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Game of Destiny (KB) (Promo)

First Scene
A house is shown fully decorated for wedding and Abhi and Pragya are seated on a couch resting their chin on their palm
Pragya: is it necessary to do
Abhi: i dont want to do so what will people think if we will do this
Pragya: and what if we got caught
Abhi: very big problem

Kya hai majra kaun si hai pareshani jo yaad aa rahi hai dono ko nani (what is the situation and what is the condition why they are feeling helpless)


Next Scene
Rohit is walking while talking on the phone and mistakenly bumped into Naina
Naina: tu phir se (you again)
Rohit: what do you mean by again i am only one piece on earth so ofcourse i will be the one again to tease you (winked)
Naina: wait
Naina runs behind Rohit and when fails to catch him she throws a water mug on him which mistakenly falls on Abhi and at the moment itself he fell down

Kaisi hai ye pareshani kisi ki ban rahi hai kahani to kisi ke liye hai badi pareshani (how this story is moving on for someone it is a beginning of story and for someone reason of big trouble)

Next scene

Pragya is shown playing with her little prince and someone pats her back she turns with a irked face and gets shocked to see the person

Next scene

Somya is getting ready for marriage separately in a marriage hall Roy went to stop her
Somya: if his wish is that he doesnt love me then i swear Roy i will never cry remembering him let me move on in the life (determinant)

Sumit is getting ready in his home Soham comes there
Sumit: i cant do that Soham i cant hurt my parents and moreover i cant destroy that girl’s life

Kya ho rahey hai door do dilo ke rastey (are the two hearts going a part)

Next scene

five different rooms are shown five brides are getting ready one is Somya one is Pragya one is Naina and two more girls and screen divides and shows the faces of five brides

kaisa hai ye Golmaal ek shadi me panch bawal (what is this tragic turn one wedding is having five trouble)

what when and how it is going to be happen stay tuned to know it and be ready for the funniest wedding of the season

I am extremely Sorry for not uploading but in the beginning itself my work load is more i have to submit five assignments in a week so it is bit difficult for me to upload regularly so most probably you will get an update in the interval of two days that is i can upload two days regularly then two days leave forgive your dii and sister please

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