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Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 17)

Hi guys, Thanks for all the love you showered by comments… So I am here with the next episode.

Recap… Shravan finds Sumo more imp than his dad.
Shravan leaves his dad and goes towards Sumo ‘s room.but Ramnath asks Shravan to listen to him.
Shr..Yeah,What do you want to say?
Ramnath…Nothing,How was the party??
Shr…Well,okay okay…but why are you asking??
Ramnath…you came early, that’s why??
Shr…you had a problem with me at home…?
Ramnath… Why would I have a problem??I wanted you to come back with me back to USA.
Shravan gets a shock and says..I am happy here..By the way,I have many cases in line with Sumo.
Ramnath…In that case I will stay here for 2 weeks more so that I can get to spend more time with you.
Shr…Unhappily… Yeah ,why not??
Shravan leaves for Sumo’s room after this convo.


He enters her room without knocking.Ramnath rubs his eyes because Shravan always knocked even when entering his room.Sumo was arranging her room then.
Shravan… Today the party was nice right??
Sumo…Yeah,you have not come to tell this tell what you have come to tell.
Shr…How do you know?
Sumo…Just like that and smiles.
Shr…Okay, I……I…Love you.
Sumo turns around and stares at Shravan. Shravan gets up to leave as he knew that he made a mistake by confessing his love..
In a moment sumo remembers all her moments with Shravan and says Shravan wait!
Shravan smiles and turns….Sumo runs into his arms..
Sumo…I love you too
Shravan’s happiness knew no bounds. He twirled her around.
Sumo…I love you Shravan..
Shravan…Now let’s sleep otherwise my dad will come here and see.
Sumo abruptly breaks the hug.Shravan again settles himself on the couch while Sumo continues arranging the things.
Sumo.. You loved me childhood as well right???
Sumo..How much more will you lie?
Shr…Any proof??
Sumo.Yes,this letter
Shr..How did you get this ??
Sumo..Keep thinking.
Shr starts running behind her while Sumo keeps walking behind. She suddenly takes a sharp turns towards the bed as Shravan tries to follow he falls on Sumo and gives a peck on her cheeks.He snatches the letter from her.
Sumo…This is not fair

Shr…Everything is fair in love and war.
Sumo suddenly sees Ramnath approaching through the mirror.
She signals Shr to stop and changes the direction of the mirror to show Ramnath.
Shravan grabs her car keys kept on the side table and says I forgot to give this to you.Ramnath hears this and releases a sigh of relief.
He walks away .Shraman start laughing.
Shr…Thanks Sumo otherwise we would have been (signals ?sign)
Sumo smiles.
Sumo..It is late now we should sleep.
Shr…Okay bye and he exits the room.
Both sleep thinking about each other.
The next morning:
Sumo wakes up and starts cooking in the kitchen.She finds two husky arms around her.
Sumo…Shravan move it!

Shravan …How do you know it was me???
Sumo…Who else can it be ???Now move I need to get ready. Today is the first hearing of the case.
Shr…Yeah right??
Both get ready and leave together.
In the car ride Sumo was in her own world, she was not paying attention.
Shr…Sumo, what are thinking about me??
Sumo…Who said that I am thinking about you???
Shr..Yeah,I know that I am very handsome.
Sumo…Not handsome but cute.She pulls Shravan’s cheeks.
Shr…Not fair.
Sumo..Concentrate on driving .
Shravan.. If I was not driving then ..
Sumo interrupts…. Then we will see

Sumo and Shravan reach the court

And present their case.
They both fought well until it was 5pm…..
As their case ends so does this episode
I know that this episode is extremely small but I have my exams on going. I type these episodes when I am travelling to school.
Thanks a lot..
Love Anushika

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