur unable to concentrate on studies because of it. So first u make ur mind strong. my advice is spend time as much as possible with ur friends. Do anything which makes ur mind off of him. And find urself again. But DONT talk to him. Gave him time to think about what he wants. Then , he will surely talk to you. Just let him know that u will always be there for him. Be patient. maybe u guys will make up, maybe u wont. But at least u will get to know by this what actually he feel for u by this.

Anushkha : (with determine tune) thanks payal for helping me. Ur words boosted me to get out of this trauma. I try my best to get out of depression.

Rj : thanks Anushkha for calling heart beat. And congratulations u r first caller to our show. Keep calling to show.

She cuts call. “So as u heard anushka talk u may realise life is not so easy but it was not though tough too.. lets hear a beautiful love song from movie ms dhoni.
Viplav who listening show feel proud on dhani. That her quote helped to take a girl her life decision.

She track on music.. song plays.

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bhar
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon

Dhani imagines herself and viplav on middle of road walking holding each other hand. Suddenly rain comes. Both took shelter on tree while share eyelock.

In car
Viplav closes his eyes and feels dhani siting infront sit near him. Her hair is also moving on direction of wind.

Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

He tuck her hair to side and share an eyelock. He move more closer to her but gets hit by seat side and foundout seat beside him empty. Realising it dream he slightly hit his head.

Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chhuke

Dhani who closed her eyes feeling lyrics and feels like someone keeping head on her shoulder turns and finds Viplav. She look at him lovely.

Meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki
Tujhe khabar kya bekabar

She look to his eyes and caressess his hair. She open her eyes and found it as dream. She smiles for her stupidity.

Main tujhse hi chup chup kar
Teri aankhein padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

“Isn’t song was amazing. It was another awestruck song of palak. ”

Time to say heart beat tips. Today heart beat tip is “Build things up slowly when you make love. You don’t have to do everything at once: there’s always tomorrow.”

Love is a like a thing which one can’t get so easily. It take its own time. And if anything destined to be happen it will surely gonna happen.

So now time to say bye to u… ok guys bye. C u tomorrow on ur favourite show heart beat. Stay tuned on heart beat to rise ur heart beat. And this is rj payal signing off.

Dhani pov~~~

Show ended. I was walking towrds parking area. It was so dark and Its so scary to found ur alone on dark. I felt like someone following me but when i turned i found road empty. I ignored thought as my illusion and went near my car. But i found my car as punctured. Perfect in time that to when I feeling so scared it has to be punctured. But suddenly a car passed near me scaring me to death. And someone grab her hand and making her fall inside car. I am frightened but i am not so weak person also. So made up some carriage and asked “what the hell?? When i turned i found the one who sitting besides me was none other than Viplav.

It’s irritating so i slightly him “Vipu u scared me to dea…… before complete sentence Viplav kept his hand on mouth. And gave her angry look to talk about death.

Dhani pov ends~~~~

“Vipu u here” dhani said smiling at him. Viplav hold her hand and says “wherever my princess i be there?”
Dhani : Vipu… and pout face
Vip : what vipu bipu.. how childish name. Sounds as if i am kid. I am Viplav. Viplav tripati.
Dhani : still isn’t it cute.. vipu vipu

She goes on calling him after sometimes instead of irritating viplav smiled. As if he started loving with his new name vipu?

Viplav was driving car looking at dhani. She founds it and yell at him to keep his eyes on road.

“When such beautiful creature of god infront of me how can i see anywhere else..” said viplav winking.

Dhani blushes hardly to hear it.

Vip : ” if u blush this much. Then i may loose my control yaar?
Dhani : “Viplav…

Dhani then looks outside. She enjoy outside view. Suddenly she ask viplav to stop. It was junction. Viplav stop the car and ask “what happen?

Dhani points her index figure towrds panipuri stall. Dhani mouth watered seeing golgappas. Viplav hit his head with head. Both get down of car.

Dhani : bhaiya 2 plate golgappa.
Vip : i don’t need.
Dhani : anyways who asked u huh?
Vip opens his mouth wider.
Dhani : u forgot our golgappa competition.
Viplav remembers it.

Flashback shown~~
Golgappa Competition begins. Amit,viplav and dhani in equal spirit.. Viplav finished 40 golgappa in 30 min.. Dhani holds her stomach after finishing 30 golgappa.. she says “i can’t eat anymore..” so does amit… viplav wins competition. He looked at dhani expression and smiles.
Flashback ends~~

Dhani gets thinking something. Gets determine that she will find answer soon.
Then eats golgappa thinks some prank put one full golgappa on viplav mouth before he can react and chuckles. Viplav too smile adoring her.

Screen ends on Viplav and dhani smiling face.
Precap : A car stopped infront of malhotra mansion. A young man of age 22 comes out of it. He goes inside mansion and calls dhani who in return runs to him and hug him “sharvuuu…..” viplav looks on.

To know who is that boy keep reading heart beat.

I ask few questions reply must

1.Did u remember real ikrs golgappa part?
2. Whom did u like in my ff most otherthan vidha answer frankly.
3. Did remember when i showed golgappa competition part in my ff?
4. Rate my ff from 0 to 10. I need honest answer. So that i improve myself.
5. What did u think dhani thinking?

Did u liked this epi. After so many days i added fm part hope u liked it. And it met ur expectations.

Guys i can’t take full credit to fm part as i taken it slightly from one show. And ya didn’t copied fully i made changes.

Pls put ur valuable comments .
Criticism too heartily welcome.

And also read other ff of ikrs by wonderful writers.

Take care.

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