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Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Swaragini) episode 8

hii guys….
here is the another episode…. thanku for all my readers…

Episode 7 Here


next day…. in GM..
shekar is seen packing something in a gift rap….
sumi – shekar what are you doing
shekar – can’t you see I am packing gifts
sumi – I can see but for whom
shekar – its for my princesses
sumi – Acha you never gave me gift
shekar – I know you are jealous of my daughters
sumi – why I will be jealous even they are my daughters
shekar – k baba I am just kidding sorry
sumi – it’s k shekar I am also just kidding you have given me all the happiness in my life even you have given me janaki’s place although you love her the most in this world because of me you to got separated
shekar closes her mouth with his hand letting her not to speak…
shekar – sumi past is past don’t think about it
sumi – no shekar when ever I see ragu I will be guilty because of me only ragu is not accepting you to be her Papa
shekar – its not like that sumi, ragu is hurt because of janiki’s death till now she is not able to come out of it that is the reason she is upset not because of you k and about accepting us as parents she need time
sumi – but.. interrupted by
shekar – please sumi now stop it and think how to make ragu accept the gift
sumi – I have an idea…

ragini is ready by wearing a salwar suit, takes blessings from her maa and comes to dinning for breakfast…

Swara is seen confused in what to wear she is standing in front of the mirror and keeping dresses in front of her and analysing what is better…

at dinning…
sumi – ragu you are looking beautiful beta
ragini – thanku mrs. gadodia..
sunaina – ragu come and have your breakfast and where is shona
sumi – don’t know what is making shona this long I will go and call her
sunaina – k sumi

sumi (entering swara’s room) – shona why are you taking so long ragu is waiting for U
Swara – mom please choose one dress which make me look beautiful I am confused what to wear
sumi – you look good in all these dresses choose any of them shona
Swara – I want to look best and everyone should open their months by looking at Swara gadodia
sumi laughs at her antics and choose a dress for her and ask her to get ready fast….

everyone gather at dinning….
samir – so shona and ragu as it was your first day here are your gifts…
ragini – what is need of this bade Papa
samir – come on ragu when it was duggu’s first day he to got gift
Karthik – ha ragu that is given to me by chote Papa and I guaranty it must be idea of chote Papa only
shekar coughs by hearing Karthik and this boy na cant be quite….
samir(to conver it up) – ha idea is shekar’s but I brought the gift and duggu you concentrate on eating…
Swara – ragu take it for my Sake…
ragini smiles and takes it, even Swara takes it…
Swaragini opens their respective gifts, it will be mobile phones both are Happy….
all family members are happy by seeing them happy…
swayam – (pouts) its not fair no one cares about me everything for these three only I am going to school, kaka will drop me and leaves from their…
all laughs at his cuteness… and discuss to surprise swayam after all of them returning from their respective works…

samir and shekar leaves for office… dada and dadi gives them blessings and leaves to their room…
sunaina – duggu take care of shona and ragu
sumi – shona don’t do any mischievous things k and take care of your self and ragu duggu can’t be with you all the time
sunaina – ragu don’t get worried on little things and try to make friends k
Karthik – come on you are saying as if they are going to their sasural don’t worry
sumi catches his ears….
Karthik – choti maa please
sumi – (leaves Karthik ears and says ) you also take care of your self don’t involve in unnecessary things
Karthik – now can we live
sumi and sunaina – k
three bid bye to them and leave in car…
sunaina is tear eyed by seeing them go…
sumi – don’t worry babhi ragu will be fine and take her inside..

in car….
Karthik is driving, Swara is in passenger seat and ragu is sitting back side
Karthik – k shona and ragu you decided which group you are taking…
Swara – ha I will take science and as extra circulus I choose music, ragu what you will take
ragini – (tensed) don’t know
Karthik – don’t worry ragu everything is going to be fine
Swara – k ragu you also join in the same group riya also will be with us
ragini – but I don’t know anything about music
Karthik – don’t take tension in extra circulus their are so many activities and their is still time for that till freshers
ragini – k then I will choose science so that I can be with shona
Swara – that’s like a good girl
Karthik – shona and ragu now I will say some rules which are to be kept in mind and please do follow them especially you shona
swara – what are they
Karthik – now listen to me if u had any daughts ask me at last but don’t interrupt in middle
Swaragini – k
Karthik starts….
as you are freshers their will be ragging any one can rag you and management doesn’t involve in these matters so take it lightly if you feel uncomfortable just say me I will take care of it….
don’t say any one that you are my Sisters…
Swara – (making faces) how rude
Karthik – first listen to me…
Swara – k
Karthik – If they come to know you are my sisters they will do more ragging…
Swara – and who are they
Karthik – dare devils
by listening to dare devils swara face lits up…..
ragini -(worried) are they dangerous
Swara – they are really devils to be dangerous that is name of a group
ragini – I know Swara but bai is saying they will Do ragging so I asked
Karthik – they are not dangerous but they could be that is why I am warning you two… anyhow shona has no problem but ragu if you feel anything wrong just give me a call…
ragini – why shona will have no problem
Swara – ha why I will not have any problem (thinks bai got to everything or what no that can’t happen)
Karthik (winking to Swara) – you forgot yesterday you only challenged you will handle them who will rag you
Swara – ha k I can take care of my self (thank God bai is talking about challenge)
Karthik – jokes apart but be care full and be away from members of dare devils…
Swaragini – k bai
(swara thinks this is also good if he knows about my feelings what he will think about me Without knowing anything about him I can’t take a step forward if he already has girl friend or Love anyone then. so, he should only approach me and I will make him fall for me)

in clg…..
their are two separate halls for hot dazzlers and dare devils… their activities will be going in their respective halls..
in dare devils Hall….
one girl is roaming here and their…
another girl – kavya calm down they will come
kavya – come on kavitha how can I be calm see the time till now these brothers are not reached
kavitha – they will come don’t worry..
kavya – hope they come Before the freshers starts coming

at clg entrance….
we can see a car coming in all are looking at the car when to handsome boys come out of the car… all starts staring them..
girls are flat on them and boys are jealous of them…
just then Karthik car also enters into the clg… Swaragini get down the car.
Karthik – shona ragu go inside and remember what I said, I will come after sometime….

Swaragini enters into the clg….
while Swara is exited ragini is nervous..
ragini heart started beating fast as she is forwarding her steps….
Swaragini are walking past to that boys… suddenly one of them get collided with them… and the boy falls down….
another boy – lucky are you fine by helping him to get up
boy who had fallen is reveled to be Laksh aka lucky – ya bro don’t worry I am fine…
and the another boy is Sanskar aka sanky.
by seeing lucky and sanky, ragini again get some flashes… (a girl is saying to a boy I love him
boy – I am Happy for U both
girl – thanku so much
another flash…
girl – I don’t love you
boy – but I love you don’t leave me
another flash…
girl is beginning a boy..
girl – please don’t kill him
boy – no he should die) ragini got blank and she is staring them…

kavya and kavitha just then come to them with one boy…
boy – Hey lucky are you fine
lucky – chill yuvi I am k
kavitha – are you girls blind can’t you see and walk
Swara – sorry while ragini is still in deep thoughts
kavya – I know these type of cheap girls they just try to become cozy as they see hansome men
Swara gets angry by listening to her..
Swara – excuse me are you mad what are you taking
kavya – you dumb girl calling me mad being a fresher
Swara – so what if I am a fresher you are not having any right to talk about us like that….
kavya – look who is talking about rights
sanky – just leave it kavya this is their first day
lucky – no bro this is their first day so why not lets have some fun..( smirks by looking at his friends, they understand what is going to happen)
so miss whatever go and propose one of boy who is handsome in your pov…
Swara(gets angry with his attitude) – I am not going to do that
lucky – who asked you to do. you (pointing towards ragini) will do it
ragini who is deep thoughts will come out of it and stood in shock by listening what lucky is asking her to do….
Swara – My Sister is not going to do anything
yuvi – so you both are Sisters then she will do it otherwise you should kiss one of the boy
after listening to yuvi Swara can’t control her anger and raises her hand to slap yuvi which is stoped by sanky….
sanky (in high tone) – don’t even dare
Swara get frightened by seeing him in anger…
lucky – cool sanky
sanky – no lucky now they have to do it
lucky – k I am giving you a chance you kiss someone or ask your sister to propose any one and kiss in the sense proper kiss I think you understand…

everyone present their enjoying the situation….
one among them says this is what happens when someone will come in the way of dare devils… tears are flowing through ragini’s eyes by listening to them…
Swara thinks bai is right they are really devils I can’t believe he is with them…
Swara takes her mobile to call Karthik but kavitha drags her mobile from her hand Swara is standing helpless while ragini is crying…

sanky – do it fast we can’t wait for you the whole long day…

precap – what happens…??

Sanskar and laksh are maheshwari brothers…
Sanskar, Laksh, kavya and kavitha are from Swaragini
yuvi (yuvraj from tashan e ishq)

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