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HAMARI KAHANI DevShi few shots #1


Around 5’o clock

A cold breeze was felt with warmth of sun by the lady she gently opens eyes with smile on her rosy lips she grabs the blanket to cover the parts of the body and tightens the grip on his hand which was on her……… after some time
………… The lady was standing near French bye window looking the sunrise around 6’o clock ………………..
A hand surrounds her waist her body felt the jerk for one second next second she felt the warmth in his embrace and with smile U WOKE UP DEAR

Hmmm he replied to her in sleeping mood (place his head on her shoulder)
Lady turns around to face him without disturbing his position and caresses him with love and he opens one eye and see her with sleeping mood he finally opens his mouth I am not done with sleep
Lady – then you go n sleep naa
He – I want to sleep in ur embrace

Lady smiled
they head towards the bed she sat placing a pillow in the gap between her and the wall and he just slept on her lap seeing beautiful curve on pretty face she twirled her fingers into his hair and continued caressing she eyes the charming face of him and lost in thoughts (by now you can understand right they are none other than our dev and sona)
(Now we enter into her mind to read her mind)
4 years back

Gang of four girls entered the mall and sona was given a task that she should go to scary house alone (as she was late and always late so they gave her punishment)
Sona says huh such an easy task I will finish it in minutes and gives a bravery speech and with lots of courage she enters into the scary house before going inside she waved them with smile as soon as the doors closed the smile turns into a frown closes her eyes and start moving inside she thought she walked half way but she was just few steps away from entrance then she opens her eyes just to find a mummy walking towards her by this she was frightened and begins to run with closed eyes

Lights were flickering scary background music (sounds of anklets, sounds of wolves) is heard
A handsome guy was laughing in this environment suddenly from back girl bumps on him and tightly holds his hand and side hug him
Guy stopped laughing tries to look who was she but he can’t see her due darkness and flickering lights
He decides to head out he tries to move but the lady doesn’t move and tightens her grip on him
He understood that she was frightened
By caressing her back
R u alone ?

She could just nod in yes
He pats her on shoulder
Look into my eyes he said by placing his mouth near to her ear
She looks into into his eyes
He also looks into her eyes (eye lock)
By holding her he moves towards the exit they were lost in each other eyes they are out everyone was staring them guy comes into senses and pats her with this she is back to senses
They Composes themselves tries to get a glimpse of each other

(Guy is non other than dev)
Girl was wearing Burqa dev could only see her eyes now they were bright and twinkling

He smiled and about to say it’s k but before he could say anything she disappeared from his sight

She runs into wash room she splashes water on face breath heavily and clamdown (after 5mins)
She comes out and search for him and find him near cafeteria quickly hides and spy on him
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I seriously don’t think I can write it’s strengths given by u all

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