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Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Swaragini) episode 5

Hii friends…..

Episode 4
In Excel clg…..
Karthik reaches his clg… Some goons are following him as soon as they see him entering into the they stop outside the clg and call SomeOne to inform about it…. The caller tells them to wait until he gets out of clg….

Inside the clg…
Karthik meets his friends shradda, somya and dhruv
Karthik – hi guys whats up
All say hii to him….
Soumya – Hey I thought u will be not coming today
Karthik – ha but you know na my Sisters are going to join in the clg so admission work is pending and dhruv informed me that freshers clss got preponed so…
Soumya – k then I will help you out anyway I am so bored
Karthik – why what Happened and where are others from when I entered into the clg I can’t see any of them
Soumya – same old reason where else they would be in ground and dhruv stayed back to give company to us
Karthik – not again this is our 3rd year guys and on first day only started that’s why I don’t like shona and ragu joining our clg but what to do everyone in the house had already decided
Dhruv – see who is talking if you are their at the time of fight then I am damm sure you would have also been in the ground
Karthik – ho come on seriously I am not interested in all these guys
Dhruv – come on Karthik we know you man and that dare devils are insulting our hot dazzlers yaar
(dare devils and hot dazzlers are two groups in their clg about them we come to know as story continuous)
Karthik (serious) – what they said or done this time
Dhruv – see I said you na I know you but don’t worry this time kunj is handling this matter hope everything sort outs early
Karthik (giving a warm smile) – hope so
And from that time I am seeing shradda you are not even talking yaar is everything fine
Shradda – Nothing I am just not feeling well
Soumya – lets go to doctor then
Shradda – I will go home and take rest it will be fine and gets up to leave by giving a weak smile
Dhruv – come on I will drop you
Karthik and Soumya coughs but soon stops by looking at dhruv glaring them
Dhruv(glaring) – shradda don’t care about those stupids come lets go
After they left both giggles….
Soumya – don’t know when he will say about his feelings to shradda
Karthik – For everything their will be a time
Soumya – hmm k come lets go…

In car…
Shekar(tensed) – Karthik is not picking up his call
Samir – God keep him safe
Shekar – baiyya is their any info from vikram
Samir – not yet

In GM…
Dada (in call) – are you sure about it
Caller – Yes sir
Dada – k I want to know everything that’s going on
Caller – sure just give me some time
Dada – I want everything to be fine and it should end today itself
Caller – k
Call ended..
In Hall of GM…
Sunaina – I feel something is going wrong
Sumi – ha babhi till they had not returned
Dadi is crying continuously….
Swayam – Dadi don’t worry everything is going to be fine
Swara is continuously trying to call her bade Papa and Papa…
Sumi – shona did the call connect
Swara – no mom their phones are busy and duggu bai is not answering

Dada comes out of the and thinks to be quite until they return.. But ragini sees him and goes near him
Ragini – dadu did you what is happening
Dada – what is happening Nothing is happening
Ragini – dadu till now you got to know everything I know you won’t sit ideal and wait them to return atleast you can share with me
Dada – Nothing can be hided from you how you always get to know everything
Ragini – dadu please come to the point don’t change the topic
Dada – no one can go away k just know I got to know it from my pa sanjay (he was still working for Gadodia companies ) that SomeOne are treating samir on the safety of our family
Ragini – what??
Dada – Yes
Ragini – that is the reason why bade Papa and mr Gadodia are so much worried. But they should have told us Before we should be more carefull
Dada – its not like that some things are to be kept away from the family and this is business world everything is possible hear and don’t worry know sanjay will enquire about the call and we will get to know about it soon
Ragini – hope so,are these incidents are related to moms death
Dada – no these are just from some business rivals and you don’t relate everything to that past try to enjoy life beta and go and handle them otherwise these ladies create tsunami hear by crying
Ragini – k dadu

Ragini goes to Hall and try to cheer them up….
Ragini – what dadi you are crying as if something Happened don’t worry if something would have happen bade Papa will say us na
Sunaina – but they left in so much tension
Swara – and now they are not even answering the call
Ragini – shona you also started come on you know these business things na and this is not for first time they are not answering the call so don’t worry
Dadi – but duggu will be fine na
Ragini – Dadi bai will be fine don’t worry
Ragini (in mind) I am trusting you God please keep bai safe
Sumi – but why he is also not answering the call
Ragini – you all will only say him not to use phone while driving so he would have kept it in silent so don’t worry
Ragini sighs Swayam to handle the situation
Swayam goes and hugs Dadi….says you all love bai a lot but no one loves me
Bai just went to you all want him to come back if I will not go to school for one day you all will force me not to miss the school and pouts
BY seeing him all of them laughs…

In clg…
Karthik and soumya finishes the admission work…
Karthik – k soumya I am going home come I will drop you
Soumya – k wait I will inform kunj that I am leaving otherwise he will wait for me
Karthik – k call him
Soumya – ohho my phone battery is dead
Karthik – it’s k I will inform him
Karthik takes his mobile and see so many missed calls from his family members
Karthik – ho no I again forgot to check my mobile see so many missed calls today I am dead again and after what Happened yesterday I don’t think Papa will spare me
Soumya – I think they are worried for U, you go don’t worry about me I will go with kunj and any way I think he will be coming
Karthik – k I will go then bye take care
Soumya – bye

Karthik comes out of the clg texts swara he is coming to home and takes out his bike from parking lot…

In GM…
Swara recives Karthiks message and informs everyone that he is safe… All of them get a sigh of relief…. Dadi Thanks God and ragini goes to inform dadu about It to his room….

Meanwhile in clg..
Karthik is ready to start his bike soon goons who are following him comes and attack him with hockey sticks…
Soumya see this and runs to ground to call their friends help…
Karthik is protecting him self from them even hitting them back… As he is a young blood giving them a though fight…
A goon is trying to attack him from back but one hand catches the goon hand and he is none other than kunj…
Kunj – never ever try to do this and hits the goon
some of their other friends will come and help them… Fighting is going on full swing of course students will be on upperhand compared to goons..

The clg authorities also come their but none of them dared to interfere as of now it became a prestige issue how can some random goons come and hit their clgmate and that to a hot dazzler….
And some of proffesors thanked God that the goons had attacked hot dazzler if that is a dare devil then for sure their would have been a world war (lol)…

Soon samir, shekar reach their and witness the situation. Vikram also reaches their with Police. Police comes and arrest the goons. Samir and shekar thank them.
Inspector – no samir ji you should thank these students although it is not correct to take law in hand but they done it to protect their friend so it’s alright. And please come to Acp sir office to complete some legal work
Shekar – sure Inspector
After the Police leave samir thank the students and hug Karthik…

Karthik – Papa, chote Papa I am fine and releases the hug
Karthik goes near kunj and hug him by saying thanku
Kunj – come yaar from when you started saying thanku to me man don’t be formal it doesn’t suits you
Karthik – shut up
Kunj – you should say thanku to Soumya she came and infoemed us about the goons
Karthik – thanku Soumya
Soumya – acha then I am not your frnd only you are friends
Karthik – k baba Happy
Soumya – ha kk now you leave uncle is waiting for U
Karthik – k bye meet you tmrw
Kunj – take care if anything serious just give me a call
Karthik – k

Before leaving he Thanks his other friends who helped him…

Shekar – come duggu lets go by car
Karthik – k chote Papa but my bike
Samir – Vikram will bring it
Vikram – k sir I will get it you please leave to Acp office

Shekar, samir and Karthik sits in car and droves of…
Karthik – so Papa this is what you were worried about since few days
Samir – Yes but I said to be care full
Karthik – Papa when you won’t say me something like that going to happen how can I know
Shekar – k now leave it
Samir – how can we leave it if today in place of Karthik if they are shona, ragu or Swayam what we are going to do
Karthik – Papa Nothing can happen to them I will protect them till my last breath
By listening to Karthik samir and shekar feel proud of him….

In Acp office…
Samir, shekar and Karthik enter into the Acp cabin..
Acp will welcome them with a warm smile and Offer them seat
Samir and shekar shocks by seeing sanjay their..
Samir – sanjay what are you doing here
Acp – well he came hear to hand over the one behind the treatening phone calls and this attack on Karthik Gadodia
Shekar – but sanjay how do know about this
Sanjay – I will Tell you later first finish the legal formalities
After finshes the legal formalities and thanked Acp and leave from their….
After coming out of the cabin…
Sanjay -(to shekar and samir) we need to talk
Samir – duggu you go home and don’t Tell about this to anyone in the house
Karthik – but Papa I am old enough to know about what is happening and who is behind us
Shekar – ha we know that you are grown up but for everything their will be time
Karthik – but chote Papa
Sanjay – don’t worry Karthik it’s just a miss communication which is sorted out no need to worry it will not repeat again and from tmrw everything will be back to normal
Karthik – k uncle I will take a leave now bye uncle bye Papa and chote Papa
Shekar – driver will drop you beta
Karthik – k chote Papa
And he leaves from their….

Samir, shekar and sanjay go to Gadodia’s
Office (GO)…
Samir (to sanjay) – how you got to know about it
Sanjay – of course I will get to know about It I am this companies legal advisor as well as yours family friend
Shekar – If we say you anything it would have reached bauji and he would worry which is not good for his health
Sanjay – you think bauji don’t know anything about it
Samir – what bauji know everything
Samir – Yes is the asked me to end all this he is more experienced than us we can’t hide anything from him
Shekar – that’s true
Samir – but who is the culprit
Sanjay – that one whom you throwed out of office because of cheating us last year
Shekar – who viplav
Sanjay – Yes he done all this to take revenge
Samir – thank God now he is caught
Shekar – Yes I thought again past will come infront of us
Samir keeps his hand on shekars shoulder essuring Nothing is going to be wrong again……
Sanjay – past will never and ever will effect our present and future don’t worry I am their na
Samir – of course man when you are hear no fear
Sanjay (sarcasticly) – that is why you informed me everything write
Shekar and Samir – sorry just forgive us next tym we Wont hide anything from you k
Three share a friendly hug….

In a Dark room……
A man laughing loudly… What do you think now everything is fine mr Gadodia
Viplav is just one of the snake in my game…
This is just the start know no one can stop me from taking my revenge from gadodia’s… And laughs wickedly..

In GM…
Dada is Happy after knowing everything is fine from Sanjay he got a relief and left to hall
Ragini sees him and ask is everything fine with eyes…
Dadu assures her that everything is under control…
Karthik comes back… As soon as he enters everyone rush to him and starts asking him questions and started giving lectures on not picking up the call…..
Karthik overwelmed by his family’s concern but also irritated at the same time because of tiredness…
Karthik shouts relax guys I am fine my phone was in silent and after going to clg I got busy with admission work so I had noticed it but as soon as I have seen I texted shona…. All becomes silent where as Swayam giggles..
Swara – why are you giggling is their any joke
Swayam – I am thinking few hours back all ladies are crying and know all are behaving as if jhansi ki ranis so I can’t control myself and gives hi fi to Karthik.
Karthik also supports Swayam in his not so funny joke
Dada to enlighten the mood asks all of them to eat something as they had not even eaten their lunch……
Ragini – I will cook something special today
Karthik – Yes ragu I want to eat something yummy
Sunaina – but till now ji and shekar are not back and not even informed us anything
Dada – don’t worry I had talked to Sanjay he said they are tensed with some deal but now everything is fine and sighs Karthik to be quite
Dadi – thank God everything is back to normal otherwise today I would have got heart attack
Dada – Oh parvathi how many times you forget I am not so lucky
Dadi glares Dadi…. Everyone chukles by seeing them
Sunaina, Sumi and ragini goes to kitchen to make food and others starts chitchatting……..

Ragini thinks – thanku maa for making everything back to normal but also I feel something is going to change in our lifes and I know you will make it in favour for us. love you maa………

Precap – mystery man in ragini’s life…..

Kunj – siddhant gupta (from tashan e ishq)
Sanjay – Mahesh Thakur(tej singh oberoi from ishqbaaz)
Viplav character is not so important

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