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Girls On Top 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Nadia asks Gia not to get involved in this matter. Gia tells Nadia she is helpless, Maryam stalks her everywhere and if she has to live with Azher she must know about Maryam. Nadia tells Gia they only suspect Maryam had an important part in that incident. Gia asks for Nadia’s help to dig into this matter more, else there is no point blaming them.
Isha calls Rave. Sahir holds Guru’s mouth tight, struggling to keep him quiet. Rave tells Isha that Shekhar is ready to give them with funding. Isha informs Rave that Shekhar says he would only fund them if they convince him go to US. Rave asks to speak to him once, Sahir had taped Guru’s mouth by now and forbid Rave to discuss it with Shekhar. Rave asks where they would get the fundings then, Rave gets an idea then hangs up saying she will


share the idea after a while. They untape Guru’s mouth who was enraged at Shekhar. Sahir asks Guru to move on in life if Rave loves Shekhar.
Maryam comes home, Azher tells Gia that he want to spend some time with her. She agrees that she must leave. Maryam allows Azher to drop Gia out and goes inside. Azher calls Maryam really understanding. She heads towards out-house to meet Sahir and Isha. Gia come home to tell them about the matter. They ask if Gia also came to know, Gia says she knew about it, when they come to know. They all argue, then Isha clarifies Gia they were talking about start up. Gia says Azher’s mom underwent a heart attack, everyone got worried. Gia was about to tell them when Azher arrive. He tells them that she had pain in left arm that travelled to chest. Azher allows them to stay here as Sahir’s home is really a small place, they can also convert this place as their start-up office. Isha agrees at once, Azher asks Gia why she is worried. He takes her out for a private talk, outside Azher asks Gia why she is really uncomfortable. Gia shares that his mom lives here, and everytime they meet she will get to know about them. Azher assures in time she would realize his mom is loving and is supporting them, he hugs her kissing her forehead.
In the room, Maryam was enraged watching them. She stands up her chair to walk, Nadia was shocked watching her this way from outside the hall.
Guru was asleep on the couch, Sahir was sitting on the seat when Isha and Gia come there. Gia laugh that Guru is really talented about sleeping, last time he slept while brushing. Sahir heads to leave, Isha asks him to stay here. Sahir wonders won’t it feel strange, Isha asks if he felt uncomfortable when they stayed at his place. He agrees to sleep there. Gia watches Isha bring pillow for him, their hands touch each other, and Sahir says a thank you. Gia teases by clearing her throat. In the room, Gia walks to window where Azher stood to blow a flying kiss towards her, there were silent confessions of love between them. Later at night, Gia was worried listening the phone. Isha inquires, Gia informs she was talking to Nadia. Isha asks what happened, Gia tells her that Maryam had no heart attack, it was just a drama. Isha forbids Gia not to say anything about her without reason, Gia insists she has reasons. It was exactly at the time of their date, and now Nadia has seen her walk normally. These are her tactics, she cries that she can’t do all this drama and Maryam doesn’t care about Azher’s emotions at all.
The next morning, Tapasia and Sahir were in the hall. Isha comes to hear Tapasia discuss with a girl that Sahir is cool, she then teases Sahir that the girl is really hot. Isha recalls she had been over possessive about Sahir, but Tapasia is really cool about it. Tapasia leaves for some important work. Isha comes home as there isn’t much work in office, Gia says no wonders Tapasia bunked today. Isha calls Tapasia really cool, Gia was in disbelief. Isha shares that Tapasia is really chilled out, she is better than her. Isha tells her about Tapasia’s behavior with a girl. She tells Gia that she fight with Sahir only because she is difficult, but Tapasia is better for Sahir than her. Gia tells Isha that Tapasia has been waiting for her, she is sitting with Azher for her birthday invites.
Tapasia asks Azher to come soon, Sahir would also come soon this way. For her, Sahir is most important in their whole group. She discuss with Azher that she is going to propose Sahir on her birthday.

PRECAP: Gia wish Eid Mubarik to Azher, they spend quality time in the room. Maryam comes asking about Azher and Gia. Maryam notices Gia walk into the door, and goes to check for her.

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