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Hatred to Love – A Shraman FF (episode 14)

Hi guys,I am back with the next episode…
Thanks to those all who commented.This episode is going to be large.

Soo let’s start
Recap:Shraman enjoying pizza?

After eating Pizza,Shraman were talking
Sumo….Remember that we have to go to the client to collect our payment
Shr….Why are you in Soo much need to get money???
Sumo…Can’t I say you were in need to get money???
Shr..I was just kidding,actually I was about to tell the same thing.
Sumo…Oh then its fine,I got the clients message to be there at noon.
Shr…I am feeling sleepy, I am going to my room.
Sumo..As you wish.
Both are asleep and wake up early next morning.
Sumo…Can we leave a little earlier?I need to go somewhere afterwards.
Shr…OK,I will get ready and come.
Shraman get ready and sit in the car.
Shravan… Where do you need to go after this??
Sumo…Little Loss Loving Homes
Shravan ..hmmmm
Sumo…Don’t worry,I know the way,I will go by myself.
Shr. .Can I join you???
Sumo…Why not?
Shr….Firstly let’s meet the client,We have arrived
With the client
Client:Here is each of your payement.
Shraman…Thanks a lot
Client:I have another case which I would you both to fight.
Suman..Can we first see the file??
Client:Here you go.
Shraman read the file with much attention and decide to take the case .
Client:Thanks a lot.
Shraman;We will come to work from tomorrow, now we would like to take your leave.
Client: Sure
Shraman get up and leave for Little Loss Loving Homes.
Suman goes inside while Sharavn goes to park the car.
As Shravan enters the home,He sees kids and adults of all ages but it is unable to find Sumo.
Kid:You are Shravan Bhaiya right??and you are looking for Sumo Didi
Shravan:Yes but how do you know??
Kid:I will take you to her but keep quiet she is busy.
Shravan… Okay
The kid takes Shravan to a room at the back,he hears guitar tunes. He sees inside and sees Sumo singing and playing a guitar


She again sings Bahon ki Darmiyan.
Shravan gets mesmerized in her voice,Sumo’s eyes are closed so she doesn’t not see Shravan standing.
The kid:Bhaiya,now you have seen Sumo di will you come with us?
Shravan: Sure but where??
Kid holds him by his hand and takes him to a small room behind.On the floor were all memories of Shraman, and Preekar together..
Shravan: How do you have all these???
Kid:My name is Rohan and this is Sumo di’s room,she had brought these 4 years back.We found it today.
Shravan: Rohan,Why would Sumo ever bring them here??
Ronan:To forget these memories
Shravan:What??But right now she has no problems.
Rohan:That’s because you had saved her from those people.
Shravan:How do you know all of this??
Rohan:Di,shares every thing with us.She told his your dad insulted Nanu and all that.You have made her cry sooo much.it is by her saying that talk to you.
Shravan: She never told me about this.
Rohan :That’s because she didn’t want to make you spoil your relationship with your dad but the day you called her jobless ,she had no other option but to tell you the truth.When she came after that we could see Soo much pain in her eyes. We forced her to tell us the story.She cried Soo much when she narrated it.
Shr ..I am soo sorallbut my dad can’t do such a thing.
Rohan…This conversation happened right in front of our eyes.
Shr…I will surely find out the truth but for now I need to meet Sumo.
Rohan..Please don’t tell Didi that we told you all this. She would not talk to us.
Shr…I promise.
Shravan goes to Sumo,
He sees her playing with the children catching.Rohan became the next catcher as Sumo was running back to save herself, she collides with Shravan and falls but Shravan holds her.They have an eyelock.Children start to giggle and thus they separate feeling highly embarrassed.
In the car Shravan asks Sumo “Do you hate me?”
Sumo ..no,it is just your dad,I am not comfortable with him.
Shr…OK,then it is fine,but tomorrow he is coming .
Sumo…Don’t worry, I am not going to react or talk about Nanu in front of him.
Shr ..Thanks a lot. I will ask him myself if he did it.
Sumo.. Pls don’t bring up this topic.
Shr…Then I have another way,He writes a diary everyday stating even his phone calls.
Let’s go home.
Shraman do their respective work and sleep thinking about the next day.

The next day
Ramnath comes and treats Sumo badly but Shravan stays in Sumo’s support
At night,Sumo distracts Ramnath while Shravan goes inside Ramnath’s room,to get the diary.He reads each and every page.His expression changes.He suddenly gets a message form Sumo:Pls come out fast,he is coming.
Shr quickly comes out and goes and hides in Sumo’s room.He starts waiting for Sumo to come but she doesn’t come.
He goes to the terrace to find her,he sees her sitting on the terrace looking at the moon.
He smiles and goes and covers Sumo’s eyes with his hands.His hands turn wet,he realizes that she is crying,he pulls her into a bone crushing hug.He could feel his jacket getting wet due to her tears. He says while caressing her hair
Shr..I know my dad’s truth now,I will sury help you
Sumo immediately stops crying and hugs him harder.
He also tightens his grip to assure her of his presence.

Precap: Rain Dance

Sorry for the short update but I have been getting really less comments and that’s why I decided to post it short. Do tell me of you want me to continue this story

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