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Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 18) Last episode

Hi guys,I am back the last episode
I am very sorry for ending this FF suddenly but I promise that I will bring another idea soon.

Soo let’s start.
It is morning,Shravan goes to meet his dad(to execute their plan)
Shr…Papa,if I tell you something you promise that you won’t decline me
Ramnath… I have never declined your wishes.
Shr..Papa,I love Sumo
Ramnath gets a huge shock but tries to digest this truth.
Shravan… Papa,you are the first person I am telling this to.If you decline then I won’t even tell Sumo about my feeling.
Ramnath upon hearing this tries to instigate Shravan.


Ramnath… Why only Sumo?They are far many better girls in the world .
Shravan… You never on who your heart lands.
Ramnath… Take Urvashi,the daughter of my good friend.
Shravan… The one on my school.
Ramnath..Yes….She is a very good girl.
Shravan… Even if I say that she insulted me …by saying that her self respect would get tarnished if she stays with a ‘nerd ‘ like me.
Ramnath… I will speak to her.
Shravan… She will not change…She even tried to poison Sumo when knowing that her friends find me handsome and hot.

Ramnath… Look,she wants you.
Shravan….She only wants me to have a higher image.Unlike Sumo,she has always been to my side.
Ramnath.. Why are you always comparing every girl to Sumo?
Shravan….Because she is the perfect girl.
Ramnath…No she’s not.
Shravan… Why don’t you clearly agree that yoShravanprobs with Sumo.
Ramnath.. No
Shravan… Not only Sumo but the whole Tiwari family
Ramnath… There is nothing like that,it’s your mere misunderstanding.
Shravan…Your diary won’t lie to us..

Ramnath …Who is us
Shravan…me and Sumo
Ramnath…If you touch my diary it is fine but who gave the permission to that b*tch.
Sumo hears this and runs of .
Her hand was bleeding because she had a glass in her hand which broke.
Shravan stands shocked .
He runs towards her room but she locks it from inside.Shravan sees the blood droplets.
Shravan.. To defend you I had slapped her ….I never you could go so low…
Ramnath….That’s what she deserved.
Shr… I have stopped to consider you as my dad.You can leave.
Shravan…. Go away
Ramnath leaves quietly but slightly happy because he knew that Sumo has grown hatred to Shravan due to this comment.

Shravan knocks the door several times but her reply is only sobs.
He goes to his room and crosses over to Sumo’s balcony.
The balcony was locked but he could see Sumo crying.She had not bandaged her hand yet and that’s why there was blood all over the floor .

Shravan feels extremely sad,angry,guilty for Sumo’s condition.
He knocks the balcony several times.
Sumo looks at him but ignores.Shravan pretends to move back and fall.
Sumo immediately runs and unlatches the balcony door.But as soon as she realises Shravan’s plan it was to late.Shravan had entered Sumo’s room.
Forcefully Shravan bandages Sumo’s hand .
Sumo just hugs Shravan after a long silence.
Shravan at first is shocked but then realises her feelings.
Sumo…Before all this there is one truth that you should be aware of.
Shravan… What else is hidden to me¿
Sumo..this is about Pushkar..

Shravan…..What is this truth??
Sumo…Pushkar is your dad’s brothers son.Your dad didn’t like him and thus left under Nanu’s care.
Shravan just goes into a trance.
Shravan… When did you come to know about this???
Sumo…When Nanaji passed away.
Shravan… You didn’t tell me since then.

Sumo…You were not ready to listen a word against your Dad.
Shravan… Does Pushkar know about this??
Pushkar… I didn’t know but I came to know the truth today.
Shraman get shocked to see Preekar.
Sumo..I am sorry.
Pushkar… I already knew about me being an orphan but I never about your dads truth.
Sumo…How did you come to know?
Pushkar… Let bygones be bygones
Preeti…We should all forget what happened and start our life by forgetting your dad.
After a leap of 5 yrs…
Shraman and Preekar have a girl each named Ariana and Nikita.

So here I end my FF…Thanks a lot for your support during This ..
Love Anu

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