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Friendship the first phase of love Episode 5

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Anyways let’s proceed with the episode


Twinkle’s POV

I woke up to find myself on the ground and my head on the bed. I remember I slept like this only while crying. I was not able to move, it felt like as if I was carrying tones of heavy metal inside my body, that it became so heavy.
Some how I was able to get up and go to the washroom to get freshen up.
After about ten minutes I came out and went to ma.

As soon as I entered her room she came running to me and hugged me. “Thank u Twinkle, thank u so much beta, for agreeing to my decision, I know it’s really hard for u leave all of us and go” said ma. ” No ma, why r u saying thank u? U r my ma, and mom’s don’t say thank u to daughters, they give them blessings. And I need ur blessings not thank u” I said consoling her. ” u know what Twinkle I’m the one who is blessed to have such an angel in the form of daughter”. I just smiled at her words. Then I noticed that she was having tears in her eyes. I ran to her before pulling her in a tight bone crushing hug. Unable to control myself I also started sobbing with her. She broke the hug, before wiping of her tears, and said ” achha abb chal nashta karle, bohot hogaya rona dhona” I nodded my head with a smile and followed her orders.

I got ready as soon as possible and was going to leave for college when I heard someone ask ” kitthey ja rahi hai?”. I turned my head to see ma standing behind me. ” college” I answered. “Tu koi college vollege nahi jayegi ajjse” what ??? I won’t go to college but y???? Doesn’t she know how important college is for me as it is the only source where I can meet my Kunj and talk to him for hours for the last time??. “But y ma?” “Kya but y?? I said u won’t go to college, so u won’t”. “Per kyun”, “kyun ki after a week u r leaving for London and I don’t find it necessary to go to college anymore”. “Plz ma let me go, u know na how important college is for me. Maine ap ki har baat mani, baas ap meri ek chhoti si baat maan lijiye, mujhe college jane dijiye, plz!!” I said almost pleading. “Ok, but only in one condition” ” what condition?” “Everyday while returning from college u have to bring chocolate ice-cream for me while returning ok?” This brought a huge smile on my face and I ran to ma and gave a peck on her left cheek before saying ” thank u, thank u, thank u, so much ma. I promise I will surely bring chocolate ice-cream for u and if u say I can also bye the whole shop”. Yay!! At least I could save the only source to meet my Kunj???.

End of Twinkle’s POV

Kunj’s POV

Ye Twinkle kaha reh gayi yaar? Issey plan bhi toh batana hai, ki kaise hum ussey London jane sey rok sakte hai.

There she is!! I ran to her and grabbed her hand before saying ” Twinkle yaar, kaha reh gayi thi??” She wa going to say something but I interrupted her saying ” achha chhor, mere pass ek kamal ka idea hai jisse hum tujhe London jane sey rok sakte hai…..” before I could complete she said ” no Kunj I don’t want to do any planing or any piloting. I’m gonna go to London and that’s final, I don’t wanna disappoint my ma, she has done a lot for me when I was young. Now it is time for me to do some thing for her.”

To be continued….


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