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Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 2

“So you got info about her?” asked Sanskar to Tarun. Tarun stumbled “Sir wo…. wo….”.”What’s it Tarun. Who is she?” he asked as he lost his patience. “Ms. Ragini Gadodia” said Tarun. “Ms.Gadodia?” he asked shocked. Tarun just nodded his head. “That means she is” before he could complete Tarun said “Yes Sir” “Damn” said Sanskar caressing his forehead with one hand and kept the other hand on his waist. He threw all the things on his table with frustration. “You will pay for it Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari” again her voice ringed in his mind. He closed his eyes frustrated.
“Bacha wait I will come” said Ragini looking back and heading towards the door to open as soon as she heard a door bell ring. She opened the door and found a delivery boy with a bouquet of Roses and gift box. She asked “Yes?” “Miss Ragini Gadodia?” asked the boy. “Yes” she said. “Your parcel ma’am.” he said handing the bouquet and gift and getting her signature on the register and left from there. She looked for the name of the sender. As soon as she saw it her blood boiled. “Is he mocking me?” she said to herself. She threw both bouquet and gift box in the dust bin outside their house. She headed inside the house with full rage and banged the door.

“Bacha I told you na I will come see you spilled everything” she said pouting holding the soup bowl. Swara laughed and clapped like a kid. “I hate soup” she said pouting. “You are not well bacha. Please” Ragini pleaded. “See if you eat. I will get chocolate for you once you recover” she said. “Chokiiii. Yaay. Ok I will drink” she said clapping. “Wait I will get one more bowl of soup.” she said heading to kitchen and brought another bowl of Soup. Swara gulped in one go and twisted her face and said “Yuck. It was soooo bad” she said stretching her hand. “Okay now come change your dress. See you spilled it on your dress also.” she said taking her inside the room.
“I’m leaving” said Ragini heading out of her home with a handbag. She walked on the road for 10 minutes to reach her bus stop and started waiting for the bus. She got inside the crowded bus and struggled and walked till the middle of the bus. Her destination was one and half hour away. She has to stand all the way. This was her daily routine. She got down at her destination and crossed the road and entered a building. She greeted her every colleague with a bright smile.
“I thought you will not come today.” said Nisha coming to Ragini’s workstation with a file. She smiled and got back to her work.


“Ragini” called out Mr. Raheja from his cabin. She went to his cabin knocked and asked “May I come in Sir?” “Yes Ragini” he said giving her permission. “Sir you called me?” she asked him. “Yes Ragini. See we are merging our company in next week or later. I want you to complete this checklist today” he said handing a paper to her. “Sure Sir” she said smiling and walked out.
“No Nisha you carry on. I have to get some more documents. After that I will leave. It will take time.” she said looking up at Nisha who was ready to leave the office. “Okay fine. Be careful. Call me as you reach home ok” “Sure dear. Go your kid will be waiting” Ragini said assuring her. Nisha walked out of the office. After half an hour. “Finished” saying Ragini looked at the clock. “Oh fish. It’s so late. ” she said closing the file and keeping it in the drawer. And rushed out of the office.

As she was walking she saw a shadow following her. She turned but did not find anyone. After feeling it again and again she just walked fast and hid behind a pillar. The person walked passing the pillar where Ragini was standing. Ragini with a swift move ran to hit the person with her umbrella, but stopped when she found it was a girl. The girl got horrified and closed her eyes defending herself. Ragini brought the umbrella down. “What the hell? Why were you following me?” asked Ragini panting heavily. The girl opened her one eye and confirmed that nothing happened and stood properly. “Actually my car broke down and my mobile was also switched off. Some guys were following me. I was scared then I saw you and thought of walking behind you to get out of here. “She said with fear. “I’m sorry. Where is your house, come I will drop you if it is nearby or else you can get an auto at the main road” said Ragini. “It’s in Vihar. That’s fine just leave me till main road I will manage.” she said smiling. “Fine let’s walk” said Ragini. “Hi. My name is Kavya Singhania.” said the girl extending her hand for a handshake. Ragini shook her hand and said “Ragini Gadodia”.

“Thank you dear. So sweet you are. It’s a pleasure meeting you. Can we be friends?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye. “Ya sure” said Ragini smiling. “Give me your number. Can I call you? Don’t worry I will not torture you” said Kavya smiling. “Nothing like that dear. It’s ——–. See your auto came. ” “Bye I will call you.” said Kavya getting inside the auto. “Sure dear. Be careful” said Ragini. Kavya waved bye as her auto speeded up. Ragini also waved bye and smiled. “Such a sweet girl” said Kavya leaning back inside the auto smiling. Ragini got inside her bus. She was sitting near the window with her left hand supporting her chin. Feeling the breeze she closed her eyes.
“Shona please I don’t want to go out this late. You go enjoy with your friends.” said Ragini sitting on her bed. “Ragu ma see you need to get out of your fears dear.” said Swara who was combing her hair said looking at Ragini through mirror. “No I’m not gonna go anywhere. It’s already 6 o clock. No” she said shaking her head and keeping the pillow in her lap. “Fine. Okay I’m leaving. I will be back by 9 o clock. Please manage mom okay.” said Swara leaving with her handbag. “Okay. Enjoy” said Ragini waving bye.

She opened her eyes and had tears which were fighting to get free. She controlled herself and sat straightening herself.
She got down in her bus stop and walked to her house.
“Ragu maa” said Swara running to her as soon as she entered. “Bacha you didn’t sleep yet” asked Ragini caressing her hair. “How will I get sleep? If you don’t sing a lullaby for me. Have I slept any day” said Swara pouting. “Go to your bed. I will just come” she said bringing Swara out of her embrace and cupping her face with left hand. “Okay” jumped Swara and ran to her room.
“Come” saying Ragini dragged Swara to make her sleep in her lap. She patted her shoulder and head and started singing “Phoolo ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai. Ek hazaro me meri behna hai. Phoolo ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai. Ek hazaro me meri behna hai. Saari umar hame sang rehna hai. Phoolo ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai ek hazaro me meri behna hai”

“Dekho hum tum hai ek daali ke phool, Mai na bhooli tu kaise mujhko gayi bhul, aa mere paas aa keh jo kehna hai ek hazaro me meri behna hai. Saari umar hame sang rahna hai. Phoolo ka taro ka hmmm hmmm hmmm” she softly bend down to check her. Swara fell asleep. Ragini lifted her head slowly and placed it on pillow. Swara was holding her dupatta. She smiled and freed it and turned and switched off the table lamp and again turned and kissed Swara’s forehead Swara smiled in her sleep. Ragini slept caressing her hair. Her phone was buzzing silently with an unknown number.
“What happened beta” asked Dayal caressing Kavya’ s hair. “I think she is slept already. She did not pick the call.” said Kavya pouting. “It’s okay doll. Call her tomorrow and thank. Now get back to bed.

I will buy an extra phone for you tomorrow. And you will not go anywhere without the driver. Is that clear” he said bit strict. “Okay” said Kavya pouting sadly and heading to her room. “Thank God. Because of that girl my doll is safe today. God bless her” he said looking up and headed to his room.

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