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Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Swaragini) episode 7

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Episode 6


in mall…
ragini is eager to know who is that man… but she was even more exited after hearing him playing guitar as if it was been specially played for her… as far as her pov she never heard that music as she was not that much found of it she rarely listens to songs… but today by listening to him she can feel it was close to her heart she was lost in it…..

meanwhile Swara and riya reaches their even they were exited for the performance… but soon they composed as the crowd is increasing and left by taking ragini away.. ragini want to resist as she want to stay their and know who is that person but can’t do anything…
after getting out of the mall Swara called driver kaka as soon as he arrived they stepped into the car and left from their..

in car….
ragini was lost in the thoughts of that mystery man… unknowingly she was blushing in her thoughts but soon came to senses by listening to the sounds coming through the vehicles moving beside their car….

riya – Swara do you listen to that guy he is too good na
Swara – come on riya he was not even that good
riya – come on Swara he is dam good but I know you won’t agree with it
Swara – what do you want to say
riya (teasingly) – I am saying you are jealous that he plays better than you
Swara – its not that I am jealous k I am just saying he would have been better
riya – you are saying you are better than him
Swara (winking) – Yes may be
riya – overconfidence
Swara – it’s not overconfidence it is belief on your self
riya – Oh please stop it yaar I don’t know much about music but I can say he should be handsome yaar
Swara – Without seeing him how can you say he is handsome
by saying Swara lost in her thoughts….

Swara pov….
Yes riya is right he is handsome not just handsome but most handsome man after my dada, bade Papa, Papa, bai and of course swayam…. they are most important men in my life and I want to make him as one of them…. don’t know when but I was crazy about him.. and the way he plays guitar God he look dam hot.. I think two years back when I went to pic bai with Papa to his clg then I first saw him and he was was my first crush or may be first love… I learned guitar just after seeing him playing guitar…. I insisted Papa and bade Papa to take me with them to pic bai from clg so that I can have a glance at him… I want to join in bai’s clg so that I can meet him and see him daily… I know its sounds stupid but I can’t restrict my self falling for him… at first bai was against of me and ragu joining his clg but I make sure to join in the clg by convincing Papa and bade Papa.. no one know about my feelings towards him but riya just know that I am having crush on a some unknown person of my bai’s clg as she was my best friend… when I told that I am going to join excel clg she was shocked as she know it was my bai’s clg and of course my crush is also studying their…. she teased me on this but I smartly escaped it was just a crush and now I forgot him but truth is something else…. if today riya had seen him performing she would have identified him so I dragged riya and ragu giving stupid reason of increasing crowd… I wish I would have been their till he finishes his performance I had to rush out Without even listening to him singing… Oh God I feel very bad about it but tmrw my wait is going to over finally I will be studying in his clg, I will be his junior, in future may be I may get chance to perform with him Oh God that thought is even making be crazy I am getting goosebumps by thinking about him….
she comes out of her thoughts by riya calling her….
pov ends

riya – Swaragini tmrw will be first day of our clg I am so exited….
ragini – Yes tmrw will be new start of our life
Swara – ha this is important phase of our life (thinking about her love)
riya – but as well as worried you used to say na Swara about fightings between two groups
Swara – ha bai said that clg is divided into two groups dare devils and hot dazzlers, 3rd year students will be handling them who will be main heads of the group
riya – so we should choose one of them
ragini – ha as bai is from hot dazzlers we will be in his group only Hey na Swara
Swara – Yes (think Oh shit I forgot about it only now what to do he is a dare devil Oh no God please show me a way)
riya – kaka stop here I will go from here
riya get out of the car and wave them bye…
Swaragini – bye meet you tmrw..

in GM…
Swaragini reach home and show their shopping to sumi and sunaina…
all have dinner together and leave to their rooms….

sunaina pov
tmrw is a new day for shona and ragu… God please make ragu strong to face the real world no worries should come across my children

shekar pov
tmrw shona and ragu’s first day of clg I should gift them something will ragu accept it

Karthik pov
if dare devils come to know about shona and ragu are my sisters they will not leave a chance to bother them… I can’t be all the time with them God please help me to protect my sisters

Swara pov..
God tmrw I am going to meet my prince charming please make everything go perfect, I am super exited… so mr. hero be ready to be mine soon

ragini pov…
standing in balcony looking into the sky… maa today when I met that person although it was not a perfect meeting but I feel like everything is going to change. what ever it is may be good or bad unless you are with me I will never loose my strength…. if we are destined to meet we will meet for sure…

precap – same as Before

sorry guys I can’t show my precap but I will give other episode by night…

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