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Girls On Top 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gia was awake, while Rave snored. Isha complains about head ache, they were then worried about Rave’s random decision. Gia tries to get rid of her hair from beneath Rave, Isha and Gia discuss what they must do to bring everything back. Gia was excited that if Shekhar hurts Rave there, they will get an opportunity to go to US. Isha wonders why she is thinking so negative about her friend’s life. Gia says with Shekhar even the best starts with negative. They feel bad about Guru. Guru enters the room then, he was shocked to see Rave sleeping. Gia and Isha drag him outside, he was excited to have party tonight. Gia and Isha tell Guru that Rave is leaving for US. Guru was upset, and accepts it as his fate.
Maryam hands Nadia a letter, she wants her to get it typed and give it to ministry,


she want to be aware of Azher’s schedule from now on. She accuses Nadia for not being able to manage Azher’s schedule. She warns Nadia not to help Gia in anyway, she will lose her job and career both.
Rave comes out and hugs Guru cheerfully, Guru avoids and go outside. Rave wonders what happened to him. Isha asks Rave to tell Guru about her US visit. She walks to Guru, but he asks about start up’s file. Rave tells them that she found a site who can invest in their start up, she applied and went for an interview and they have got 2.5 lac. Sahir comes there asking how Rave dare upload his songs on public. He tells Isha and Gia that his songs are now on public domain, they can be copied. She uploaded the songs on internet and asks people to donate funds if they like it. Rave wasn’t ready to accept her mistake, while Sahir argues with her. The argument soon turns to wrestling. Isha finally shouts at them both to stop it, Isha says if they have to work together they have to work as a team. Rave insists that she took a decision collectively. Isha tells her that they will take a decision collectively, she won’t decide anything in future on her own. Rave demands a promise from Sahir never to touch her head, Sahir forbids her hold his collar again. Isha forces them to shake hands with each other.
Nadia sat with her laptop, looking at some slip’s photos. She then matches the writing of the letter with the slip. Gia and Azher stood with their binoculars and speaking on call, Azher notices Rave is back. Rave snatches Gia’s binoculars and shouts at Azher. She watches Maryam come there, and calls who is that matron with him who is staring at her. Gia holds Rave back, while Azher disconnects at once. Maryam asks Azher who is the girl with Gia. There, Gia takes Rave inside and tells her that she is Azher’s mother. She tells Gia to get serious as everything isn’t a joke, and her love life would really be a disaster. Maryam asks Azher who is this hippy girl, and what kind of friends he has made. She tells him that he will now go to producers and directors to build his image.
Gia tells Rave the whole story about her and Maryam’s encounters. She was happy Rave has returned, as Isha will now be occupied. Rave asks Isha what happened to her, Isha was uninterested as she was dealing her hang over. Gia tells Rave that Tapasia proposed Sahir in her own birthday, Isha doesn’t care. Rave asks why Isha doesn’t care. Gia further tells her that Sahir denied Tapasia. Isha was shocked this time, she wonders why Sahir said a no to Tapasia. Rave comes to Isha asking if she is fine, why is she sad that Sahir rejected someone’s proposal. Isha tells Rave that she know she isn’t for Sahir, Tapasia is. Gia forbids Isha play with her emotions. Isha says Sahir and Tapasia can be together if she helps them, she decides it at once. Gia and Rave both call it nonsense. Gia’s phone rings, it was Nadia’s text. Gia forbids Isha to do any match making and asks Rave to control Isha as she has to go somewhere.
Nadia was waiting for Gia in the restaurant, Gia asks why they are meeting at her office. Nadia tells Gia it should always seem they are having an official meeting to discuss Azher’s publicity plans. Nadia was tensed, she shows Gia the photos which Gia had sent her. She tells Gia that Maryam was in Delhi when Azher’s father died and she wrote a letter. Nadia shows her the letter whose 5 was different from Maryam’s five. She suggests it could be a murder. Diana hears the word murder and comes there.

PRECAP: Gia shares with the girls that Azher’s mother’s past is really dark. Isha was ready to help Tapasia get close to Sahir, but she must keep it a secret. Gia and Azher share good time in kitchen together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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