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Friends!! kkb epi 10

Hello friends,sorry for the late update

Abhi was hell shocked for wat purab said. ..u love my sister bulbul. ..how can u…
And a Cough sound came from the corner of the hall…It was Sarla ma who heared everything. ..All three got shock. ..pragya saw abhi. ..abhi saw purab angrily. ..
Sarla ma stared all of them. ..purab thought to tell something but she didn’t hear anything and went to meet Dadi. …all three followed her. .
She enters Dadi room and closed the door. .
After an hour Sarla ma came outside and called abhi and pragya. .they just went inside. .purab was standing outside meanwhile bulbul also joins him. ..

Inside the room
Dadi told to abhigya that we are happy for purbul. .abhigya smiled. ..Dadi continued we were happy but we can’t tell them right now just now head master called from purbul school he told that they are not studying well and their performance are becoming low. ..so this is the reason y they are not studying well. ..
So we need to separate them until they finished their studies. ..so this is the duty for both of u. ..u both have to separate them. ..
Abhigya went outside and saw purbul and went towards balcony. .purbul went to their respective rooms..

In balcony,
Abhi don’t know fuggi how I gonna tell this to bulbul. ..already we are fighting more. ..For small thing also she won’t adjust with me. .Im getting fear now. .hE showsshows his hand to pragya their a wound was there. .he told this wound s made by my pyaari sister when we fought for remote. …
Pragya told that my purab is not like that he likes me more how can I hurt him don’t know bubbly. .
They think for a while
Abhi shouts I got an idea. .pragya eagerly asks what. .u scold bulbul and I will scold purab how it is. .oraya nodes hher head

Abhi went to purab and scolded him that don’t talk with my bulbul hereafter she don’t love u understand. ..If u try to talk with her I will complain to ur mom. .and went by smiling purab has tears in his eyes. .
Pragya also done the same with bulbul. ..
This is how purbul got separated and purab hates abhi and bulbul hates pragya. .

Precap: purbul reunited by abhigya

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