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Friendship Is Love (YRKKH) [episode 4]

As I told you earlier that our Kaira is gonna get separated and I know you are excited, so I am gonna introduce some new cast members;

Harish Mittal: A childless parent who loves kids a lot with her wife suffering from a disease where she can’t be pregnant.

Neha Mittal: Harish’s wife who also loves kids.

Krish Singhania: The son of Krittika and Naksh, a very naughty kid who tries to make his parents romantic.

Viren Kapoor: The cousin of Kartik, Karan and Krittika, they lovingly calls him “Chote Viru”, and Mishti’s upcoming love interest.

Suyash Agarwal: The son of Rose and Yash, who is Krish’s best friend and helps Krish to unite his parents.

Ananya Mittal: The niece of Harish, Krish falls in love with her at first sight and tries to befriend her.

Dr. Anjali: Who dreams to be at a Metropolitan Hospital for better education and saves Kartik’s life.

So guys you will be wondering who are they, and you have loads of question in mind but I can’t answer this but time can.
The link for last episode is : http://www.tellyupdates.com/friendship-love-yrkkh-gayus-new-love-episode-4/

[Kapoor House]Karan opens the door and sees Krittika worried.
Karan: “Why are you so worried?”
Krittika: “I just had a car accident”
Karan: “Are you alright”
Krittika: “I am completely fine”
Karan: “Why are you worried so much did some thing happened to the other car people”
Krittika: “They just got a little injury..Karan you know the girl we met at the which dad sponsered”
Karan: “Yeah, so what”
Krittika: “You know the winning team’s captain Nayantara Shekhawat”
Karan: “I remember, Tara, you and her became good friends when you wanted to learn Hockey and dad booked a coach and she was your coach”
Krittika: “She told me that her marriage with Naksh Singhania wasn’t secure as we both shared everything and she also said that Naksh was a boy who hangs around with girls but she was lying, Naksh truly loved her”
Karan: “Kittu di, why are you worrying about Naksh, although he is a stranger”
Krittika: “I think you are right Karu”
Karan: “Go and get freshed”
Karan goes to his room.
Karan: “I am bored, ah ha I should call Gayu”
Karan calls Gayu.
[Singhania House]Gayu receives the call.
Gayu: “Hello”
Karan: “I know that you couldn’t identify me, before you say something let me introduce myself, I am the one whom you met at tye middle of the road, and whom you called a taxi for”
Gayu: “I remember, Karan – Karan Kapoor, whats the matter”
Karan: “I have got a deal for you in return you have to be my friend, you know return gifts”
Gayu: “What is the deal then”
Karan: “My dad’s friend has a worldwide jewellery shops and wants a new jewellery designer for his company and as I know you are a famous jewellery designer, am I right”
Gayu: “That’s what I needed, I was looking for a worlwide jewellery shops owner since ages, thanks and will you be my friend”
Karan: “In one condition, you will never say sorry and thank you, dosti mei no sorry no thank you”
Gayu: “Okay then”
They both laugh.
Gayu: “Bye, I have some work to do for tomorrow’s festival”
Karan: “Bye”
Gayu disconnects the call.
Gayu: “Why am I having the same feeling talking to Karan as I had when I first met Kartik”
[Naira’s room]Naira: “I think Kartik deserves a chance winning my heart, he saved my family lots of times, an I am indebted to him, and if I be honest I like him too, should I say yes?”
[Kapoor House]Karan: “Finally, I made friends with Gayu and wait, shs said tommorow is a festival, what festival is that, let me search in the internet”
Karan searches in internet.
Karan: “What, tommorow is Raksha Bandhan, I haven’t got the present ready for Kittu di yet, what should I do? Yes let me call Kartik”
Karan calls Kartik.
[Maheshwari House]Kartik receives the phone.
Kartik: “Hello”
Karan: “Hello this is Karan”
Kartik: “Karan, you”
Karan: “Yes, its me Karan, and did you remember Raksha Bandhan”
Kartik: “Oh no, I haven’t got any presents for Kittu di”
Karan: “Same here”
Kartik: “Idea, we can make a collage with our pictures”
Karan: “Yes, that’s a superb idea”
[Singhania House]Naksh comes home from hospital, and thinks about presents for his sisters
Naksh: “I have to give something special for both of them, idea, this will be perfect present not only for my sisters but for my family well.
Naksh goes to the garden but in the garden he sees Akshara talking to Naitik’s photo and hears Akshara carefully.
Akshara: “Why Naitik, why, why aren’t you coming back to me, don’t you know how much I am missing you, please come back soon”
Naksh cries too.
Naksh: “Mumma, this wish of yours will come true tommorow”
So what did you think of the story guys, and for ages I couldn’t find any comments in my last episode and I thought peopl didn’t like it and I won’t continue but after a week I saw some good comments and I was happy and I decided to continue. I want to tell you that after the leap the track will be in London, United Kingdom (where I live).

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