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Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 1

“Tarun. What are my appointments for the day? Brief me quick” said Sanskar twirling his chair. “Sir today you have a meeting with Raheja’s in next half an hour, and then lunch with Ms. Kavya and then a court hearing in High Court” said Tarun looking at his iPad with no expression. “Hmmm. But is it necessary to attend the Court hearing, I mean you can send Ajith as a representative.” he asked indicating clear annoyance to waste his most precious time on something unimportant. “You need to attend it personally sir as today the final verdict will be pronounced and Media will be expecting your presence.” Tarun said folding his hands back. “Fine. Make arrangements for meeting with Raheja’s” he said dismissing Tarun out of Cabin.

“Yeah Kavs I’m fine. The verdict is not yet come. Oh I’m fed up of waiting here.” Sanskar was speaking over the phone with Kavya his fiancé. “Okay. I will call you soon. I have to switch off my cell. Bye” he said disconnecting the call. He turned keeping his mobile in his pocket and looked up and found a girl walking over the corridor with a water bottle. She looked tired; her emotions seemed to be flushed out. She was just breathing but there was no life in her. She was walking lost and defeated. Her eyes were piercing the ground. There were traces of tears on her cheeks. It looked like her hands were fed up of wiping her tears and the tears dried on there. His heart pained looking her like that. He felt strange “I mean really the Sanskar Maheshwari felt emotional for a girl about whom he did not even know.” his heart said. He wanted her to smile. He wanted to hug her and become a shoulder where she can cry her heart out. He just wanted to ask her “Are you okay” He wanted to destroy the person who was responsible for her tears. He wanted to fight the world for her. “Sir. Please come inside. Your verdict is going to be pronounced” said Mr. Roy his advocate. “Hmmm.” he asked him lost. “Your verdict sir” Roy repeated. “Hmmm ya.” he said getting out to the real world.
“So this is my conclusion sir. I hope the court will support the truth and give justice to my client” said Roy finishing his final argument. The judge moved his spectacles up and looked at his desk analyzing the arguments and the points he noted during the case from past two years. He wrote down his judgement with his pen giving his thoughts the correct words. The court was silent, waiting eagerly for the verdict. Sanskar was lost. He missed the girl when Roy dragged him inside the court room. He wanted to see her badly. He was worried thinking “What she will be doing. Hope she is not crying.” he felt restless thinking she might be crying. It was a court and he has seen many people who come here with hopes and cry when they are disappointed losing the case, when they were denied justice. But today he felt different.

“After hearing the arguments from both the parties and analyzing the proofs and the statements of the eye witnesses, this court has decided that Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari S/O Mr. Ram Prasad Maheshwari is non guilty of all the accusations charged against him and the court withdraws all the charges against him.” “Not guilty” announced the judge stroked the Gavel indicating closure of case. “Nooooo” everybody heard a scream of a girl. Sanskar came out of his thoughts and looked at the girl who screamed. His eyes widened looking at her. She was same girl whose sadness brought a tornado in his heart; his heart which never had the courage to voice out in front of his brain. He could not believe what he was witnessing.

“How can you be so blind sir? How can you leave this bastard? Is there no value for justice? No value for those two years of Court hearings.” she cried out. Two lady constables were holding her both shoulders. She was struggling to get out of it. Everybody’s concentration was on her. She could not hold her emotions. Sanskar was horrified as he heard her. “Sir we should leave now before media people mob you” said Tarun who came near Sanskar who was sitting in the witness box. “Sir” called Tarun a bit loudly as Sanskar was not responding. He dragged horrified Sanskar with him. The girl was trying to catch hold of him; she used all her strength to come near him. He was just watching her. She was shouting at top of her voice “You will pay for it Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari, You will pay. Don’t think you escaped; I will go to higher court. I will not leave you. Not this easily. Just wait and watch.” she said dangerously swinging in front of him trying to get out of the strong forces around her shoulders. He kept staring at her as Tarun dragged him out. She collapsed on the floor with a thud and buried her face in her hands.

“You will pay for it Sanskar Maheshwari…” her voice ringed in his ears as he gulped the glass full of whiskey at one go. His face twisted tasting the drink in one breath. His heart was in deeper pain than that. He threw the glass crashing it on the floor and it broke into pieces. He closed his eyes held his hair with both the hands in frustration. Her hatred filled face flashed in front of him. “Damn” he banged on the table frustrated.

So guys I want to know whether you want a few shots or ff for this. Hope you liked it. Keep smiling.

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