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Girls On Top 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sahir cups Tapasia’s face, saying he doesn’t want to insult her by going from here but… he withdraws his hands saying his words are going to worsen the situation. Its better Taps should leave. Tapasia says she got it, he isn’t interested. She thought, without equation, may be… Sahir says his heart belongs to someone else, for him dealing with emotions is really difficult. He doesn’t want to hurt her, he values their bond as a friendship. Tapasia says its ok, she kiss his cheek saying she wish their circumstances were different but he must promise there won’t be any differences in friendship. Sahir promises so. Tapasia leaves.
Sahir comes out of the room to see Isha coming from the front, she loses her control and drools while Sahir holds her. She tries to focus, then confirms


if it’s Sahir. She says his face is fading in and out, where was he. He suggests she must be drunk, she denies. He asks if a little more, she denies that too, then agrees it was very very very little. he agrees, it’s enough partying and drinking and is time to head home. Sahir calls Azher to inform he is going home as Isha is drunk.
At home, Sahir holds Isha to bed, helping her lay down. He smiles watching her asleep, caresses her hair and was about to leave her side. Isha asks if he would reply if she asks something, did Tapasia propose him? Sahir asks what she is saying. Isha says Tapasia really likes him, did she propose him? Sahir tells her to sleep, she is really drunk. Isha holds his arm back asking what he replied to her, if he said yes. Sahir was close to Isha, she laugh recalling their own proposal. She got so angry when he proposed her on stage, if was so annoying but so romantic. She has to let go, he is really nice but there are a lot of problems between them; Tapasia is the one for him, did he say a yes. Tears fell off Isha’s eyes, she fell asleep before he could reply. Sahir wipes her tears and comes out.
Gia, Azher and Guru arrive. Tapasia was there behind saying she came as everyone left and inquires about Isha. Sahir apologizes her, as it happened on her birthday. Tapasia goes to washroom, Gia takes her. Azher asks Sahir what happened, Guru and Gia both inquires about the proposal. Sahir says they are all getting it wrong. Azher says they are aware Tapasia proposed him, what he replied. Sahir explains they didn’t say anything to each other. Azher says it isn’t possible Tapasia didn’t propose him. Tapasia comes from behind saying Sahir rejected her proposal, Sahir says he is saving her from awkward situation. Tapasia wonders what’s awkward, if it was a rejection its fine. They all knew she was going to propose, so they must be curious and Sahir doesn’t need to feel guilty. She accepts she came to meet Sahir, just to make sure there isn’t something awkward between them. Sahir assures there isn’t any, they hug, Sahir wish her birthday again. Tapasia takes a leave. Azher questions how can Sahir say a no to Isha, Guru takes Azher to drop Tapasia. Gia asks Sahir why he said a no to Tapasia, Sahir says when in teenage we need attention from opposite s*x, he liked it when girls were all around him. But love is all a different experience, when it doesn’t work it hurts. Sahir leaves. Azher and Guru come inside, blaming each other that Sahir left.
Azher takes Guru inside, Azher questions Guru why he opposes Tapasia, she is a nice girl. Guru insists Isha is a nice girl, and no one can forget their love. Azher says Isha isn’t interested in him, one must fight for its love. Isha is Sahir’s true love. Gia comes inside to stop them, Isha is asleep. She takes Azher out. Azher wonders why isn’t Guru letting Sahir move on. Gia insists their point of view is different, Azher says Isha cleared her intentions, now its time Sahir moves on. Azher was frustrated and hugs her, he shares being happy as she is near him. Gia calls his out-house a heaven, they can easily meet each other. She watches Maryam standing behind, and takes his attention. Azher says she has no problem with their relation, Gia insists on him to leave. Azher straightens up asking if Maryam is still staring, hugs again asking if she is still watching them. She nods. He then kiss her forehead, asking if she is still watching. They turn around, Azher waves towards Maryam. She waves back, Azher tells Gia that now Maryam has no problem with her. He comes to hug her again and comes home. Maryam offers him food, Azher says he already had his food and takes Maryam inside.
The next morning, Gia wakes up at the door bell. She opens the door, then screams watching Rave. Isha comes out, saying this is actually a good morning. Rave looks around the house complimenting it to be a great place. Isha cheers that fun would now begin, Rave wish they got the house before, because she won’t be able to enjoy it for long. She then tell them she is going to US. Isha and Gia were shocked, Rave says soon. It was in her mind for some time, now it worked out and Shekhar… Isha and Gia asks if she has gone crazy. Rave calls it a good opportunity for her career, Isha insists Shekhar has been really manipulative. Rave says before going to Banglore she realized they are growing. Gia insists on her to think about its consequences, their sister hood would break. Rave says there is nothing more important than their careers.

PRECAP: Sahir and Rave wrestle. Nadia shows Gia a ticket with the date when Azher’s father had an accident.

Update Credit to: Sona

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