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Hello everyone!
This is my first article on tellyupdates and I’m here to talk about the recent plot development of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehalata Hai.
I was a die hard fan of this show ever since it’s first episode but the plot has started to evolve into a dragging and usual soaps like the other ones. To be frank the whole story is now a mess except for Kaira track.

1.The serial is now filled only with celebrations and travels:-
As far as I have observed, the serial is not as it used to be. When the show began, it narrated how Akshara and Naitik adjusted themselves into their married life and how each of them understood each other. It also showed how a newly wedded girl learnt to fit into her new home and the problems she faced in that process. The problems faced by each of the family members were realistic and showed us how to face such problems with a positive attitude. But now, there is nothing much shown like that. Instead, it only shows the members of both the families getting together and celebrating festivals, weddings and theme partying frequently. Plus, the makers show us some international trips inorder to move the plot further (The upcoming Swiss trip is the fourth international trip in this show I guess).


2.Naksh being sidelined:-
This point is really disheartens me as I like Naksh’s character a lot. Naksh, who used to be the main lead before the five year leap is now barely a supporting character. Rohan has mostly nothing to do besides standing as a silent spectator or getting minimal scenes after that Riya incident.

3.Too much of emphasis on Akshara’s character:-
I agree that Akshara is the female lead but don’t you suppose that her character is being given too much of importance? Who name comes up when there’s a problem in the Maheshwari household? Akshara. To whom do the family members turn up when there is some sort of crisis going on in the house hold. Akshara. At these point of times, I really wonder, what are the other family doing especially the elders? Aren’t they capable of solving any problem?

4.The soap is slowly transforming like the usual soaps:-
It’s really sad to admit the fact that YRKKH which once used to be realistic is now changing into the stereotyped serials like illogical plot, easy to guess scenes and too much of drama.

So guys, these are the facts that make me miss the old YRKKH. If the makers, take note of the above said points, the show will retain it’s old charm and interest us further.

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